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"What we have here is a quality opus with great songwriting, great playing, outstanding production and some nasty sleazy killer blues riffs. The album opens with a thunderous “Bite The Bullet”, and continues in the same hard rock vein until “Black Powder” slows things down for a bit, but not for long though, as we have the mighty “Mr. Clean” that raises the tempo again. “Travellin`Man” brings a noticeable Blues element into the mix, while some light Country music influence can be heard on “Bad Reputation” and “Destination Nowhere”. Although you may hear the influences of the Blues all over this album, this is a hard rock album that has a strong L.A. sleaze feel to it, think L.A. Guns, and possibly Great White. What Sideburn do is bring all those influences together in a slab of old school 80’s style rock...."

“Swiss band Sideburn are back with their 7th album and if you know anything about this bunch, then you’ll know exactly what to expect as it’s more of the same quality AC/DC, Rose Tattoo-driven boogie rock at its best. The fact they’re not seemingly chasing that elusive big deal like bands such as Airbourne or JettBlack gives them more room to flex their muscles and throughout 14 tracks there is not one single duff track to be heard. The brilliant 'Bite The Bullet', 'Mr Clean', and the almost obvious 'Bad Boys, Bad Girls Rock 'n' Roll' are simple, great songs that should cement their growing reputation even more. To get 7 albums in and still be relatively unknown when you’re this good is almost criminal, so do yourself a favour and check this band out. Switzerland ain't a bad place to be...”

"Electrify" ist einmal mehr ein Klasse-Album und es ist absolut unverständlich, dass Sideburn in der Schweizer Rockhierarchie immer noch nicht den Platz einnehmen konnten, der ihnen schon lange zusteht - nämlich unter den Top 3, mindestens ! Bleibt zu hoffen, dass ihnen das mit diesem Album nun gelingt, denn es besticht durch Rasse und Klasse von der ersten bis zur letzten Note.

“Swiss cheese or Euro-rock timed to perfection? Sideburn’s Electrify has landed at just the right moment for a band looking to make the move from European favourites to global contenders. Mixing AC/DC with the Quireboys and Bonafide with Black Star Riders, this is a retro-fuelled album featuring sleazy, bluesy riffs to die for. Best enjoyed with a bottle of Bourbon and some barbecued ribs – or if you can’t get a ticket for the next Airbourne show – Sideburn do everything right for those of a down n dirty rock n roll persuasion.”

“SIDEBURN schaffen es wieder einmal nicht die Rockwelt zu revolutionieren ... SOLLEN UND WOLLEN SIE ABER AUCH NICHT!!! Das neue Album bietet starke Songs, in einem eingängigen und rockigen Soundgewand, welches souverän und lässig dargeboten wird. Der Hörspaß und Unterhaltungswert ist enorm. Das sollen andere Bands erst einmal auf die Kette kriegen.”

“Für mich ist "Electrify" eines der besten Alben aus 2013, überzeugt euch selbst, lauft los und besorgt euch das Album. Quote 10/10”

"The Swiss must once again be certified that they are one of the best bands of the genre - no matter who invented this sound..."

“10/10 "Final verdict ? It's definitely one of the best Hard Rock albums for 2013 that you'll listen to, and it mustn't be missing from your collection under no circumstance, because simply you'll be the one who will have lost a very good Rock n Roll album ! Go and buy it dudes!! ROCKS for sure!"”

“Un groupe yverdonnois sur la bande originale du dernier X-Men: Pour la deuxième fois en deux ans, un titre du groupe de rock yverdonnois Sideburn figure au générique d’une production de la Fox. Mais sur grand écran, cette fois-ci! Déjà utilisé pour un épisode de la saison 8 de 24 heures chrono, le titre Six Feet Under accompagne les nouvelles aventures cinématographiques des X-Men, qui sortent mercredi sur les écrans romands. Le groupe n’a pas pu voir la séquence de Wolverine qui les intéresse plus particulièrement. Six Feet Under serait-il donc l’unique titre de Sideburn hollywoodo-compatible? «Non, rigole Lionel Blanc. La preuve: il est possible d’entendre un autre de nos morceaux - Knockin’ at the Wrong Door – sur la bande-annonce de Hit and Run, sorti l’an dernier.» .... ”

“All in all this is an extremely interesting release all the way which contains some really strong and catchy tunes, powerful performances with the right attitude, a tight musicianship, very good arrangements, a " dirty " sound and a big & 'fat' production!!!”

