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Sisteray / Press

“Sisteray have out done themselves with these four songs that make, “She Likes the Drama”. It’s what you want in a rock compilation. It leaves you breathless in different ways and keeps you wanting more. Kudos to Sisteray, this is an amazing EP that you should all be looking forward to”

“From London, Louder Than War presents the excellent new band Sisteray”

“This was a magnificent listen and these rockers are fierce with musicianship talent, suave with music style presence and exceptional in overall balance”

“It’s almost impossible to believe it’s only been a year since Sisteray got together, yet they have already stamped their musical mark”

“It’s quite remarkable to think that London 4 piece Sisteray only formed in April 2012! They have already perfected a sound that resonates, and smacks of a band who have been learning their craft together, through years of pain and endurance”

“There’s a good Blues feel to (Take it Away)”

“In the modern era where mainstream music is all the same and singers need 20 odd technicians to perfect their voice via technology, it is refreshing to see a band playing raw, passionate music with lyrics that are more than just a song, they’re a story.”

“Sisteray play music to please anyone interested in mod, or even classic British rock sounds”

“These Londoners are ingrained with those great 60’s sounds and bringing it back and forward”

“(Take it Away/Happy Endings) is a combination of attitude, fun and just plain musings of life”

“At the current moment, there’s this mod revival and 60s atmosphere spreading. Sisteray have caught it in the musical net and captured it faultlessly”

“There’s a definite Mod revival in the air this year and if any band has captured that original sixties vibe to perfection, it has to be Sisteray”

“Echoes is a great song… you can hear hints of Joy Division”

“Sisteray add more melody and the guitars chime in a less murky way, giving extra lightness to their garage sound, and the driving rhythm is what makes it. A promising first offering.”

“You Shine – The Next Big Thing Group’s Recommendations”

“Take It Away is centered around a raw and bold guitar riff that gives this tune a toe tapping edge. Happy Endings emits a mod feel, there’s streaks of the Jam here””

“Sisteray bring all the sounds of the greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll bands to the table with their own individual style and attitude”

“Sisteray are a band I need to see live… a definite crowd pleaser”

“Musician Daniel Connolly is living proof that when one door closes another one opens”