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Silent Coup / Press

“Silent Coup first performed in public at the April Rockfest. This performance was a vast improvement from that very first show. Ryan T, Ryan M, and Robbie were playing on a higher level. The lyrics were grittier, the drums were harsher, and the guitars rocked harder. Silent Coup not only performed what they consider their normal set list, but they also threw in “H-n-H” and “$50 a Day”, to the delight of the crowd.”

“Saturday night, for a mere $3 I found that sound can literally blow my hair back. Picture it, Commerce Texas, Local bar/billiards/music scene (THE RAIL), 9 o’clock pm, Local Paris Texas band Silent Coup takes the stage and breaks the lazy Sunday evening silence with their blasting, metal grooves, and super original lyrics. I stood stunned as Silent Coup opened the evening with screaming fun. Only 30 seconds into their set, I realized that the rest of the night was going to be one wild ride. Lead vocalist/guitarist, Ryan Trahan belted out in song, as Bassist/back-up singer Robbie Gunn and Drummer, Ryan Midey kept rhythm. Was it possible that only three people could create such a roar? Featuring originals such as “Line of Sight”, and the new head tune “$50 a Day”, Silent Coup had enough momentum to keep the show going until midnight.”

“The second band up was Silent Coup, comprised of Ryan T on vocals and lead guitar, Ryan Midey on drums, and Robbie Gunn playing bass. Their set list was: Glow, Close to You, Cramped, Noose, Line of Sight, Roll Call, Seeds (Hipjoint), T42, HNH, Grey, and Still You. The crowd enthusiastically approved of the melodic stylings of Ryan T, as well as the lyrics he skillfully screamed, as well as Robbie’s manipulation of the bass and Ryan M’s drum playing. Their first big show was a success that surprised even the band members.”

“Four local bands performed last night at the Depot here in Paris. The first band up was Silent Coup. Ryan Midey played the drums, Robbie Gunn played bass guitar, and Ryan T sang and played lead guitar.These guys have been friends for a long time and it came across in how well they played together.”