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Spare Me Felix / Press

“The music is unique, fresh, and not like anything I have ever heard. If you are tired of listening to the same old stuff and remakes, get SMF. Try something new.”

“The layers of complexity and filtration facilitate a unbelievele matrix of unique and deepley felt emotions and moods. The spectrum of tones and rythms is as wide as the grand canyon.”

“From beginning to end it felt like a Quest was engaged all the whilst being protected by an audio womb of sorts. Literally sat speechless like a deer in headlamps listening to this one.”

“The music is different and prevocative. The lyrics are insightful. They touch real feelings and tell real stories. The artist is creative, intuitive and sensitive. The artist is maturing. Watch for his five star album. It is still within him.”

“A breath of fresh air. This is how you will feel after enjoying this innovative new release from Spare Me Felix. You will take a deep sigh of releif after moving through this complex musical paradigm - knowing that such a work is rarely found in today's market of corporate money and big label contracts.”

“SMF is not afraid to take chances with music. His combination of dissonance and harmony will provide your ears with delight. Spare Me Felix inspired by the beaches of South Carolina will keep your senses busy as he glides through the flat keys of music like a surfer on a big wave. He surfed to number 3 on the Shartnet Radio chart yesterday.”