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Shake Before Us / Press

“Shake Before Us are like the ’60s never ended... Radio Time Bomb is a perfect assemblage of the same sounds that got me through the hellish demands of public school and teen puberty back in the day. The band brought John Reis (Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From the Crypt) back to produce the record and the results are pure sci-fi rock from five decades ago... They are very good, to the extent that I think they could easily carry their own water on a cover of anything recorded by the king of all ’60s garage rock, Mitch Ryder, if they wanted to... At present, their sound is a blend of old influences with Eric Burdon and the Animals on the top of the heap... At the core of the reactor of such vintage rock are two distinct sounds: a particular type of organ and vocals that were howled, not sung. Shake Before Us has nailed the concept, and I like them because they remind me of better days. If only we could all go back in time for real. If only it were that simple.”

"Radio Time Bomb," the sophomore studio full-length from Shake Before Us, lives up to its title right off the bat: Leadoff track "Figure It Out" kicks off the Mod rock quartet's sonic assault with aplomb. Packed with jangly fuzz guitar, playful toy organ, and gang vocals galore, the song plots the course for the rest of the record and presents the blueprint to the Shake Before Us ethos: Play killer tunes, get rowdy, and above all, have a good f---in' time... "You Started It," "Button Up My Black Shirt," and "It's What You Wanted" sound like the Hives got in a three way knife fight with the Sonics and the Animals... One of the best tracks on "Radio Time Bomb" is the singular cover in the bunch: Don Juan Mancha's "Misery" saunters along with bluesy woe; Lerner's impassioned vocals ooze emotional defeat while dense, grungy organ riffs swirl around Pryor's slow-played, feedback-drenched electric guitar solo -- a reminder that even fun-lovin' folks get their hearts broken too.

“Shake Before Us has a mantra of sorts — “get buzzed and turn up the fuzz” — this catchy phrase sums up the band’s new album nicely. Their sophomore effort, Radio Time Bomb, has all the makings of a party album with garage rock fuzziness in spades.  And while there’s plenty of San Diego bands to get drunk to (or with) SBU is best served with light intoxication so you can consciously enjoy what they have to offer... “You Started It,” puts Lerner’s voice at the forefront, with killer mod-rock organ sounds driving the pace. The style of this, and many other tracks, pleasantly reminds listeners of the garage rock hey day of the ’60s along with some post-punk influences of the ’90s... While there are a lot of fun and dance-worthy aspects to SBU’s style, it’s important to note that the group takes their craft seriously... Their latest material is more complex, with various layers of sound and that aforementioned fuzz.”

“The first single, “Figure It Out”, off Shake Before Us’  sophomore effort, Radio Time Bomb, is an absolute “must hear” that leads into a hook-filled record (that’s right you can actually get this on vinyl!!) that leaves you wanting more.”

“Shake Before Us: If ‘60s mod/garage-rock is your thing, look no further. SBU will always be a great show to go to because they get people to go delightfully crazy.”

“Did you ever listen to a Monkees’ song and wish there was just a little more heft in the balls of the song? Well Shake Before Us are the balls of 60’s pop; giving old school style tunes with the edge and weight of rock n’roll. It’s vaguely familiar in a very good way. It’s like a bunch of rockers ended up in a mod band and as my roots in loving music are in loving The Who, I like this band. Bonus: they dress well.* *Bands in general, pay attention to your appearance. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t look like you just spent three days in a heroin den, but at least have a look. No one wants to pay ten bucks to see a band that looks like their mom picked out their clothes at K-Mart.** **No Offense to K-Mart or Moms.”

“This is one of those albums you'll end up playing over and over again. Perfectly written songs with great structure, great engineering and mastering, and ultimately great energy. This band will be one of the biggest bands of all time. Can't wait to hear more!”

“Shake Before Us is a four piece Garage Rock band. All four members contribute to the writing and arrangements, with melodies and chord progressions predominantly written by Jesse and Will, and lyrics by Fonda and Will. Venues that influence the band are the places they love to play: the Casbah, the Belly Up, Bar Pink, the Flying Elephant, the Saloon… the list goes on, even a burn-barner at Green Flash Gallery in Cardiff. They love all genres of real rock 'n' roll, especially the best from the 50s, 60s and 70s. New rock bands they love play great garage rock that merges the old with the new and celebrates the glories of rock 'n' roll. Their local comrades and peers that also revel in such madness are Schitzophonics, Low Volts, and the Paragraphs, to name but a few. They contribute to the local economy by drinking beer and all forms of fire water, smoking cigarettes and cigars, and playing sold out rock shows. They also love spinning their yarns and telling their tales.”

“Sure, the guitar has a ton of reverb, but it’s the sound of the band, and it’s a sound that needs to be embraced. ”

““The only member without body art is bassist Cuz, and we’re going to make sure he fixes that at the Ink-N-Iron Festival,” says keyboardist Will A. Lerner of Shake Before Us, which’ll play the second day of the tattoo-themed event happening in Long Beach June 8 through 10. Locals Stephen Rey & the Slicks and Low Volts will also appear at the festival, which includes daily tattoo contests. “I have our ‘SBU in a Flash’ logo tattooed on my chest, with a tweaked version of the old Elvis TCB logo,” says Lerner. “I also have some of the more arty tattoos you’ll ever see, like a grand piano, a portrait of Beethoven, and a raven sitting atop a bust of Pallas Athena, among others.” Heavily tattooed singer/guitarist Jesse Pryor doesn’t rely only on inked needles for satisfaction — he recently underwent acupuncture to relieve soreness and tightness in his hands. The debut Shake Before Us full-length was recorded with John “Swami” Reis.”

“Shake Before Us rules! Nifty 60s-retro keys, rippin' and roarin' guitar, urgent vocals, space-y theremin (yes, theremin), and a rhythm section that will punch a hole in your chest. Get it now, then see 'em live ... they'll make a shameless fanboy (or -girl) out of you, too.”

“Shake Before Us is one of those rare bands that has the ability to impact every generation, from new to old, all at the same time. With their high energy rhythm and addicting synth leads combined with perfectly placed guitar riffs, they're like the combination of The Beatles, The Doors, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, even a bit of The Killers all combined into a quartet of awesomeness. Its crazy to think, they haven't been a band for a year yet, and they've already produced so much hype around the world. I believe they'll be going down as one of the best bands ever to come out of San Diego CA...”

“Great music! Very upbeat.....makes you want to dance! If you ever get the chance to see these guys live ...do it!”