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SkyBlew / Press

“The mid-’90s Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold! serves as one of several nerdcore inspirations for UNmodern Life, the upcoming album from Chapel Hill emcee Skyblew. It’s a juvenile move, sure, but it finds the rapper closer to home musically than he’s ever been. On the album’s second single, “Sally’s Comet,” he makes the case that the best telescope only works in the clearest conditions—welcomed advice from a kid who’s maturing from stargazer into local rap star.”

“Moving along from female rappers, Skyblew is one part nerdy and three parts heart. Combining positive messages with his love of video games and cartoons, he is somebody that rap definitely needs more of. Recently, he released the LP 'SkyBlew’s Unmodern Life', which fuses personal experiences, 90’s cartoons, and ambient beats to create a unique listening experience.”

“Musically, the album is impressive, with good production quality, catchy hooks, head-bopping beats and unique sounds. Overall, SkyBlew’s remarkable attention to themes of self-reflection, peace, spirituality, redemption and social awareness, all presented with notable lyrical talent and rhyming skill over stylish beats and memorable rhythms, make a strong first impression. SkyBlew clearly has an important message to deliver – a reason for his rhymes, a purpose for his music beyond commercial success, and it shines through his work. In fact, bringing some light and “blew” skies to the darkness that often colors life’s struggles is even his often-stated mantra: “I don’t rap/I paint the SkyBlew.” 4 out of 5 stars.”

“North Carolina emcee SkyBlew is one of those rhyme slingers that doesn’t waste sixteens on meaningless gobbledygook. Whereas most of your favorite rappers would rather spend their verses trying to string together simplistic catchphrases for radio play or continuing to paint some over-exaggerated big baller/ mafioso lifestyle they don’t really lead because “that’s what rappers do”, Sky prefers to utilize his songwriting ink to feed the mind, consistently spilling out thought-provoking messages and notes of inspiration alongside vividly-scripted, torn-from-real-life vignettes that, thanks to a youthful spark in his flow, never once feels overly preachy or “Get off my lawn!” fuddy-duddy.”

“Alabama native Mario Farrow, aka SkyBlew, is determined to become the next face of Chapel Hill hip-hop, following in the footsteps of fellow veteran Tar Heel spitter KAZE. So far, the road has been tough, and he's had his share of detractors; but after a recent life-threatening illness landed him in the hospital for a brief stay, SkyBlew figures he can defeat all odds. His new project, The Extended Walk Home, is set to drop this month and promises to be another exclusive piece in the ever-growing Triangle rap scene, where even rappers who still wear backpacks and Dwayne Wayne glasses have a shot at making a name for themselves.”

“Positive hip hop, radio ready, no cursing, creative, thought-provoking… With a description like that, a name like SkyBlew does not sound too far fetched. After all, everything we seem to need, fresh air, heat, and water all come from the sky so why not an inspirational voice in hip hop?”

“What I like about SkyBlew is that his lyrics does contain geeky references, but it's cleverly put into the song relating to the overall topic or theme. The geek references don't feel awkward or out of place. In fact the references make sense, it makes you more intrigued on what SkyBlew will say next. SkyBlew is an artist I will keep my eyes and ears on. He has a positive message, great lyrics and has a flow with versatility.”

“Skyblew is at it again with another Nerdcore project, although boxing him into that category is a great disservice, as he's one of my favorite new artists that makes truly uplifting music. Mr. Blew's style, as far as I've listened to him, has been a mixture of layed-back, "Jet Life" style production and sensibilities, mixed with contemplative and introspective lyrics. Although at times Skyblew might tackle darker issues, he never lets the darkness overtake or dictate the music, which can be taken as a musical decision that also doubles as an analogy to his overall message. Personally, I was already super-excited to get another Skyblew project after his excellent debut album, which I can't praise enough. This time around, he's partnered with like-minded producer SublimeCloud on a full-length album. SublimeCloud has been keeping busy as of late as well”

““One of Transpires good friends and supporters in Carolina (Lady Rage) spoke to me several times about a young man who she described as unique and talented. Obviously, our team is always open to tell stories about positive people making a difference in the communities. Although we may not have the opportunity to tell everyone’s story, it is truly an honor whenever we are able to make it happen. SkyBlew is a young man who has seen a lot of tragedy and heart ache, but never gave up on himself or the inherent good in others. He is a great example of our motto: Dare 2be Bold”.”

“This week we have one of the south’s hottest and most talented new emcees, Mario Farrow, a.k.a SkyBlew. SkyBlew represents an excitingly elevated lyricism and varied production style that will hit you hard with lyrical power and emotion but keep your head nodding to the beat. Rather than succumbing to his environment and dire circumstances, Mario chose to rise above them and use music to soothe his soul and escape. With a fan base that transcends age, race, class, and gender, it is easy to see how SkyBlew has been blowing up the last few years. With over 1 million Myspace views and over 600,000 downloads of his free material online, this growth shows no signs of stopping. Following in the foot steps of soulfully sampled, socially conscious artists like Common and Lupe Fiasco, SkyBlew succeeds in making music that is as positive and optimistic as it is dope.”

