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Seraphim Shock / Press

“On Saturday, October 29, Lola Black is hosting its 4th Annual Masquerade Ball at 3 Kings with the appropriately named Cannibal Creeps and the Royal Dead. Need more incentive? Guess who else is on the bill?Give up? Seraphim Shock is back in town for what's sure to be a banger. ”

“Today we spoke to Charles Edward from Seraphim Shock. Top albums of 2010 Bad Luck City - Adelaide Why do you like your Number 1 album the most? "There's some great music from the various genres with a lot of major releases that most have heard but my pick for best release of 2010 goes to a lesser known band by the name of Bad Luck City. Their sophomore release 'Adelaide' is phenomenal. The album reminds me a bit of Tom Waits meets Nick Cave with excellent tale telling, superb musicianship and song writing. To sum it up: Whiskey drinking love murder music!"”

“Seraphim Shock | Black Heart Revival Review Un disco che attendevo con ansia è sicuramente "Black Heart Revival" dei Seraphim Shock, una band Gothic Rock proveniente dalla California. Del gruppo possiamo dire che l' unico rimasto è il leader e fondatore Charles Edward, un carismatico personaggio paragonato in questi ultimi tempi a Glen Danzing. La sue presenza scenica è veramente lodevole, soprattutto per le giovincelle che li sostengono. Dei Seraphim Shock possiamo dire che è una band di grande talento, la loro proposta musicale ha fatto scaldare gli animi di molti rocker Americani (soprattutto e logicamente Gothic) riuscendo a mettersi da parte una degna fetta di pubblico. Purtroppo però per l' intraprendente gruppo l' Europa non è terra di ricchezza come il loro continente, maggiormente qui sono conosciuti dai quei pochi appassionati del genere, e anche i media e le riviste non è che gli corrano molto dietro.”

“Seraphim Shock Non avrei mai pensato di strappare un intervista ai Seraphim Shock, una band che ammiro e seguo da tanto. Famosi e super attivi negli Stati Uniti, di meno invece per quanto riguarda il vecchio continente; Charles e soci sono freschi di un nuovissimo disco intitolato "Black Heart Revival". A parlarci dei Seraphim Shock e di ciò che gli accade intorno, c'è Charles, cantante e leader del grandioso gruppo...”

“There aren't many bands better suited to playing a vampire Halloween party than Seraphim Shock. Their song "Prey" was a favorite on the Vampire: The Masquerade soundtrack, and their haunted and dark lyrical themes make any day Halloween. Their style is a blend of goth and hard rock with elements of industrial programming thrown in. The centerpiece of the band's sound is the theatrical vocal style of frontman Charles Edward, equally capable of Peter Murphy-style operatic feats and heavy metal wailing. While fans of Type O Negative should especially appreciate this mixture, in truth we can't imagine anyone at a Halloween party who could possibly resist dancing and/or throwing the horns for this fantastic band. We're very pleased to welcome them back to the Ball and encourage you to check out their new album, Black Heart Revival.”

“Black Heart Revival opens with a track that recalls Seraphim Shock's '90s period, when the band used enigmatic samples to set a dark mood before foreboding instrumentation exploded into razory metal riffing over the soaringly melodic and sepulchral vocals of Charles Edwards. From there, though, the album lunges toward the trashy glam rock of the band's more recent efforts. If Seraphim Shock's hook-laden metal and cartoonish horror-movie theatrics turn you off, this won't change your mind. Even so, it's clear that Edwards has taken a real step forward as a songwriter with this long-awaited album (slated to be released at the Gothic Theatre on Friday, August 27). Instead of prematurely tossing out a release to capitalize on 2004's Halloween Sex N' Vegas, he took time to really hone and synthesize his sound, as evidenced by songs like the driving "Rebel Dirty Rebel," which effectively mates the old Seraphim sound with the new.”

“Seraphim Shock in top form at Gothic Theatre over the weekend! Opening with what sounded like "Rebel Dirty Rebel," Charles Edward and his bandmates sounded great. Edward, shirtless and cut, looked like a vampire superhero turned pop star, as he led this version of Seraphim Shock, which seems less dark and more bombastic than spooky and intense. After "Kiss the Dead" and "Devil's Point," Seraphim played the title track to Halloween Sex N' Vegas, prompting members of the crowd to sing along, as they also did with "White Trash Satan" and "Sin City." But the unexpected treats came when the band dug over a decade into its past to play "Little Gothic" from Nightmares for the Banished, folllowed by a truly unexpected performance of its Red Silk Vow classic, "After Dark."”

“SERAPHIM SHOCK's highly anticipated fourth album, "Black Heart Revival", is their first since 2004! The album covers a broad spectrum, from darker ballads to high-energy punk anthems to social distortion-style rock'n'roll. Frontman Charles Edward's haunting melodies captivate the listener and take you on a sonic journey like no other. From the band's early goth roots to the hard rock'n roll hybrid that it is today, SERAPHIM SHOCK continue to captivate people from all walks of life with their infectious hooks and dark overtones. Truly a classic SERAPHIM SHOCK album!”

