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Sebastian Clark / Press

"Wow! It’s a masterpiece, and it transcends the word ‘music’. It’s like a David Lynch film. I’m still trying to make sense of the horrific ending, just like a David Lynch film!"

"...one of the most uninhibited, un-Seattle sets I've seen in years. He plays freak-folk (as opposed to 206 fauxlk) in suspenders and a top hat like he's a one-man vaudeville show... he's equally earnest and talented, and doesn't give a VW hubcap what you think of him."

“...thoughtful songwriting, pleasantly elastic vocals, and solid grooves reflect the shine of ’60s and ’70s pop without sinking to AM-gold schmaltz.”

“...a whistle, scream or erratic vocal freak-out ala Modest Mouse front man Isaac Brock meets you and simultaneously punches you in the privates.”

"Put some boxes of Americana, jazz, and soul records into an old VW van. Tune the radio to 70s AM power pop. Then blow up the van. Really. The resulting CDs magically raining down with the wreckage would be... ‘Music For Smart People,’ a sophisticated, catchy, and cynicism-melting song cycle about relationships"

"...very mixed up, decidedly odd and rather fine."

“Not only is Clark a creative and talented musician, but his stage presence is both witty and confident, with an inner flame that easily calms, much like an attractive cult leader without all the bad stuff.”

"Reminiscent of the confessional folk singers of the ’60s and ’70s…"

"His pop-folk music is like recorded sunshine."

Emilia Brock - RAVE!

"10 out of 10... clearly destined to go far..."