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SD "(S)upreme (D)esign" / Press

“HANDS DOWN...'DEMONIC FORCES' is STILL 1 of the MOST REAL LIFE SONGS I've crossed on any of these music websites! Fuq all the flashy music or radio bullshyt...in the end...THIS SHYT HERE IS REAL LIFE! That's what I'm ON...FUQ FAME MANE! [less]”


“gotta show respect for your skill with combining solid hooks and licks with articulate, introspective rhymes and confessionals..great use of the "suicide is painless" sample in "wasted years" and great flo driving thru "divorce". great to hear a serious artist doing hip-hop proud!”

MikeWhite Production's - Reverbnation

“S.D.: Hey bruh. I'm digging the message in "Divorce." Your vocal delivery is filled with pathos and mercy. Excellent job! Cheers. J”

Eugene Jacquescoley - Reverbnation

“Yo I be on reverb alot listening to music and yours is some of the hottest i have heard u are really great just thought id tell u”

Jeronimo - Reverbnation

“Divorce one illuminative track,,n THIS IZ ME simply illusive..GOD bless u man”

Flowrical sinner - Reverbnation

“That Track Divorce is Lava!!! Bra u put yo soul on that track!!! Real recognize real and what don't break a n*gga make a N*gga..keep spittin' da real!!!-Mann”

Kickdow record's - Reverbnation

"This is me" is a hot track. Thanks for talking about stuff that matters! A true fan right here :) *Bless & Love-Love* TaLia

Talia - Reverbnation

“Destiny or Fate.... Wow.... The Heart The Soul The Magnitude of the Story, U can hear ur Sadness & yet the Power Behind ur Voice & the Lyrics!!!! Put Simply..... WOW!”

Tina Marie - Reverbnation

“ur Words reach the soul {In the Rapper's ArtForm} Trully a Beautiful Soul. Hugz at ya :)”

Tina Marie - Reverbnation

“Yeah, I like your stuff -- melodic with a hard edge and lots of sincerity. :-) Super real...”

Dombrovski - Reverbnation

“u got a classic hip hop feel. i fucks wit "This Is Me" hard. U make me wanna make beats like that real talk.”

Jay Millz Beats - Reverbnation

“I have you connected to my ear right now. my opinion... there is no need to thug shit out all the time. thats common. your unique! your smooth, swag, and you have a great tone to your voice. xxo”

Anita Lynn - Reverbnation

"This Is Me" is real hip-hop. Only those that were born to do it can make music like that

Sick Boy - Reverbnation


Hop - Reverbnation

“Chayea! "Divorce" is some deepness! Stay up! I'll be back for sure!”

Dizzomo - Reverbnation

“Great music and 1 word S W A G G”

Anita Lynn - Reverbnation

“Hip-Hop Artist of the year 2009...reality rap, this shit right here is the truth! No need for summer school just cop the cd by SD, thats higher education for dat ass!”

Caprice Hollis aka "Starborn" - Thoughtz of Konkrete

“Silent Weapons is HOT! Simple yet psychotic type beat with your voice bein the lead instrument, your lyrics hold knowledge as well as rhythm! I'm gonna keep in touch for sure, would be sick to collab sometime! Glad we crossed paths friend! 1”


“Who writes like this anymore?? His music is universal, everyone alive can relate to this cat. 2pac reincarnated!!! Big ups SD”

Samantha Kenny - What you think about SD

“Yo, My man SD and Konkrete been doing it hard for years! one of the best in the 814 if thee best!”

Ramone Kinnard - 814 hip-hop

"This is some of the realist shyt ive heard in a long time...Hip-Hop is back with this cat! Supreme is just that, The Supreme Lyricist!"

Frank Lee Blont - What you think about "SD"?