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Stacey Evans - dizzybloom & solo / Press

"...nearly flawless...consistently entertaining. Evan's vocals are at worst wonderful and at best, hauntingly beautiful."

Robert Jerdee - San Antonio Paisano

"Stacey's vocals are easily understood, not overwhelmed but complimented by the music. A very easy album to listen to, soothing and gentle in parts, but angry and outspoken in others, Stacey has a lot to say and sings it well. Give them a serious listen."

Dave Miller - South of the Border (Houston, TX)

““Stacey Evans has a passionate voice appropriate for the introspective, calm mood of the album. She rides her musical range with an ease and confidence that dramatizes the emotional, often melancholy feeling of her lyrics. The musicians that back her display similar musical talent.””

Scott Weier - Trinitonian (San Antonio, TX)

"While the rhythms and beats get your attention, the lyrics are what hold it. Vocalist Stacey Evans has one of the smoothest voices I've ever heard."

Braden Whaley - The Ranger (Amarillo College)