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Sonar Lights / Press

“Sonar Lights on a slow night”

“So another band tries to hit the mainstream music biz, along with billions of others, but what sets these guys aside? Sonar lights have a completely refreshing and understandable approach to define music in a unique and somewhat deliberate way. This isn't your "ordinary" band that grew out of the attic or garden shed. Oh no. These guys painstakingly evolved from seeds sown from years of experience in other fields, learning concept and style along the way. Now, the cool thing is, this band have managed to capture that "live on stage" Aura that you get and thrown it in to a studio recording! "Here we are" the album, has some very unique constructions, just check out the tracks "Goodman" and Oversaturated".. Major wow factor abound!! If you're not impressed with those tracks, check out how they've made a timeless classic their own with "Eleanor Rigby". "Here we are" the album, takes you straight to where we all like to be. Immersed in our own little world wishing it was us in the band. ”

Peter Wade - Independent writer

“Sonar Lights pulled into Trees amid the chaos of a riot! The rioters parted to allow the three rockers and their weapons to move toward the stage. The looks on their faces said everything, forceful determination, to take the riot to the next level. The rioters were expecting sweat and blood and the band positioned themselves to deliver ten fold. The crowd's gasp at the first chords began the bloodletting. This was more than suicide on stage, this was baptism, baptism by acid, that eats the brain from the inside. After 45 minutes of electric slaughter, it was the rioters who said "Thank you". Silence as the doors opened to Deep Ellum, silence as deafening as the previous 45 minutes but a hell of alot less fun.”

Mike Stone - Live Shows Reviews

"...On Nights Like This, People Will Be Torn Apart..."

“Feburary 11, 2011 - "...On Nights Like This, People Will Be Torn Apart..." I got there a little late, and the first band, Sonar Lights, was already on stage rocking. But I still caught the majority of their set. And what I heard and saw was a band filled with talent, and if they just had the fan base out supporting them, they could’ve easily been headlining. They die mostly originals, such as “Help Me”, “Mr. KnowItAll”, and the show closer “Game”, all from their debut EP. But they even did a great cover of a Beatles song, with much more of a rock sound to it. These guys really blow me away, and while they said this was their first time at Tree’s, it certainly will not be their last.”

“Born at the intersection of Apollo and Talent is Sonar Lights, the forefront of contemporary Rock Music, continuing their nuclear assault on today’s live and recorded music. Their “take no prisoners” style leaves others picking up the pieces of a fractured rock scene of the last several years. Sonar lights surges forward with a style of breathless, realistic lyrical poetry, laying open lives like a frog in biology class. Brutally honest guitar playing is perfectly punctured by the screaming animal, whose skin now doubles as a drumhead. The bass is systematic of the rhythm of life itself, strong and fragile and please don’t mess with it, or you’ll die! When combined, this music requires it to be shaken not stirred, just as the dance floor appears after a set of Sonar Lights, ready for the obligatory cigarette. Their music reminds me of the night I lost my virginity. I drove away high fiving myself for finally coming across something that feels better than anything prior.”

Mike Stone - Rock News DFW - Upcoming Bands Reviews

“Sonar Lights Shine ”

“New band Sonar Lights breaks onto scene in Fort Worth”

“George Miadis is a self-described up-and-coming musician who is all about the Fort Worth area.”