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“The local music scene in south Florida is beating, pulsating and in constant flux. It's alive Igor, It's alive! With that being said I had a chance to sit down for a very cool, laid back interview, friend to friend with Justin Gallo of Static on the Line a local south Florida band. And I must admit that I was taken aback by his dedication and talent. Justin Gallo creator of Static on the Line has a warm unique way of expressing himself through what he calls Urban Folk. He played me an exclusive new track which is not even on their new EP (but coming soon) and I found myself singing along by the second chorus. "Sideways" is a song with melancholic undertones, heartwarming even. Justin's voice resonates in your heart and you feel as if the underdog finally might have a chance. Even now the chorus is still in my head. I asked him how the name "Static on the Line” came about and he informed me that it was picked by the fans. Of course I was intrigued.”

“Static on the Line, is a frequent band on mike night. Static, was started by Justin Gallo, (vocals, guitar, harmonica)who soon enlisted Mohammed aka “Tripp” (vocals, guitar, bass) Originally as a fan of hard rock, as Justin’s personal taste of music has evolved and so Static has emerged to become a popular Indie/ Pop rock band, or as Mohammed likes to describe as “urban folk”. The band offers free downloads on ReverbNation.”

“Justin Gallo, also known as Static on the Line, asked his friend Emily Bloch to sing with him on “Rainy Days.” Gallo’s opener, “My tears run down like rainy days,” followed by Bloch’s “And I know I’m the one to blame” set the course for this poppy breakup song. Prior to “Rainy Days,” Gallo’s songs concerned happiness, love and peace. “Every time I would try and write about something sad, all I could write about was love,” he recalls. “Then, all of a sudden, it was like a bomb hit my school and my friends. Couples were fighting left and right. … I know most teenage love ends as fast as it comes, but the hate that they would express for each other killed me inside.” It also prompted his first sad song....Click link to read more”

“In “Hollywood,” singer-songwriter Justin Gallo, a.k.a. Static on the Line, mourns the loss of simpler times spent hanging with old friends in South Broward. In the lyrics to his acoustic-pop tune, Gallo recalls, “When we were never busy, with cell phones to our ears/I don’t know what went so wrong, this town is not the same/I’m calling Hollywood/Please come back to me.” Gallo’s song features a bridge sung by Armando Soler, Gallo’s producer and a singer for South Florida pop-punk act And Then There Was You. Gallo wrote the tune in an effort to reunite old friends....Click Link to read more”

““Three Words,” an acoustic-pop number from Justin Gallo, a.k.a. Static on the Line, begins: “I got three words and I love you/I don’t care but I’m getting to you/I truly know that this won’t last forever.” Later, he sings, “I truly know that I’ll marry you.” ....Click Link To Read More”