“So if you are an already fan of SIDEBURN, there is no chance to get disappointed. On the other hand, new listeners like me, who love to rock with this kind of stuff, will definitely be moved and electrified !”

"Et inutile de vous préciser que la performance vocale de Roland est toujours hors du commun, toujours en rythme et puis s’il saisit l’harmonica, cela devient un véritable feu d’artifice, il s’agit du titre issu de Crocodile le fameux Rocking Chair. Cela a eu l’effet de déchaîner tout le public !!! Sans oublier bien sûr le monumental Live to rock, de Jail qui nous a donné une énergie dingue !!! On ne peut certes pas se limiter à ces 2 titres, tout leur répertoire étant de qualité, sur scène, c’est encore plus flagrant et vous êtes emportés par ce tourbillon rock sans voir le temps passer. Oui SIDEBURN a énormément séduit, ceux qui ne connaissaient en ont été tout retournés et pour nous qui savions, cela fut un véritable délice ! "

“ Swiss rockers Sideburn were choosen by Adidas to be the band of the evening during the Adidas Rockstar event that happend on August 11, 2012 at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany.”

“Jail can fit in your collection nicely between Powerage and Back In Black.”

“The knack of entertaining the listener with the swagger of the opening tune ‘Live to Rock’ makes you smile from ear to ear, then you go for the throat with ‘Devil and Angel’. You will really think this is AC/DC, Bullet or Kix, if you don’t know some of the other also-rans in this business, but for all its comparisons, there is something of an authentic feel to this album.... ‘Rock ‘N Roller’ gets close to the mark with the classic ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’, the guitar solo however, is definitely their own. The band makes no denial of their love for their Aussie counterparts, and they do this while still being able to produce their own individual flavours. This is classic rock pure and simple, a good fun album made with class and determination”

“You will never get tired of SIDEBURN. This new album get you in the rocking mood from the very first second. "Live to Rock" is another fantastic song from this amazing band from Switzerland. It took em almost three years to put this album together. So Play it LOUD. Maybe my fav song at this album is "Lazy Daisy" no band in the world know this rock better than Sideburn! Yes, I do write a lot of positive things about this band. But why should I not, they are brilliant musicians!! Album is called JAIL and that is how you will feel after feeding your CD PLAYER with this food. ARRESTED for being a SILLY SIDEBURN FAN!!! Look how silly I am, just after listening to it ONCE!!”

“When you buy anything from these guys you're buying something from a guy just like you. They treat you like a person and are happy you purchased their music. Speaking of purchasing their music, this latest album is just another of some of the greatest hard rock music for today's standards. It's clean, mean and gives you goose bumps when played on 11. These guys have another great album on their hands. Buy this album. You will not be sorry. Then spread it around because these guys are long overdue their turn for fame in the rock world . Rock on my brothers and keep it coming.”

“Am Ende steht ein wunderbar unaufgeregtes, erwachsenes Rock'n'Roll-Album, das zwar null Innovativ ist, dafür aber vom ersten bis zum letzten Ton groovt wie die Hölle. Solltet ihr verhaften, wenn ihr auf diesen Sound steht, mit Sicherheit das beste Album von Sideburn bis dato.”

“Sideburn simply turn up, plug in and let their music do all the talking. Low slung guitars, hypnotic tribal rhythms and gravel edged vocals are their one and only raison d’être, and whilst we’ve heard it all before as I implied earlier, there’s something about this lot that grabs your attention. From the Great White flavoured ‘The Red Knight’ to the anthemic ‘Live To Rock’, Sideburn deliver slab after slab of good old fashioned boogie which after even just one run through had me grinning from ear to ear like an idiot ... what’s more, I bet they’re awesome live! ”

"Live to Rock," the opening track from Sideburn's new album, Jail, is much more than the adrenaline-pumping kick-starter that it may appear to be on the surface. It is a declaration that establishes the attitude for the eleven accompanying tunes as well as being an apparent statement of purpose by one of rock's strongest and most consistent bands of the past decade. In a nutshell, PURE ROCK IS BACK, BABY! The end tally is what many, including myself, are predicting to be album-of-the-year in the rock category.