“Seraphim Shock is not the quickest band when it comes to releases but they represent high quality music. Also the fourth album blends the best attributes from gothic rock, gothic metal, horror punk and electro/industrial additions, from Type O Negative, Misfits ("Goddamn Sinner"), The Nefilim ("Torn") and Ministry to form an excellent unit. Hymnic dark rock gems like the hit "Kiss The Dead" or "Devils Point", melancholic midtempo chunks ("Buried", the ghostly "Down Home") or the piano ballad "Make Believe" luckily pick up where the great album "Halloween, Sex’n’Vegas" left off in 2004. Additionally, composer, multi instrumentalist and singer Charles Edward works with a drum computer. The fitness expert indeed knows how to program it very well but with extra dynamics by a drummer the really great album could have been even greater. "Black Heart Revival" once more shows: with more frequent releases and touring Seraphim Shock easily could be one of the big players in the scene.”

“Fazit: Ich kann nur jedem Black Heart Revival ans Herz und an die Ohren legen, der auch nur entfernt weiß, wie guter Goth zu klingen hat. Und wenn derjenige auch noch was für Rock ‘n’ Death übrig hat, wird es diesen Silberling verehren und ihm einen Schrein widmen. Meine Erleichterung ob dieses gelungenen Werkes nach so langer Zeit Abstinenz ist unbeschreiblich. Daumen hoch!”

“Nach über 6 Jahren Wartezeit erscheint diese Tage ein neues Album der US Goth Rocker SERAPHIM SHOCK. “Seraphim Shock’s highly anticipated 4th album, Black Heart Revival,weaves a mix of Seraphim’s gothic roots with rock-n-roll. The album covers a broad spectrum, from darker ballads to high-energy punk anthems to Social Distortion-style rock-n-roll. Frontman Charles Edward’s haunting melodies captivate the listener and take you on a sonic journey like no other. Truly a classic Seraphim Shock album.” (Sacrilege Records)”

“Goth, punk and rock genres among working Seraphim Shock music group will spend a three-year hiatus after the publication of a new album in Europe. The fourth album the band is called "Black Heart Revival". American band believes one month after the publication of the puck once again, a milestone Seraphim Shock, who show the world the band to be stronger than ever before. Charles Edward tone of this album, full of incense to be passionate, timeless songs. The new album will be released the record company Sacrilege. End of June, Seraphim Shock reported on your web page transmitted through the band's musical production in 27 different countries, including Israel, Italy, South Africa and Singapore.”

“Our staff were recently made aware of a really awesome music group called Seraphim Shock. We have no affiliation with the group, but since their name is angelic in origin, we thought it would be fun to write up a brief article about them. The group has an official website and myspace web page, so as soon as you are done reading this, head over to either of their portals, and listen to some samples of their music. The band Seraphim Shock was formed by Charles Edward, and according to their own bio they consider themselves the ultimate Halloween band, clearly a play on the fact that their performances are somewhat theatrical. Personally I'm not the best judge of musical genre, but I would say that Seraphim Shock could be considered heavy metal or hard rock. They list their influences as being The Cure, Rob Zombie, Guns N' Roses, The Ramones, Billy Idol, Sisters Of Mercy, Sex Pistols, Motley Crue, and a few other very similar bands.... ”

“Even though Sid Pink didn’t, as is customary, host this show – which meant no “Think Pink” game show in between sets -- with him out, as the fill in host, who displayed enough sardonic wit and contempt to do for the night, noted, this also meant that the show would end on time. Bad Luck City came out dressed up in suits and better than business casual attire as though attending a funeral. Appropriately enough they opened with the harrowing and electrifying “Bones” from the recently released Adelaide. On “Night Town” the band seemed to have reworked the song so it sounded more like a wicked, Irish ballad of doom than the recorded version — not unlike New Model Army revisiting and reinventing their earlier, musically darker material. The band closed with a song I’d heard before but didn’t recognize from their albums; the track’s beautiful, gently glimmering guitar sound conjured images of sitting in a darkened room ...”

“Seraphim Shock’s latest effort, Halloween, Sex ‘N Vegas, is a Gothic Rock Opera with a twist of horror built around surviving 24 hours in Las Vegas … despite the odds. Edward’s voice on this album is very reminiscent of Peter Steele, (T.O.N.) although his voice is a bit more gentler than Steele’s. All of the tracks are well written and flow together nicely to keep the story interesting. The title track is my personal favorite. The song seems to be structured around the vocals with the music wrapping around them and helping to make them more powerful. The bass lines aid in this as they keep a constant thump in your chest. The guitar riffs create a feeling that defy gravity. The lyrics are a bit morbid but isn’t that what Halloween & Vegas is all about. “Halloween Girl” is also another outstanding track, packed with thick and crunchy guitar riffs. Again, the vocals are powerful...”

