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Scott Krokoff / Press

“The Bayside-based musician creates Americana-flavored folk-rock and pop. Although each song is built around the melodies created by his acoustic guitar and his expressive voice, Krokoff’s music does not limit itself to one palate or style. Instead, he pulls in various elements, like warped guitar sounds, harmonica, organ and cello, to make each number stand out.”

“Krokoff gives me hope - not only for future releases, but what one can do with his life.”

“Creating soft spots in many with his folk rock, Scott Krokoff releases Realizations and Declarations Vol 1, it’ll fit just nicely into your collection. Reflecting the journey of someone wanting change, Scott is building on a local reputation.”

“In trying to find the strength to never give up, What The Hell is a depiction of frustratingly relatable realization of self worth with a rock undertone, and taking a softer, almost pop-like turn with Closed, Scott exposes a vulnerability disguised as a bunch of catchy lyrics. Upping the beat with an all round pep of positivity, Don’t is a much welcomed motivating tune reminding you of the possibilities if you follow your heart, and The Vow is an acoustic love story with a delightfully classy cello contribution and a soft touch that floats you away to something simply perfect.”

“Oh, do I have a soft spot for folk rock, and New York based Scott Krokoff and his 2012 release Realizations and Declarations Vol 1 fits nicely into my collection. ... And if this is just the start of what Scott has to show, it’s definitely a “watch this space” kind of vibe to see what he brings out next.”

“The folk music is pop-driven with catchy rhythms and melodies, and roots-driven with throbbing B3-type sounds. ... All of the songs emanate a sense of folk/rock with good clear vocals and infectious hooks.”

“Realizations and Declarations is a winner! Definitely one worth repeating. Opening up with ‘What The Hell‘, we are welcomed into Scott’s world of self-realization as we climb out of our mundane lives and strive to dream big and go far. Work hard, play harder.”

“This is way beautiful stuff, it has the ache of nostalgia but it isn't actually looking back anywhere.”

“Musicians like Scott Krokoff, and God knows there aren't many, are returning to a pre mid-1980s synth revolution to tap into a world of melody and analog, where lovely songs of self-awareness rule.”

"A clutch of first rate rock songs, so well crafted, so smart, and so committed it bends without breaking, and rocks but so tightly it never sways. Or, if you prefer, it is what its subject matter is: the difficulties of being gentle in a harsh world."

"Give this album a try. It goes by so fast, cause it is so good. Nothing boring."

“Overall, A Better Life is a wonderful CD that will leave listeners full of anticipation for Krokoff’s second release.”

“His lyrics are thought provoking and melodies soothing and those who are looking for a fresh new sound that’s hasn’t been mixed or hyped by mainstream producers should definitely listen to A Better Life.”

“Scott Krokoff’s debut solo effort A Better Life is a 13-track album of solid music, both lyrically and musically and one of those albums that can be easily kept on repeat all day long.”

“What constitutes a better life? ... For Scott it was realizing he wasn’t happy in the profession he had chosen. Thus he ended up doing something about it. And thus a musician was born.”

“Melodies, beats and lyrics work together to treat the ears to a soothing snack.”

“This is one of those albums, that you listen to and in the blink of an eye it's over. This is a trait that marks a fine album.”