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Spark1duh? / Press

“What do you think about when you think about St. Louis, Missouri? Nelly? St. Lunatics? Chingy? Don't apologize, we don't blame you. But in 2011, it's time to switch up your train of thought. Spark1Duh? aka Dusty Wallets, armed with his ever-present spectacles and booming voice to compliment his ferocious stage show, will change your perception of the Midwest entirely. ”

“Known by many as the "Iggy Pop" of Hip-Hop, Spark1duh? (aka Dusty Wallets) is Jason Karr, a St. Louis native who has successfully fused non violent, party style Hip-Hop with American Pub Rock. One of the most intriguing aspects of Spark1duh?'s music is the fact that is carries an in your face, Pop or Neo-Punk Rock feel that he conveys beautifully through his lyrical expression and stage presence. Off stage, Karr is always calm and humble, making those around him feel instantly at ease. Once he steps on the stage however, Karr transforms into his alter-ego and transmits his infectious vibes to all those who are fortunate enough to experience his live show.Spark1duh? may be from Earth, but his music is certainly from another planet.”

Christopher Schamber - Sentient Productions

“As a rapper, Karr's rhymes are more clever than speedy, and his confident style is brash, funny and charming.”

"Everything's Fine" suggests that Karr could moonlight as a respectable rock & roll singer.

"If trill means true and real, then Spark1duh? is the trillest!"

Teddy Kennedy - Kill City Zine

"Spark is brutally honest with you, whether you like it or not. He's careless, and wreckless. Even his own life seems expendable to him."

Andrew Lackland - Elemental Inc.

"Spark1duh? is the Iggy Pop of Hip-hop music!"

Oshae Gaylon - Street Kings Marketing

"This guy has serious problems in a non-funny way."

Hunter S. Thompson - Rolling Stone

"There is a new movement in hip-hop music, and Spark1duh? is leading the way."

Rick Blackheart - Thrasher Magazine

"The most cock, per square indie-rapper."

Richard Fitzwell - Hustler Magazine

"A view into the mind of a chemically imbalanced, confused, rapper with a punk-rock identity crisis."

Burnt Reynolds - Complex Magazine