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Stacy Jones Band / Press

"If you thought you knew what to expect from a Stacy Jones album, you’re going to get quite a surprise when you hear “Whiskey, Wine And Water”. The up-tempo opening track “Can’t Do Nothing Right” gives a lie to the whole album, Stacy and the band can do little wrong! Unlike earlier albums, there are nice shades of country with fiddle on — “You And Me Tonight” and the tremendous rollicking “San Antonio” although both remain with one foot in the blues. Brooding ballads, power blues, gentle blues, up-tempo blues and the guitar on “Mama” is almost reminiscent of the Allman Brothers. Given Stacy’s harmonica skills, they’re a bit under-represented. However, Kevin Sutton (guitar), Tom Jones (bass) and Rick J Bowen (drums) provide a real power trio to show-case Stacy’s voice. The band’s best album yet in my humble opinion!" Cliff McKnight, Nothing But the Blues UK

Cliff McKnight - Nothing But the Blues U.K

"Stacy Jones connects with her Country Roots telling her story of a Whiskey & Water Baptism that lace Blues and Rock edges bringing this collection of songs to life. She embraces the Singer-Songwriter she has developed into with a conviction that listeners will relate to. From “Can’t Do Nothing Right”, “Whiskey Wine and Water” to “San Antonio”, crack the Crown and get down road with Stacy’s musical story." Jonathan Oogie” Richards NWCZ Radio

jonathan 'Oogie" Richards - Mighty mouth Blues/NWCZ Radio

“STEAM: I hear you are in the process of finishing your fourth album. What is the name going to be, and when is it going to be released to the public? STACY: Well so far everybody is in favor in the name Whiskey Wine and Water, which is one of the tracks on the new album. There are some other great titles too, Keep on Keepin’ On and Can't do Nothin’ Right. Whiskey Wine and Water is about good times with friends and the great family we have, and parents who raised us to follow our dreams and not be afraid to raise a little hell, so that's probably going to be the title track. We of course want to get the CD out as soon as possible and we are going to try to pick up as much momentum from it as we can from it, so we will get it into the best hands we can and I guess see what happens. Spring would be our ideal release. The mastering will be done at the end of this month. STEAM: Is the newest CD going to be classified in Blues genre?STACY: The new album really is all-around roots music”

“The Stacy Jones Band – Once again I made the mistake of assuming what the music would sound like based off of the band’s photo. Dumb, dumb, dumb! This quartet from Seattle, WA belts out some electrified blues rock like nobody’s business. Stacy Jones’ voice is extraordinary and she can play a mean harmonica too! If you miss vocalists like Janis Joplin then stop what you’re doing right now and follow the link. ReverbNation Page – http://www.reverbnation.com/stacyjonesband Song Sample – “Heavy Water””

“Summer is a fantastic season for live blues concerts, whether indoors or out. In 2011 the Stacy Jones Band took the stage at Kennewick, Washington’s Untapped Blues and Brews festival,hence the name of their third album, “Live and Untapped.” Featuring music from their 2010 “Long Time Comin’” and 2011 “No Need to Spell It Out,” this release is a crowd-pleaser. Blues artists often pour extra energy into their live shows, although the overall sound may be less polished than on a studio album. That energy is certainly the case here, revealing why the Washington Blues Society deemed Seattle’s Stacy Jones and her crew “Best New Band” in 2009, and Jones as “Best Female Vocalist” in 2010. Joining her are Jeff Menteer on guitar and vocals, her father Tom Jones on bass, and Rick Bowen on drums and vocals. You Belong to Me”--The sixth song on this CD is a low-down, throw-down, swinging sensation!Her keyboard work here is absolutely phenomenal, and so is Menteer's guitar”

“BluesWax Rating:8 Nothing But Good.The Pacific Northwest has been producing some very interesting blues acts lately. This continues to be the case with the Stacy Jones Band out of the Seattle, area. This is one tight band. Front and center is Stacy Jones, an accomplished musician and a powerful vocalist. Not only can this lady belt out a song, but she can play piano, as well as a mean harp. Her band was not short-changed on talent either. Playing bass guitar, is her father, Tom Jones, who has been playing bass as a primary instrument for over twenty-five years. The remainder of the quartet consists of guitarist Jeff Menteer and drummer/percussionist Rick J. Bowen. I love Menteer’s playing, it reminds me a bit of Clapton on a few tracks.Composed of original and well contrived tunes, No Need to Spell it Out is an unexpected delight. So delightful and enjoyable, it’s hard to choose a favorite. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. ”

“The Stacy Jones Band is comprised of great blues musicians. Stacy Jones is multi talented on vocals, harmonica, keys, and acoustic guitar, Jeff Menteer on vocals and electric guitar, Rick J Bowen on drums and vocals, and Tom Jones on bass. The live album, Live and Untapped, is a wonderful collaboration with unique cover songs and originals. They do a rocking version of BB King’s “You Upset Me Baby,” putting their own interesting spin on the tune with Stacy and Jeff singing the vocals together. Stacy shows her versatility as a singer in their cover of “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones. “I Think I Feel Like Leavin’” is one of the best songs on the album. It’s up-tempo and everything from the bass line to guitar riffs and backup vocals are tight. “Waitin’ on Love” is another outstanding song on the album. The guitar riff is catchy and Stacy’s voice is simple yet soulful as ever on this track. The album ends on an uplifting note with a surprising different sound on”

“The band’s fourth release, No Need To Spell It Out is a strong mix of blues/rock tunes, all written by various members of the band. Ms. Jones has a powerful, expressive vocal style, is equally skilled on guitar and keyboards, and can flat blow the back off a harmonica. Highlight tracks include the rocking opener, “No Matter What,” “Glory Bound,” which features some fine slide work from Menteer, the funky “Heavy Water,” where Jones gets to show off her harmonica skills, and “You Belong To Me,” where she takes a soulful turn on the keyboards. Guitarist Menteer really shines throughout the disc, but he really takes the cake on “Cry a Love Song,” an eight-minute rocker. No Need To Spell It Out is a marvelous set of robust blues/rock tunes presented by a rising star on the blues scene, the talented and charsmatic Stacy Jones. Blues fans would do well to keep an eye (and ear) out for her, for it sounds like she’s just getting started and still has a lot left to say.”

