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Shirley Levi / Press

"We enjoyed your video and don't stop making music!" Shirley Levi's Live Video Recording of her song "Luv is Lonely" will be featured on Making Music Magazine's Community Video Page and all over the web, YouTube, Social Media, and e-Newsletter platforms!

“Shirley Levi made the top musicians list! "Singer, songwriter, musician, and rebel Shirley Levi allows her emotions and passions to guide her musical journey. She advises others to know themselves well, and not let that knowledge go—for any price."”

“Canadian Musician picks Shirley Levi for their International Artist Spotlight on Canadian Musician Radio. Her song "Luv is Lonely" will be played this Wednesday on Canadian Musician Radio as their International Spotlight Song of the Week!!! The episode airs at 8 pm EST! For more info please visit: CanadianMusicianRadio.com. It will then be available to stream in the archives and as a free podcast in the iTunes store.”

“ReverbNation Breaking News for July! Highlights from this month’s selections is my feature in BandMark with FoxyLee!!! "Shirley Levi was featured on BandMark music and culture blog for her "Grace Slick" sound." - ReverbNation”

“Shirley Levi is making me love my job today! As someone who has been working in AR with various labels and management companies for a few years now, I listen to a lot of music. Sometimes 100 bands a day. Even if I am too busy, tired or burnt out – I give every email, Fb message or phone call at least 30 seconds of play. If in that time, I like what I hear (for me there are 2 requirements: sings on key, made me feel something) it’s a go. Sometimes in our feature selection process, it’s even faster it’s instantaneous. With Shirley it was a few seconds. Self coined genre “RAWK” singer, Shirley sounds like what Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane might have sounded if she too was an activist and poet. Gorgeous and Tom-boyish, she has a unique style. Patti Smith called, she wants her ties and suspender back, Edie wants her striped tights and Warhol era boots!”

““Interview with Shirley Levi: RAWking in a World of Change””

“Shirley was still able convey the emotional message of the song through her extremely expressive voice and performance. She has an eloquent way of painting a vivid emotional landscape with her voice that really brings her songs to life. This was true of her entire set. It's her rare gift and one that I find lacking in so many other artists who are technically perfect and pretty sounding, but lack the emotional core to their music. Shirley Levi's music is all emotion. All heart and soul.”

“Shirley Levi is a proactive indie sensation who's on the cusp of taking the world by storm!”

“Her music will make you forget about the monotony of the everyday, much like biting down on a power line. Shirley is a frenetic angel with a sinful swagger and beatific aura that both tranquilizes and terrorizes (as all great music does!).”

“What you do hope for is a performer who establishes a connection with the audience and slays them with talent. This is what Shirley Levi brings to the people…Through the struggles and the hardships, she has found a way to survive and outlast her competition because she is honest and refuses to fall in line.”

“What struck me the most was she wasn’t just singing or performing. She wasn’t just acting the part of a rocker chick. She was completely genuine. You could feel her heart and soul through her music and her vocals; you could see her passion in her performance. This was real!”

“Shirley is inspiring and the ideal role model for any aspiring new artist. I could go on all day about how amazing her music is and the raw talent that fills Shirley to her core but you should have listen your self’s and see what all the buzz is about. I have no doubt that if you are not a fan of Shirley’s yet you will be after you have a chance to become familiar with who she is and what she stands for.”

“Her music is like punk rock with the classic influences of Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin. Her lyrics speak from the heart, are at time humorous, always colorful, and - most importantly - are real. They come from her experiences; from her pain and joy, her fears and hopes, and the fabric of her soul.”

“Shirley RAWk is the new standard for Musical Artists to live up to...if they can... A true celebration of the glory that is ROCK!”

“Her lyricism invoked Bob Dylan during his late electric period, but blended with the visceral emotion of Lou Reed. ”

“Vocals, so beautiful yet raw & powerful. Reminds me of a modern Patti Smith. ”

“When it comes to looking for a recording artist that is not afraid to share her gift or voice her thoughts on issues that matter, look no further than Shirley Levi. She is giving a voice to those who feel abandoned and believe that they are forgotten. In 2012 she has shown herself to be not only a lyrical force but an activist for causes that matter to her as well, namely bringing attention and awareness to Autism. ”

“Shirley Levi arrives at the Rolling Stone American Music Awards After Party, on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012 in Los Angeles.”

“Your middle name is H-O-P-E! Definitely a force to be reckoned with! You are an involved person making things happen. You don't just talk about it or sing about it, you are on the frontline!”

“Listen to Shirley Levi's interview about Autism Awareness and her ambitions to perform at The White House , exclusively on DC NOW Radio!”

