Spencer Joyce / Press

“Enjoying "Let the People Live" today! Really great work Spencer!”

Greg Blachman - Reverbnaiton

“Sweet Grooves Spencer!! Just Let The People Live!!”

Infinity Zend - Reverbnation

“We dig your excellent tunes and rhythms, very catchy.”

Fabrockators - Reverbnation

“We be diggin' what you be layin' down!!”

Naked Bacon - Reverbnation

“You have a Neil Young sound and Neil Young is one of my all time favorite artists...Follow your dreams and do it with no fear just understanding, fear always is a dead end street..”

A.W. Cobb - Reverbnation

“Great voice! Teachings for The Lost is a good song. Well written, nice performance”

Naked Singularity - Reverbnation

“One more great young talent who believes in music. You rock!”

LeonB. - Reverbnation

“Spencer Joyce is a very talented musician!!! Great guitar work and fantastic vocals. Very diverse music! Really diggin it... ”

The Cronicles of Bad Butch - Reverbnation

“....Fantastically emotive guitar, blend of styles and rawkin' attitude ya got there my friend, keep up the good work!”

Lunar Dusk

“High Class Girl is excellent, great passionate vocal performance. And Rolling Along is a classic rock track, great guitar and another great vocal.”

Last Day On Earth

“Rolling with 'Rolling Along'...beautiful melody and up lifting song..I really enjoy.”

Vincent Pablo


The American Britts

“Well done! Very well written and arranged. You do the valley proud!”

Appalachian Safari

“Playing all my favorites today all day, and can not do this without playing you.”

Daniel Johnny Johnson, Jr.

“Be at ease is a very honest tune,lots of passion in your delivery Spencer,great job.”

John Hasnip

“Spencer, great songs! Love the positive messages in each of them.”

Urban Monroes

“Listening to your songs, Spencer is like sitting down for a conversation ... good work and some nice melodic overtones here.”

Doug Dickens

“really enjoyed these songs, mainly cause they're beautifully crafted and very well written..love those progressions and transitions into the chorus for "i'm someone", and you have the same ease with moving around climbing chords and melodies in "be at ease"..diggin your skills!”


“Your music is awesome Spencer...especially "Save The Date"...I love the harmonies there. Sweeet!”

Delaney Simpson

“...i just checked out some of your songs , i need to tell you that they are more than awesome , that was brilliant work...”

Basse.M.Sh Music

“Awesome stuff from the good old sixties (in style and sound) - like it a lot.”

Pyjama Devil

“liking your sound u have going...also the lyrics for Rolling Along are making the world an easier place to live. keep up the good work”

Flight of the Fatman