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Neilsound / Press

"Prelude" brilliant, accomplished and beautiful. Everything we love in treasured classical works. All the best.

“Very nice and beautiful music. Thank you...”

“A great pleasure to hear a master musician at work. What a terrific instrument the piano is in the hands of someone who knows how to dominate the instrument. Respect, Jules”

“Always a great pleasure to stop and listen Neil! You are a master!”

“Very powerful & moving. Listening to "Prelude by Prokofiev"...Bravisimo!!!!! ”

“Prelude by Prokofiev is playing ~ it's on an old playlist of mine ~ Love it!! Andrew ”

“Neil, beautiful Prelude! (I love Prokofiev) I'm just starting out on the ballade, glad you can appreciate the process. It needs a lot more work, though. Sounds great here, take care!”

“As a tuba player, that is a fine performance of the Vaughan Williams concerto!!! ”

“Thanks neil. Beautiful muscianship. I have not heard the vaughn williams piece before. Very nice. All the best to you.”

“Kinda cute indeed... and classy, and well playd, and lifty, lilty and simply wonderful. Sos not all of those might be words, but music defies words, especially brilliant playing like yours! ”

“WOW! Amazing performances here. You have a new fan.”

“Wonderful music ! ”


“Hello Neil wonderful playing, a pleasure to listen to, bless you Andy”

“Loving your great sounds Neil! Wishing you good luck & all the best from Paul, the UK's & also London’s current No.1 Blues artist.”

“Just Brilliant…… Great piano playing. Cheers .. Levy DeAndrade www.Level10band.com ”

“Love ya work mate!!!!!!”

“James Ferris: Such talent rarely seen on reverbnation! Very impressive! ”

“Simply mind blowing”

“Real ear Candy here Neil thanks for sharing. Gerry”

“Blue Phoenix Radio: Love Mozartsville...absolutely adore it. So your page gets,"an extra dose of red rose petals and cherry blossoms... scattered from, of course, "Fairy magic, wishing you lights blessings. To wit... etc... etc... You play... "veeerrry nice! ;). Or as my good friend David, has already told you, charming. " ”

“Sue Trickey: Thank you, I have loved listening here. Wonderful tracks, Beautiful performances. Best wishes, Sue”

“Nicole Pesce: Hi Neil, great page! Really enjoyed listening to the Prokofiev, Vaughan Williams, Debussy, etc. Absolutely amazing playing! ”

“The World of Subduction: Nice selection Neil. Lots of familiar old friends here for me Love the Vaughn Williams. Toodle Pip.”

“Gate57: beautiful classic instrumentals...well done ! ”

“Kenny Wesley: Your compositions and arrangements are so unique and ethereal. Great work! I especially love the tuba concertos. I play euphonium. :) ”


“Vince Kline: I really Like the Debussy Neil,a very great selection, On this end we had a Blizzard and I am taking a break from shoveling snow.Sipping hot chocolate and chilling to your chops,what a great way to spend a snow day,Vince ”

“Georgina Taylor: Beautiful Work Neil. ”

“Gandalf's Project: Thank you for being a fan! :) Great music! Cheers, Marco ”

“Wim Oudijk: Loved the new ones, Neil! ”

“Luciano Martella (Songwriter): A very warm welcome Neil, you have splendid music in your page, I am a big fan. Wishing you much luck and success. Luciano ”

“The Skunnered: We'll be playing your track "Meridian Alman" on the "Saturday Sandwich" show on Pulse 98.4 this week”

“The Big I Am: Hi Neil nice to see you over here and sounding as good as ever.”

“Rhonda Mackert: Thanks for the add. Great talent you have! It's an honor to be a fan! Wishing you the best in your musical journey. ”

“InQuartet: All Best! Vivat! ”

“John Whelan Kidd: Hi Neil...Enjoyed your tune "Sail away" best but then I love sailing so it got me....Thank you for following and for your comments..Warm regards...John. ”

“Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter: ♪♪♪♪♪ Great sound you have going on here! We are on a musical journey together…and that is terrific. Sending respect and feeling the luv! All the best for continued success on REVERBNATION! ♪♪♪♪♪ Pat Branch in NYC ”

“SOLFATE: Nice work Neil! Thank you for sharing your music with us.Very enjoyable charming ”

“Steve Hott: Very Nice Neil ! Love your " Sound " have a Great weekend. Aloha, Steve Hott ”

“Marie-Anne Fischer: There is so much talent here! I very much enjoyed Prelude, beautiful range of colours and great performance. Thank you for your friendship, I will surely be back for more. ”

“ProgRockDan1: lOVE THE X Tuba Concerto by Vaughan Williams ”

“trajan j trathan: Totally wonderful moving listening experience and a fantastic Geordie voice just extraordinary play Ive never imagined the tuba and piano in such harmony ”

“Ross Cooper: Hi Neil, thank you for becoming a fan. The performances here are fantastic - very dramatic and expressive. Keep up the great work! ”

“Michael Ernie: Very nice, My favorite is "Andante", beautiful played, Keep up the amazing work. Wishing you much success and happiness, Always Michael ”

“Unquiet Nights: keep it up neil, great stuff. ”


“ORDINARY 888: awesome,,, ”


“Ferial: Hey Neil, Nice page! All the best from Amsterdam! ”


“Zebra Butterfly: Hello Neil! Thank you for your friendship! Simply amazing music my friend! Proud to be a fan!”


“Hose: Hello Neil my friend! Nice to hear your great music again. Absolutely fantastic style and a great talent to have among us all. All my respect, John M. (Hose) ”


“Derrick Paolo Teta guitarist composer: Absolutely stunning music, all the best to you, Derrick Paolo Teta!!! ”


“Vince Kline: it is about time you brought your recordings here Yeah Neil !!! ”


“Poligraf: hi ! i followed a link from a myspace message here... i must say the prelude is awesome... brilliant playing ! ”


“Hi Neil,Finally managed to hook up! Great to be listening to you here. As always a delight to listen to my friend! Hose”


“Excellent Neil!! I particularly like Pastoral! Sending you my best wishes & thanks for your friendship, Andrew (Andrew Austin)”


“Your performances here are True class. . Keep up the great work! PHIGROA-Reverbnation Artist”


“can we say magnificent? thank you for the joy of your music! Patricia (Ecologyngle)”


“Beautiful Music ! Eleni Mylona”