“Sideburn's New album Jail has reached position #81 in the Swiss charts.”

“Il nous est bien évidemment impossible de citer tous les titres mais soyez certains que chacun d’eux mérite que l’on s’y attarde et font de ce "Jail" un opus qui sera incontournable pour tous les amateurs de pub-rock à l’australienne, mais également de rock au sens large du terme. Car Sideburn réussit à la fois à parfaitement ingérer ses principales influences, mais également à continuer d’élargir son spectre musical sans y perdre en cohérence ni en efficacité. Nous aurions été tentés de parler d’œuvre abouti pour ce génialissime album, mais comme Sideburn réussit à chaque fois à nous proposer un album encore meilleur que son prédécesseur, allez savoir ce qu’ils nous réservent pour leur prochaine livraison ! ”

“Sideburn, après leur dernier méfait “ cherry red »paru en 2008 et dont le titre « six feet under » a fait partie de la bande son de la série TV « 24 heures », et bien Sideburn disais-je, enfonce encore une fois le clou dans le mur d’un hard rock estampillé ACDC. Les titres de cet album s’enchainent les uns après les autres sans aucune faille et donnent l’amateur de ce genre de musique sa dose de plaisir ; moi qui les suit depuis longtemps j’en suis ravi. Let there be rock ! ”

“The album is high octane Rock n' Roll at its very best. Yes the sound is very AC/DC but that hasn’t done any harm to the band before and with the success of Aussie’s Airbourne, the sound that the Young brothers introduced to the world is as popular as ever, and with Pierrehumbert at the mike there was only one way to go. The album is good foot tapping rock that will have you singing along from the off as the opener ‘Live To Rock’ delivers a real boogie punch. This is old school with a modern kick, there's many a rock n' roll anthem that's been made of much less.”

“While the overly acclaimed and hyped Airbourne are basically a band who rather convincingly use the exact same formula as their "influence" AC/DC, Sideburn use the Aussie's bar-room boogie and hell raising riffs as a starting point, before adding their own little twist. Add to that a crystal clear and less down and dirty production from the legendary Beau Hill (Ratt, Gary Moore, Twisted Sister, Winger) and the end result is a bluesy, groove laden boogie album that sounds punchy, in your face and upbeat. Jail certainly could never claim to be the most original album released this year (or even this month), but who cares when it plants a big grin on your face every time you crank it up?”

“If you don’t mind the blatant hero worship, Jail can fit in your collection nicely between Powerage and Back In Black. Swiss hard rock band who assuredly tip their influence cap to all of AC/DC’s catalog on this new album Jail. Vocalist Roland Pierrehumbert has one of those gravelly whiskey laced voices, akin to Brian Johnson and Dan McCafferty of Nazareth, on standout material like “Good Boy”, “Devil and Angel” and the title track. Lead guitarist Boris has the blues boogie spirit of Angus Young along with the chops and feel of Jimmy Page throughout these 12 songs, hitting home some memorable licks and solos on party anthems such as “”Rock ‘n’ Roller” or the slower “Long Beard And Boogie”.”

“L’album Jail regorge d’hymnes de stade à reprendre à l’unisson entre deux matchs de foot et autant de bonnes bières. Et pour rien au monde, il ne faudrait changer la formule ! Long live rock’n’roll Sideburn. ”

“Ever had that feeling just after you’ve finished listening to a great album? The feeling that if only there were other bands just like them or someone capable of giving you more of the same. Well if you’ve just finished listening to an AC/DC album then search no more. Swiss quintet Sideburn create that classic rock sound that is guaranteed to get you turning up the volume dial and dusting off that air-guitar.”