“With their third release in as many years, the Stacy Jones Band sounds more confident, ballsier and sounding like they are having one hell of a good time recording No Need to Spell It Out.With 12 original new songs, the Stacy Jones Band rip right into it with the opening track “No Matter What.” With Stacy Jones killer harmonica playing over the band’s steady groove, you are in for a roadhouse-style good time. Jones’ vocals are bright, powerful channeling her inner Etta James, Janis Joplin and Beth Hart. , “Heavy Water” and “Think I Feel Like Leavin'” are two of the best songs the Stacy Jones Band has ever written. “Heavy Water” is a sexy smoldering jam with haunting harmonica in the background, and it builds to a powerful chorus. “Think I Feel Like Leavin'” is a throwback blues jam you might have heard coming out of the small bars of Mississippi in the 1940s.No Need to Spell It Out shows that this quartet has matured to be one of the best blues/soul/rock bands i”

“The Washington Blues Society has a hidden treasure that shouldn't stay hidden for long. Building off their 2009 victory for Best New Band for that Society, Stacy Jones won for Best Female Vocalist in 2010. And, they have just released their fourth overall CD, entitled "No Need To Spell It Out." It is some sho' nuff high-octane, all-original blues that showcase not only Stacy's writing and vocal prowess, but her keyboard, guitar, and harp(!) chops, too. The rest of this high-powered group are Tom Jones on bass, Rick Bowen on drums, and Jeff Menteer on guitar, and they blast thru these cuts with tight arrangements as well.Stacy Jones is a multi-talented young woman bent on conquering the contemporary blues world. With sets as formidable as "No Need To Spell It Out," she and her band make themselves a definite force to be reckoned with!! Until next time.....Sheryl and Don Crow”

“Their latest release, No Need To Spell It Out, all originals capturing their rockin’ blues material to a tee. It’s jumping and it’s thrilling. Stacy’s voice soars like all the great female blues shouters before her, like Big Mama Thornton, Koko Taylor and Lydia Pense. The band’s delivery is stellar; hot and smoldering and it cooks! Jeff Menteer is a guitarist of note. He can be funky, greasy, blistering and steaming, whatever the mood of the song calls for. Pay extra attention to his playing on numbers like “Glory Bound,” “You Belong To Me,” and the solo he takes on “Tell Me Why” is absolutely biting! Rhythm section Rick J. Bowen on drums and Tom Jones on bass delivers in the pocket every time. Stacy simply does it all, besides her extraordinary vocals, she plays guitar, keys and killer harmonica.The Stacy Jones Band is destined to become another Northwest favorite, pick up a copy of No Need To Spell It Out and enjoy their music now, you’ll be listening to it f”

“My first impression after listening to "No Need To Spell It Out" was that the music struck me as being more on the rock side then the blues side, but please don't think that I didn't like the music, actually I loved it. From the hard driving opener"No Matter What" to the hypnotic bluesy jazz closer "Diggin' In The Mud", the Stacy Jones Band simply do not miss a beat as each and every member of the band ploughs through each Track like a possessed John Deere Combine on a Horizonless Wheat Field. "No Need To Spell It Out" certainly did not fall into the category of Sophomore Jinx. Stacy Jones Vocals and the rest of the bands amazing Musical Prowess continue to shine brightly as does their future, if they continue putting out these kind of albums. "No Need To Spell It Out" is one heck of an album which continued to whet my appetite for future albums from this amazing group of artists. Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed. Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)”

“Charged-up music that imparts energy, power, originality & talent Hard work and a lot of practice have paid off as the The Stacy Jones Band hit the ground with a steady gallop. While there are several enjoyable tracks on this CD, “Heavy Water” is a standout track that establishes an engaging groove, includes vocal harmony, and allow Stacy to strut her stuff on harmonica. The following track “You Belong to Me” showcases some of Stacy’s fine piano playing,this band deserves the attention of a larger legion of fans. (Joe Ross)”

“It has come. The new CD by the Stacy Jones Band is here and ready for your ears to appreciate. Stacy wrote much of what is on the CD and her singing is great. She is joined by the usual band members:Tom Jones on bass, JeffMenteer on guitar,and rick Bowen on Drums ,but also added an all-star horn section of BB award winners Ron Hendee,Scotty Harris and Randy Oxford.The rythm section sounds great here underneath everything and you will dance to the beat even if you listen in the living room or car. Songs like "Whatcha Gonna Do" and "turn to the blues," knocked me out mainly because of Stacy's vocals and the greatness of the songs.You can't talk about Stacy Jones without talking about her harmonica playing.I loved how she did that in"blues is in the house." This band has three part harmony on vocals that is as good as any.This CD could get a lot of attention beyond the northwest if it gets into the right hands. Add this CD to your list of must haves.”