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Shawnee Kilgore / Press

"Shawnee Kilgore is to music as velvet gloves are to diamond cutters. She holds all this beauty in her hand, raw and untouched, then she chips away until it gleams in the light, holding on with a soft gentleness that she has perfected."

James Hardesty, Green Frog Acoustic Tavern

“Shawnee’s in my very highest category of songwriter: Those whose next song I can’t wait for them to write.”

Danny Schmidt

"... a real mix of childlike wonder and dark sophistication."

“So is the charm of all musicians, when I hear the melodies of a Miss Kilgore I envision a mystical aura radiating sound.... little did I know she was a lanky coffee fiend with grandma glasses.”

Uriah Brown, Essence Industries

“Shawnee Kilgore is that rare breed of songwriter who can lead you through familiarity and somehow always end up with you somewhere surprising. Her songs are personal and intimate, snapshots of tiny images very close up, of little observations so familiar and yet so keen that they reconnect us to our every day while somehow managing to disconnect us from our every day enough that we can notice the preciousness of what’s always surrounding us. it’s a hell of a nifty trick!”

Danny Schmidt

“The sun is setting as you and your kin rock back and forth watching the dragonflies buzz about. Your sweaty glass of sweet tea is like a magic elixir, cutting the thick air and soothing your soul. Surrounded by friends and comfort is where you find yourself when listening to Shawnee Kilgore’s latest release, Second Hand Dress.”

What's Up! magazine

“Softly finger-picked guitar swathed in a swirling curtain of pedal-steel, This Mighty World induces the gentle calm of a clear summer night.”

What's Up! magazine

“She connects with her songs, like a punch in the stomach, but the pain is beautiful and you want more.”

Eric Lichter, Dirt Floor Studios

“[This Mighty World] is bursting with gifted songwriting, and a soothing female voice.”

Mollie T. Foster - Whats Up! Magazine