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Southern Mischief / Press

“Ok guys! First of all: I can't find ANYTHING negative to comment! You are awesome!! Come in my arms!! This is REAL music, the style I love the most! Awesome instrumental parts, outstanding vocals, very well written songs,... People who don't like you don't have the right ear! Ha! Damn, visit my wall and post some stuff! You even don't have to wipe your feet before! :-)) http://www.facebook.com/yolanda.flaming”

““In music we often hear or read metaphors being used that lose value by their overuse or misapplication. In the case of Southern Mischief however we could not come up with a more accurate descriptor of the band and their music for you see, and indeed you will see, ‘The Southern Mischief Train is Comin’ Through, Full Throttle, Engine Screamin’” –Zach Martin ‘Southern Mischief’ Latest to Donate Song for Veterans through VETUNES ® ROCKATORIUM”

"If indeed I find some similarity I can say that in certain phrases and passages of guitar and Fall Down Here Bringing me Down mi ricordano in qualche modo gli Outlaws , ma è solo una sensazione di un paio di giri armonici e rincorrersi di chitarre, il tutto infatti risulta molto fresco e originale con una splendida carica di energia da parte delle chitarre e una parte vocale di prim'ordine con una nota di merito per la splendida ballad September , veramente emozionante, per me già un classico del rock. Bringing Me Down reminds me somehow the Outlaws, but it's just a feeling a couple of laps and harmonious succession of guitars, all it is very fresh and original with a wonderful energy boost by guitars and a vocal part of first order with a note on the beautiful ballad September, really exciting for me is already a rock classic."

“Lots of energy here.”

“Love this vocal. I can really imagine driving down a winding road to something such as this. There´s a real sense of urgency to this song.....like I want to start speeding!”

“Plenty of very good things going on here, from what is clearly something of a virtuoso band of musicians. I can imaging that they are pure dynamite live.”

“This country/rock style you´ve done here is really cool, ´cause you´re hitting a bigger audience. I think it´s a bit too country for mainstream or even rock stations but it´s different which catches my attention. I nice group to see live. Great energy and it´s very obvious they can play!”

“OOOHH YEAH!! I am totally diggin` this!! Great energy,killer vocals,and tight,tight playing!! This is how it`s done folks!!! Just a touch more bottom end EQ,and this would be a four alarm fire!!! I LOVE this kind of Southern Mischief!!!!”