“That positive message alluded to in his pseudonym is ingrained in every aspect of his music, from his clean lyrics to the name of his latest album, Above The Stars Is My Landing. The album, which is the follow-up to 2010’s Earth Is Just My Airport, is simpler than its predecessor because Farrow wanted to make sure that his essence clearly came through on the tracks. “I want people who may be going through something at the time to listen to one of my songs and have it inspire them or make them smile. I almost wanna be a hero in a sense. Music has helped me through a lot so I’d love to be able to positively impact others with the music I make.” At the heart of it, Farrow is just trying to make music that will do for others what music did for him. “Music was often literally all I had and I want to let people know that, no matter what you are going through, just hold on to your dreams and stay true to yourself and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Maybe my story can help”

“SkyBlew is my favorite unsigned MC. He just hit us up with his new joint (produced by Asonhi), and we are the first ones with it. If you haven’t downloaded ‘Write Blew On The Clouds 2 (Colorful Dreams)’ yet, click here right now. What are you waiting for?”

“There’s a certain charm to Nerdcore newcomer SkyBlew, a 22 year-old hip-hop artist from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Sure, there’s the usual anime and gaming influences, but Sky also credits his grandmother with being a huge inspiration to his art and his music. “What influenced me was not only her beautiful spirit but everything she stood for…She was always helping people in need.” Of course that’s not all “Count Super Nintendo as one of the biggest (influences),” says SkyBlew, “because it has my 2 of my FAVORITE games of all time — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time & Super Mario World.” It’s this personal touch SkyBlew adds to his nerdcore-flavored hip-hop that makes it stand out: already his music has attracted the attention of media outlets like MTV and 2DopeBoyz. He’s concluded a rather prolific year with his music — judging by the songs on his bandcamp page paying tribute to the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Pokemon, and old school”

“Give it a casual listen and you’ll no doubt find yourself enraptured by the sonic bliss birthed from the casual, youthful vibe of Sky’s feel-good flow and chilled, ride-friendly warmth of Backdraft’s sample-based beat work; sink your ears a bit deeper though and allow your mind to be fed with Sky’s old-soul lyrical prowess, which juggle mature-beyond-his-twenty-two-years-of-age glances at this thing called life with a colorful appreciation for the endless source of poetic release to be mined in the English word.”

“It seems like the state of North Carolina has a lot of talented MC’s on the verge of making some serious noise nationwide. I got an email regarding 19 year old hip-hop artist SkyBlew who is representing for Chapel Hill, NC, and he definitely has some heat for the hip hop world.”

“NC rapper SkyBlew just dropped his new project hosted by DotGotIt for us to enjoy. I really like this artist, very talented and creative. Actually, refreshing is a better word”

“From there we came in with SkyBlew,who I believe was making only his second appearance in Wilmington. This emcee is on his grind hard, and with a refreshing, youthful perspective, he is making big moves. He closed out his set with his new single, Say What You Need to Say featuring Chelsea V (wow that girl can sing!)”

“SkyBlew is an artist who has a unique way to describe his musical talent (which you can read in the interview). Although he claims to be an Autobot, we can forgive him. He makes dope music… and, really, that’s all that matters.”

“By now I’m sure you’ve heard and seen enough from this kid to be familiar with him. Mario “SkyBlew” Farrow, a talented young emcee from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and he’s here to paint the sky blew! His style is lyrical, a young Kanye West or Lupe Fiasco in the making.”

“This arrived in my inbox today from an NC artist who goes by the name of “Sky Blew.”He recently dropped an LP entitled “Write Blew on the Clouds.” I listened to a few of the tracks and actually thought he was “post worthy.” I like the soulful and classic hip-hop flow that he delivers. I’m interested in hearing more from him. So SHOUT OUTS to SKY BLEW! Keep doin you! (And by the way, the lil’ homie is 19).”

“After some waiting time I present you guys with SkyBlew in…”Write Blew On The Clouds 2: ColorfulDreams,” hosted by Hailmegatron.net, Reupspot.com & yours trully. The concept of this LP is basically 2 things: if you have a dream, go for it, no matter what people may say against it and two, If you sleep then it’s time to wake you up by giving you some colorful dreams. The anticipation has been built up for this project with the few leaks I posted up but now anticipate no more.”

“SkyBlew is a 19 year old emcee with something to say”

“New track from SkyBlew featuring Azon Blaze. I still have no idea where SkyBlew is from, but he's dope.”

“NC artist SkyBlew doing the damn thang. Make sure you support that local real shit and give it a DL and listen!”

“Sky Blew is a nineteen-year old from Chapel Hill,NC and has already been featured on the likes of Kevin Nottingham and other high profile blogs. With enough comments I’m more than happy to host more music and information from Sky Blew.”

“SkyBlew is an Alabama native who’s resided in North Carolina for the past couple of years. In March of this year he released Clouds Are My Everlasting Memories. I’d been listening to SkyBlew’s music for the past year and with this project, I could hear his growth as an emcee. SkyBlew’s music coverages a range of topics, from extremely personal stories about his childhood to struggles trying break through in the industry. One of SkyBlew’s greatest assests on Clouds Are My Everlasting Memories includes his choice of producers and beat selection. Asonhi, Commissioner Gordon, and U’Nique Music all provide top notch sounds which complements SkyBlew’s lyrical ability very well. As far as live performances, I’ve seen SkyBlew several times. He has great stage presence and crowd control. Within the RDU hip hop scene, he is well known and respected. For 2012, I’d like to see SkyBlew perform more outside of NC, plus build up a web presence via his own branded website.”