“Not to take anything from any of the other great guests, but Shirley has to be my favorite guest of all time now. It was like talking to a good friend. Listening to Shirley Levi is good for the spirit! She's a very rare gem in this world. The stuff icons are made of.”

“A lovely song...a very beautiful song!”

“Tonight's show talks with Shirley Levi who wrote the Song Anne Marie for Autism Awareness!”

“I listened and it got me right away”

“Her epic journey as she followed her hearts path is the stuff of legend.”

“‎Meet Shirley Levi, an inspired and inspiring artist that doesn’t let anything stand in her way. Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Activist, and Musical Maverick are all apt titles but in the opinion of Your Girl in Music, Dreamer perhaps suits her best. Her epic (think Beowulf) journey as she followed her hearts path is the stuff of legend. ”

“Watch Shirley Levi's interview on Aspiring Hollywood with an exclusive look at her new video for her song "Re-Bel". This new compilation music video called "Re-Bel" pays tribute to Shirley Levi's dedication to EQUALITY & the greatly anticipated release of her hit album Break Free!!”

“Watch Akon's Personal message to Shirley Levi! Shirley Levi is the most played pop artist on Akon's Hitlab! Visit Hitlab to see what all the buzz is about & to hear Shirley Levi's HIT SONG, "Do U Luv Me?"!!”

“Shirley Levi is the Top Most Played Pop Artist on Akon's Hitlab!!! Visit here for more details: http://www.hitlab.com/user/96416/shirley-levi”

“Recording Artist/Activist, Shirley Levi premieres her innovative "Guerilla Broadway" @ Tigerheat/Avalon, Thursday August 26th!! Bringing the spirit of musical theatre to the Dance Floor in celebration of EQUALITY & the POWER OF MUSIC, in a magical and cinematic performance!! Featuring her new "Dancing Angels"! She's bringing the streets of Hollywood to the BIG STAGE! Written, Directed, Produced, Choreographed & Performed by Shirley Levi”

“Shirley Levi came on and ROCKED THE HOUSE. Killed it. Shirley puts on a sick show with great vibes, awesome music, dynamite energy, and that VOICE...”

“Recording Artist & Activist, Shirley Levi & other Los Angeles citizens support Haiti outside the Jim Henson Studios, where the remake of "We Are The World" is being recorded for Haiti. Documentary shot 2/1/2010 in Hollywood, CA http://www.shirleylevi.com/charity”

“Artist and activist, Shirley Levi and other Los Angeles citizens support Haiti outside the Jim Henson Studios, where the remake of "We Are The World" is being recorded for Haiti. A documentary video shot Feb, 1st, 2010 in Hollywood, California. http://www.shirleylevi.com/charity ”

“Shirley Levi's RAWk at Bar Lubitsch was the best damn performance I've seen in many long years!! This is coming from a guy who has managed two of the largest music venues in Hollywood and has seen over 5,000 local and national acts. I think the last female artist who did this to me was Juliette Lewis at The Knitting Factory about a decade ago! It is a rare thing these days to see a performer who really enjoys what they are doing and puts so much emotional, spiritual, ball-busting energy into ever single musical note that they play. It is also a rare thing to see a standing ovation and have the audience DEMAND an encore, which is exactly what happened last night. Her fans would literally not let her leave the stage. As she went to pack up her gear, the room erupted with a loud chant insisting that she continue, which she did, ending her night with her glorious song "Loyalty". A huge crowd pleaser. And a triumphant end to an am”

Shirley Levi at Bar Lubitsch Concert Review

“Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Shirley Levi perform at Bar Lubitsch for the first time. And, as far as first concerts go… this one did not disappoint in the least. Standing alone on stage, acoustic in hand under the red lights, Shirley met the crowd with a crocodile grin and a raise of the glass. She gave a few shout outs and thanks to the room casually and calmly. Then she took the somewhat mundane atmosphere of a Monday night bar and shattered it. Shirley jumpstarted the room with fierce chords and a commanding yet mellifluous voice as she sang; almost as if in reverential prayer, she put her heart and soul into every breath she took and every note she played. Through the entire set, Shirley Levi rocked out with a stage presence that puts Iggy Pop to shame: her brutally sincere lyrics managed to stir a whole gamut of emotions, both good and bad, seamlessly. One of the last songs in the set drew me back to”

Stratton J. Aivalikles - Shirley Levi Live Concert Review

“SHIRLEY RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!! You inspire me so much my angel!! It was so great to see you live and you definitely entertained me and I really enjoyed your set. Your vocals, so beautiful yet raw & powerful remind me of a modern Patti Smith. Your personality and humor puts a huge smile on my face and your guitar playing is just as raw and edgy. I really like the variations, interesting transitions and obvious rhythm and soul you play with. Please let me know when you are playing again!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!”

DJ Drea - Shirley Levi RAWk Concert Review