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Skreamer / Press

"Passionate, high-energy and diverse" is the line many modern metal acts wheel out in an attempt to dodge pigeon-holing, but in Skreamer's case, it's a pretty fair shout. The British ragers meld thrash, groove, death and good ol' heavy to produce a crushing and anthemic take on modern metal that's seen them sell out venues at an impressive rate and carve a claim as the brightest prospect in the UK underground. "We're not into genres and we like lots of different music," explains frontman Samuel Morter. "The important thing for us is that our music makes an impact on ourselves and the audience. It has to have meaning and we like to orchestrate our music as opposed to just chugging the same notes." And as for their immediate ambitions? "We're so amazed with whats happening already, that we're just going to keep pushing harder and harder to progress as musicians and entertainers." And entertain they certainly do!

Metal Hammer

“Recently I saw Skreamer from London, U.K. perform live in my hometown The Hague and although I never heard of the band before, the place was packed and the audience was really wild. It turned out that the band had played The Hague before and left quite an impression back then. Before the actual gig, their manager handed me this CD for review purposes and whispered: once you see them play, you will be hooked! Their gig indeed was very impressive but what about Blackened Earth? Skreamers full-length debut CD has a high quality sound and production while the CD offers some really great tunes. They remind a bit of classic Metallica, Testament and a just a little bit Soulfly and such. Skreamer should not be called a second-rate copy cat of aformentioned acts but should be taken very seriously and original. Blackened Earth is a refreshing heavy metal CD with a lot of variation that should attract metal heads young and old. Buy this great self-released CD through the bands official webstore.”

Koen Bakker - Lords Of Metal

“It was time for some new stuff next in London quartet, Skreamer; which was bit of a last minute decision to go and have a gander at; thank god we did too. It was a steaming mass of ferocity like nothing before as the highly charismatic young lads kicked up a storm with the crowd watching on in awe. The riffs were hard and vicious, the bass lines were demonic and the drumming was nothing short of mind blowing. The gargantuan growls and husky whiskey swilled vocals of the maniacal frontman just gave them such an edge over other bands in the same punch you in throat heavy metal genre; add to it the energy bunny antics of the rest of the band with the bassist jumping into the photo pit to hug a member of the crowd; this was clearly the start of the next big thing to come out of the south and a band that seriously needs signing.”

Get Your Rock Out

"The must have album for 2013. Skreamer give a master class in Metal that has had them selling out shows in both UK and Europe. Debut album of the year from your new favorite UK band. - Metal Hammer

Metal Hammer

“‘As mentioned in previous outings to this fine venue it is never easy opening up proceedings, let alone doing it at a time when people's stomachs are reminding them it's lunchtime. SKREAMER show no signs of nerves or hunger as they literally explode onto the stage, unleashing an age of pent up aggression and enthusiasm upon an already packed venue. Front man Samuel Morter is a frenzied colossus, bellowing messages of hate down into the crowd while unleashing razor wire riffs from his oddly positioned guitar. The band have ideas aplenty, making each song travel its own personal journey through Machine Head-come-Chimaira territory with each and every track containing a wall banger of a chorus. Over the next year these abundance of ideas will become more refined, by which time Skreamer could be unstoppable. Today they leave with the mini-filter region Band Quest title.’”

“Review By Emma Nailhead Lane : The underworld at 1pm in the afternoon?!? crazy you must say!!! But no! an all day festival opened by the Local band Skreamer. My second show for this unique powerful bunch of crazy guys. They may be young but it really doesnt stop them in giving each show as much punch as Rocky Balboa. They got metal dialled in. The crowd of flesh and blood litterly pouring out with rage. Each song alive with passion and energy that cant be matched. Now knowing thier set a bit better i felt the connection they make to thier music even when not on stage they go through a little chant together pre gig to warm up, which was fun to see. looking forward to an album slowly coming together that will deffenily leave our earth a little more black.”

“Skreamer- I spoke with front man sam about his thoughts on the band as he said they are energetic, passionate and heavy. I can certainly see where the name Skreamer comes from, it really is nothing but pure metal. They are so energetic on stage, it seemed to be very popular with the crowd. As is stands the current line up has been together a meer 8 months, but it doesnt show their connection on stage goes together as well as any band that have been together 8 years. They all are very young, but I think it only adds to that passion sam talks about. The vibe is amazing you can tell they really want to be there and apreciate their fans.”

“Looks like these guys could inspire a whole generation of new music lovers. Great bunch of guys to work with, you could teach a lot of bands how to manage situations. Top stuff guys”