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Spider Rockets / Press

“…one of the more surprising albums of the year, 'Bitten.' Spider Rockets comes at you straight-ahead with all the enthusiasm and swagger of punk combined with melodic hard rock which helps make the album instantly memorable.”

“Spider Rockets appear in my Top Ten for good reason; their Hard Rockin’ bite is infectious! New Jersey ROCKS and SPIDER ROCKETS are a HUGE reason why The Garden State is its own Rocktopia. I absolutely LOVE the approach that SPIDER ROCKETS has towards Hard Rock and there’s really no other band like them out there. BUY this whiz-bang album and you’ll be BITTEN by the sensation of Hard Rockin’ sound that is SPIDER ROCKETS. I got bitten. Yup, I did.”

“The songs on 'Bitten' are instantly inviting and familiar.... have an explosive exciting sound that sets [Spider Rockets] apart from other bands.”

"Spider Rockets are a fresh, new heavy rock band with great chops, energetic songs and a front WOMAN with lots of range. 'Bitten' rocks from beginning to end and their cover of Golden Earring's 'Twilight Zone' is catchy as hell. They are the new Youth Gone Wild!"

Don Jamieson, co-host of "That Metal Show"

“Bitten is one of the BEST albums I’ve listened to across ALL rock genres thus far in 2012. Spider Rockets are the missing F’n link in today’s American Heavy Music.”

“With an insistent bass riff and powerful drumming Bitten's opening track "Going Down" could be a reference to someone getting beat up or arrested. But singer Helena Cos doesn't leave any room for interpretation; she's using the term as it might be whispered in the bedroom except that she's not whispering and she's not taking no for an answer. Forcefulness but not bombast prevails throughout the album.... Spider Rockets seemingly has everything going here to breakthrough: well-written songs full of slashing guitars and swagger, a sexy and sassy front woman and just enough innuendo to keep a knowing grin on the listener's face.”

“Radio programmers should prepare to clear space in their top 10 rotation for ‘Scream’ and ‘Better When It’s Loud,’.... Bitten is a loud rock record that pulls no punches, hides no cards, revels in the heritage of FM guitar bands.... Beautifully mixed.”

“No frills offering of brash melodies, Bitten places the glory days of hard rock and metal via the Sunset Strip in full tow.”

“[Spider Rockets'] 'Bitten' is the soundtrack you wished your younger siblings obsessed with Twilight were playing. Lashings of glam rock with a touch of Blondie and all the class you want from this sort of music. ”

“Spider Rockets' eponymous latest album… [is] dark in atmosphere, heavy in style, and just plain rocks. Spider Rockets is a great album from a terrific band. I imagine the New Jersey foursome put on a pretty damn live show, and hope to have the chance to see them some time.”

Graceful Degradation E-Zine

“I extremely dig the attitude and Hard Rockin’ potency of Spider Rockets, this is a band that obviously disdains following the norm and they are all the better for it. Some sound Metal advice: Once you get bitten by what you hear from the Spider Rockets, it most often becomes an infectious craving to want more! Revved up noize that’s guaranteed to slap away any lame-ass mood you might be in at this moment. Metal be thy name.”

“Spider Rockets are not just another female fronted rock band, they have a uniqueness about them that stands them in great stead amongst their fans. They manage to combine elements of goth, glam, rock, punk and alternative into a great sound…a force to be reckoned with…. Rating 10 out of 10””

"Nicely packaged, nice songs and most of all nicely performed. An impressive album from an outfit that I was not familiar with. I must admit this album just keeps getting better and better each time I play it."

Overloaded Radio, Wales UK

"Spider Rockets are one of those groups that is easy to like, the musicianship is there, the songs are there and they aren't afraid to get out there and tour. You have to appreciate what the band has to offer."

"…addictive….stuff this good deserves to be heard."

Aiding & Abetting

““I find them to be very refreshing and identifiable: one huge thing needed for today’s music scene"”

Wayne Klinger - Quintessence Metal Webzine

““[Spider Rockets] continue to crank out the crunchiest, catchiest, most melodic, mean-riffed and caustic metal noize since L7 and Seven Year Bitch gave way to the likes of Sleater-Kinney, Audioslave and Mecca Normal.””

Al Muzer - The Aquarian Weekly

"…these cats know how to rock out, and they ignited the audience with a BANG! Their encore ended up being a stirring rendition of The Beatles' Helter Skelter, and I swear the entire tent was rocking out harder than ever."

Horror Channel.com

“…we can’t pigeon-hole Spider Rockets as just another female fronted rock band. There are many that all sound alike. Not the case here… there’s touches of goth, hard rock, metal, punk and alternative.”

John Haseltine - Metal Warrants