“I am sure that “Jail” is not the best album you will ever listen to, and Sideburn not the best band, however from the moment that the album starts playing you forget everything else and you focus on rocking out with the Swiss. That’s the success of an album that you will listen to over, and over again, you will share it with your friends, you’ll put it on the car stereo and you’ll have a great time with…”

“Sideburn have got the multi-platinum producer Beau Hill at the helm and he certainly has done a great job with this collection of great hard rock, no bullshit songs. Not one song is a duffer, even the ZZ Top homage 'Long Beard And Boogie' is done with such class that, although the tempo is out of synch with the rest of the album, just seems to fit in with the pure rock running all the way through this disc.”

“Metal Heaven is pleased to announce the signing of Swiss Hard Rock outfit Sideburn to their label for Europe & Japan release (except Switzerland). The band comments: "We have been in contact with Georg at AOR Heaven since the release of Cherry Red, who has done a great work promoting it and our previous releases. And as we are pretty loyal, it's a quite a logical move for us to collaborate with such a passionate company." Sideburn are: Roland Pierrehumbert - Vocals, Fred Gudit - Rythm Guitars, Boris - Lead Guitar, Michel Demierre - Bass, Lionel Blanc - Drums. The new album will be released in February 2011 and will be co-produced, mixed and mastered by the legendary producer Beau Hill. ”

“One of the most innovative and acclaimed dramas on television, 24, will feature Sideburn's music in episode 8. The song "Six Feet Under", taken from the band's 2008 album 'Cherry Red', will be the featured in the show on Monday, February 15, on FOX.”

SIDEBURN - Sideburn's Music featured in the season 8 of Fox's show 24

"Cherry Red by Sideburn has been voted ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2009" -

“If you want catchy, hard-riffing boogie/glam/hard melodic rock played with passion and fire and a marvellous sound, this is certainly an album worth investigating. Colour me impressed.”

"Cherry Red" is a great album in the grand tradition of "Back in Black," where variety and songsmanship mesh for a disc that succeeds by the shifting of gears in all the right places. It's pure rock

“Après Krokus et Gotthard, il faudra désormais compter avec Sideburn qui, avec Cherry Red, se hisse au niveau de ses illustres compatriotes.”

Stéphane Biard - RockHard Magazine - France

“Nevertheless; if you're into albums like AC/DC's ''High voltage'', ''Dirty deeds don't dirt cheap' and for example ''Powerage'' you will adore Sideburn. This music rocks and rolls and I'm quite sure the live performances of this band are successful too.”

"With Cherry Red, Sideburn's fourth studio album, these guys have hit gold."

“If the rock and roll gods were kind, “Cherry Red” would be an instant hit for Sideburn. This song flat out rocks!”

“Sideburn deliever and deliever, this is a masterpiece. I must admit, this is one of the best records I've heard in ages.”

“Sur CD, SIDEBURN c’est vraiment très bien, mais là sur scène, c’est encore plus fort. Non seulement d‘être redoutablement efficaces, ils prennent vraiment du plaisir à jouer. Cà se sent et çà se ressent. En plus d’avoir un pur frontman dans la peau de leur chanteur, le groupe entier fait le spectacle. Cette formation-là peut vraiment aller très loin. Ils sont homogènes et cohérents. Et surtout, çà le fait grave ! Ils s’éclatent sur scène : et hop, le train à l’harmonica, et pim ! un putain d’échange avec la basse, et bang ! un délire sur les DOORS ! Bref, que du bonheur. ....Le problème, c’est surtout que j’ai pris la méga baffe avec SIDEBURN et qu’après un show comme çà, c’est très dur de me faire vibrer. Le problème, c’est surtout que j’ai pris la méga baffe avec SIDEBURN et qu’après un show comme çà, c’est très dur de me faire vibrer. Bilan: la grosse baffe de la soirée. Putain, çà fait du bien !! Si j’ai un conse”

“Opener, “Gimme the Way” deserves to be a worldwide hit. It is memorable, has a riff that slices, and the chorus is catchy too.”

“The music is catchy and pretty even as the album flows from track to track. There is also just enough attitude to make this one memorable.”

"Bands like Status Quo and the album fresh AC/DC better watch out as Sideburn comes roaring out of the pit-lane."