“(Lets talk about us ) Wow, that sounds really great Johnno”

Ron Sexsmith - Twitter

“Let’s talk about us –“What a killer song ,this is Possibly Snippet's finest moment yet”

Tom Robinson -BBC 6 Music - YouTube

“On D.I.Y., Johnno Casson returns as his electropop persona, Snippet. Casson has a remarkable knack of developing music and channeling it through one of his three known aliases: Snippet, Old Tramp, and Johnno Casson. In a twelve month period, he has released an album from each alias; the latest to drop from Snippet on July 1 (Rash Records)..Ultimately, whether he’s Snippet, Old Tramp or just himself, he’s Johnno the incredibly talented and prolific bloke from Colchester.”

"Dry of humour and lo-fi of sound,the skewed pop of Colchester's Snippet is reminiscent of early Beck"

Q Magazine

"Made us laugh a lot,touched a nerve,we love it"

Rob da Bank BBC Radio 1

"Such an interesting record....what Snippet have produced here is a record that is properly upbeat and joyous....a powerful summer Indie-folk package"

"Trademark full-on fun and sun-soaked humor. It's a refreshing song to get you in the mood for summer"

“We’re expecting big things this year at The Chronic from Mr Snippet, aka Johnno Casson. We first came across the proud Colchester fella @15QueenStreet. A pop-up gig at the lovely Revolver Retro shop confirmed our belief that Snippet has that rare combination of musical talent and a reasoned local perspective. Put simply, he loves his music and he loves Colchester. He also boasts a dandy wardrobe selection of polished brogues. He is a man after The Chronic’s heart. And possibly our soul as well…..'This is Essex' could become an anthem for these parts come the early summer months.”

“Like its predecessors, "The Imposter" is a microcosm on what a soul infused pop song should sound like. Fatea is normally about the acoustic spectrum, but there has always been something about the way Snippet puts his songs together that compels us to give them space. They've got a really an infectious groove that stops you in your tracks so you can listen to his. There's a smoothness that runs through the songs from top to bottom that just says mellow.”

"Taste cream of the music crop in yeah ahead,The gazette picks out its five acts to watch for this year....Snippet was one of the great revelations of 2011.......his debut album was a wonderous mix of electro dance pop tunes"

"This is something very special,so odd and so delightful,all his songs are insanely catchy so he writes great pop hooks,all his songs have that skewed and peculiar thing about them,I wish more people knew about him,spread the word,you'll enjoy it and you won't regret it"

Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

“‎"He's Colchester's best kept musical secret........Slowly slowly catchee monkey;a wonderous mix of electro dance pop tunes"”

"Angels With Dirty Laces" features four big songs that whilst reminisent of Bowie and/or Paddy McAloon, have a distinct style that is very much Snippet's own. "Faith, Hope And Charity Case" not only packs a powerful punch musically, it also highlights the impact that two and a half minute pop can still have. It's a song that works on so many levels as it bases it's self in the psyche where crossed fingers fight reality".

"There's something about the left field that the English do really well...a songwriter who can write a whole novel about what he reads between the line and manages to nail the whole thing."

Fatea Magazine

“Discover it’s charm.......right from the start it launches a charm offensive and the dry wit of the lyrics will soon seep out and you’ll find yourself having the album on repeat...........It has a very intimate atmosphere that you can’t help but get swept up in..........It took a few listens to uncover this gem but once you do it’ll pay divends. ”

"Already winning the prize for best sleeve art this issue,This is The Streets for a Sesame Street audience and it’s actually really, really good – feel good lyrics set to pop melodies all courtesy of the one man behind it all – Johnno Casson and stellar production from Wim Oudijk"-Noisy Fanzin

"Snippet-a DIY musical legend"

"Bee Stings is another bittersweet track on Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey. We like the summery atmosphere of this track. There is something really cheerful about the song even though it’s about heartbreak....Catching our attention also is the hilarious Hiccups and yes this is a song about hiccups and more precisely how to get rid of them. We could dismiss this as a joke but then most of the tracks on this album are about seeing the funny side of things. Get Over Yourself is another tongue and cheek track with a similar vibe to Flight Of The Concords music except the later have a TV show to illustrate their point as well. I’m No Nearly Man is one of our favourite tracks on the album with it’s heartfelt lyrics and a great production to back it up. Among The Hedgerows is similarly packed with emotion and a nice finish to the album".

““I love your t-shirt” is a super catchy and well produced little song, with lots of fun studio-added elements, funky rhythms..fantastic catchyness, the lyrics show Snippet’s sense for seeing things from unusual and humourous angles.... sounds especially good at times like these"”

Eardrums music

"It’s a sweet piece of oddball pop"

Russell's Reviews

"Extraordinary music,a new album at long blooming last with terrific songs on there,a complete pleasure meeting you do come back and see us soon"

“ A light-year of experience away from your average singer-songwriter... Casson infuses these homespun tunes with personality and natural quirks. His everybloke lyrical approach and vocal style is disarming..... ‘Bee Stings’ is fine sprightly acoustic pop, while the likes of ‘Chip Off The Old Block’ and ‘Sneer’ usher in infectious rhythms and samples. ‘Man Without Mobile’ sounds like it could be Super Furry Animals walking into the oddest tropical karaoke bar you could fathom, and somehow remaining sober. The synth-pop of ‘Get Over Yourself’ adds some dry wit and humour, and ‘I’m No Nearly Man’, ‘Among the Hedgerows’ and ‘Get My Sparkle Back’ show a real talent for arrangements and melody. The whole album has a real home-made and wilfully lo-fi eccentric charm to it. Not for everybody, but worth investigating."”

"Snippet’s music you say? The music?? Oh yeah…brilliant. Charming English folk pop, with great humour and melody"

Radio Caroline TV

"Mysterious and haunting,hopefully there will be more to come soon"


"I’ve enjoyed the friendly pop of Snippet for some time now, and when Johnno has some new release-plans, it always makes me happy. His new album is called “Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey”, and will be released on Folkwit Records on August 22. It’s available for preorder there now, so if you like the little preview we have for you here, you should definitely know what to do. Snippet has made a video for one of the songs on the album, “Bee Stings”, which probably may be my favorite Snippet-song ever. Great melody on this one. The video is directed by Mark Banks. Enjoy!"

"You are such a clever boy"

My Mum

"Snippet-A National Indie Treasure"..... "Snippet-One of my all time favourite Introducing artists",

“There’s a real sense of poetry about how he puts his songs together....a strangely addictive album, one that keeps calling you back to it....Snippet finally got his album and he filled it to the brim with delight.”

Neil King - Fatea Magazine