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Sea Giant / Press

“That [Sea Giant] sound recalls the minimalist post-punk of Bauhaus or Siouxsie and the Banshees, with backdrops of sparse, moody organs and keyboards structured with the occassional pop hook.These hooks, though, recall New Order at their poppiest, with squiggly keyboard lines that latch on for dear life to the pulsing electronic rhythms.”

Nathan Weinbender - The Spokesman-Review

“Sea Giant popped up on the scene not too long ago and they have quickly become one of my favorite local bands...[they] have a unique sound combining electronic beats, synths and palatable song structure. They aren't poppy at all, but their songs feel groove oriented enough to sit in a comfortable pocket while still being unique and somewhat progressive.”

“...if they [Sea Giant] continue to meld their own influences into something this well crafted and powerfully human, it may indeed live on long after they're gone.”

“What stands out immediately about Sea Giant's work on their new EP is how human it sounds. Where music created on machines can often sound far removed from human touch, 'Our Dead Age' is infused with man-made energy.”

"The two-piece, synth-and-drum-machine-driven band makes moody 1980s-inspired pop music, and it's the sound they've always wanted to make. Lyrics are desperate, confused diary pages: "I don't think that I could save your life/I don't think I'll even try," they sing on "Close." And behind their words are wailing, circus-like harmonies and dance club beats. It's happy music about being sad."

Leah Sottile - The Inlander