“Charles’ unverwechselbar samtiger, dunkelromantischer Gesang gibt dem Werk ungeahnte Tiefe und Fülle und passt viel besser zu der orientalischen Instrumentierung als ich mir vorgestellt hätte. Ich bezweifele, dass ich Ancient Delirium ohne Charles’ prägender Signatur ein Ohr geliehen hätte. Eigentlich und genaugenommen stehe ich nämlich nicht auf folkloristisch-orientalisches oder New Age-Gedudel, ausgenommen Teehausmusik vielleicht. Aber das hier höre ich mir sogar im Auto an ohne Angst haben zu müssen, ich werde mit einem türkischen Goldkettchenträger verwechselt. Eine einmalige Mischung, wie ich finde, und aus diesem Grund werde ich mich jetzt und hier noch ein wenig darüber auslassen. Der geneigte Leser wird bei den Links einige Youtubes finden, in die er ganz androhungsfrei reinhören kann und sollte.”

“The mile-high city of Denver has spawned a band so evil, sexual and intimidating that the clubs in the state limit their bookings to only a few shows a year. Seraphim Shock is the name of this unholy band. SS is led by Charles Edward, a musical genius who handles all the lead vocals, rhythm and a good bit of lead guitar work. He also handles alot of the programming. Daisy Grave is the sexy bassist. Miss Grave keeps the low end heavy and full of crunch. Lead guitarist, Richard Scott, is nothing short of a fretboard wizard. One must not fail to mention Mark Harvey for his contributions on the programming of this cd. Seraphim Shock’s latest effort, Halloween, Sex ‘N Vegas, is a Gothic Rock Opera with a twist of horror built around surviving 24 hours in Las Vegas …”

“Having once been descibed as the “The Ultimate Halloween Band”, Seraphim Shock is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Charles Edward. The Shock is what “underground” music once stood for and is regarded as “One Of America’s Best Kept Secrets”. In a world full of manufactured bands that do what they’re told and chase the “flavor of the week”, S.S. stands proud with it’s middle finger raised! Renowned for it’s over the top live show, Seraphim has been tearing up the national circuit since 97’ and continues to captivate people from all walks of life with it’s infectious hooks and dark overtones. The quality of it’s works speak for themselves and one needs only to look at the reviews it has consistently garnered over the years. It’s lengthy tour history and commitment to doing what it wants, how it wants, has separated The Shock from a sea of wanna be .... ”

“This show hosted by Sid Pink and the “Satan Says” Show. After show party at Shotgun Willies. Welcome to the sick and twisted world that is known as Seraphim Shock. S.S. is a Denver-based band that is the brainchild of singer/guitarist/programmer/songwriter Charles Edward. In creating the monster that is Seraphim Shock, Charles has successfully produced a band that stands out in an industry overly saturated with mundane music that is “here today and gone tomorrow”. From the bands early Goth roots to the Hard Rock hybrid (Horror Punk, Electro Glam, Goth Metal) that it is today, Seraphim has a sound that can be appreciated by many and blurs genre lines so easily drawn.... ”

“Shock, a Denver-based, four-piece, goth-rock outfit, is the type of band that in the 1980s twisted many a suburban mother’s panties, and briefly drew the clergy’s attention away from altar boys long enough to preach the apocalypse. At their inception in the mid-’90s, they were part of the late-20th century renaissance of dark theater rock–a blending of goth, industrial, heavy metal and new wave music with Alice Cooper- and W.A.S.P.-style shock theatrics. Seraphim Shock tempers their artistic vision with a healthy dose of camp and humor. "It’s like Mötley Crüe meets Alice Cooper. It’s the slutty and the horror," says frontman and founder Charles Edward. "I’m really serious about what I do, but at the same time I have a wicked sense of humor about it all. No one makes fun of us more than we do, and I think that sometimes people miss that...”

“A group that shares many views within the middle and has Gothic, among others, a sound unique and different from other bands of the style. The band appears in the American alternative scene in 1997 with the release of the album Red Silk Vow . Led by Charles Edward, the group has demonstrated a desire to be different from other groups of goth music, mixing metal, gothic rock and electronic music, with a footprint that refer much to horror movies. This classic first album the band coined as Kitty's Dead, After Dark and Beyond Forever. Sonically we could classify this album as a darkwave with one foot in the industrial rock ever so slightly. Two years later he released the EP Nightmares For The Banished , covering for an electronic side and dense, but still with a footprint and darkwave. Emphasis on the songs Molly's Web and Some Sick Dream.... ”

“Another area for its peculiar marginality is the international presence of Seraphim Shock: France, Italy, UK, Canada, Belgium, Brazil and South Africa. From this precariousness that is lacking the backing of a major label, Seraphim Shock built a delirious melodies and lyrics, where the element of irony are philosophical and a stage to move with ease and efficiency. Seraphim Shock Nobody like to challenge the very concept of gothic metal. Anyone wishing to find arguments against any form of devastating criticism against Seraphim Shock, please consult the 1999 nominations Philadelphia International Film Festival where the video of Seraphim Shock won ...”