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Stage Parades / Press

“Re:- Arch Rivale. This is Stage Parades At their Ultimate. I am hearing wonderful instrumentation here, uplifting and most glorious. I needed to return twice to really look upon the beautiful photos and once more as I have always loved doing, to weave the music and images together engraved upon my memory as a single creation, in full appreciation. Yet, I am held still, fully captivated by the beauty in your music. Stage Parades has matured and grown as have your followers to become those who appreciate the beauty and music.”

Maricet Delaney - Stage Parades Website

“I've listened to "A Country Mile" so much now, that it appears to have been set on "repeat" in my head! AT work, today, I was walking around in time to the guitar! And I've been meaning to say, too, how very interesting it is to have the guitar used as the tune's .... constant .... like that. I just love that so much.”

Donna Skidmore - Myspace Trap Door Clubbers

“Through Sands Of Time has a wealth of beautiful tracks. I have listened to them all on Stage Parades' MySpace site. One especially has become a favourite, one of the new tracks from 2009 - Keep Searching. The melancholy touch in the music together with the beautiful piano playing is outstanding. Look up the video on Stage Parades' YouTube site or on MySpace and sing along. More tracks will be found there in videos. I have been a fan for more than two years when I found Steve Smith and Peter Andersen's fabulous songs.”

Ami Hammenroth - Amazon Review

“It is always my great honour and sincere pleasure to show my respect to your work. Your wonderful productions created of the visions of others captured and melded with your wonderful music as well as the music of other greats are together some of the finest and bring me the greatest happiness. I thank you especially for combining my photos with the most beautiful "Blessed By Nature" theme. The beauty of nature that I was blessed to capture has never heard such music upon the earth except that which heralded creation into being. I remain most graciously ... Your Maricet”

Maricet - You Tube

“Gosh, simply incredible music! Just can't get enough. wonderful work on "Haunted", "Blessed by Nature", "Riding the Night","Do Not Abandon Me"....is just so beautiful.  Steve and Peter; I am in awe of your work.”

Mari - You Tube

“Hola Steve & Peter, the new vid Relective is just beautiful, all your music is amazing and I never gonna have enough words to thank both for friendship and mainly for offering your fantastic music compositions.”

Saramaya - You Tube

“With their 4th album in the pipeline, Stage Parades prove their versality ranging from trance to film soundtrack, from country to dance and all in the name of good melodic music for everyone to enjoy.”

Ava - You Tube

“From their first album 'Avenues Of Variation' the band Stage Parades have excelled in providing instrumentals of amazing diversity. Personally prefer their ballads but recommend anyone to take a listen as you might find a gem somewhere in their large portfolio. ”

Vicky - Myspace Trap Door Clubbers