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Sci-Fried / Press

“Sci-Fried’s latest grew into a monster. It even starts out as one, with the title track featuring the Bosssfights out of California...The record overall underscores Sci-Fried’s mission of “geeks unite”. The obviously parallel would be the mere fact that they wrote and recorded with nerd artists as diverse as MC Lars and Kirby Krackle to local favorites Marc with a C and Emergency Pizza Party”

“The Godfathers of Geek Rock, Sci-Fried, have truly outdone themselves. For over a year, they have been working on a new album project. That project comes to fruition with the release of Co-Op Mode. The band’s fourth studio features the band working with so many great geek music acts to bring us a collection of the greatest team ups in geek music history....This is a must for fans of geek music and fans of music in general. The album is fun, fast paced, and fantastic.”

“With artists like Kirby Krackle, MC Lars, and The Bossfights (among many others), Co-Op Mode is a solid contender for favorite of 2012”

“Co-Op Mode is a solid contender for favorite of 2012”

“Best Metal Act 1ST Sci-Fried, sci-friedband.com 2nd Gargamel! gargamel.net 3rd Primary Colors, facebook.com/PrimaryColorsMusic”

“I mentioned back when I reviewed this [Future Tense] that I suspected it would be on my list of best albums of the year. Here is it at number two.”

“A performance that was... an early highlight of the event”

“BEST METAL ACT 1st: Sci-Fried 2nd: Empyrean 3rd: Khann ”

“For those not in the know, Sci-Fried are... the very definition of geek rock”

“Based out of Oviedo and on the rise, the "geek rock" band Sci-Fried is a group of five men taking conventions and concerts by storm with a new-found genre and a style that parodies the world of science fiction. With a flair for comedy, and a love for all things "nerdy," the group has formed a worldwide fan base with its three albums and vibrant stage presence. ”

“Sci-Fried had already established themselves as supreme examples of geek rock with their first two albums, Ramming Speed and Geeks Unite. This album simply cements their reputation. It’s certainly going on my list of best albums of the year. Go out and buy it now! ”

“For those looking at the current rock landscape and looking for something different, yet familiar enough to be thoroughly enjoyable, Future Tense could be the perfect prescription. Reaching across several genres and styles, the record is a refreshing change from the norm and is great enough to be enjoyed whether you wear taped-up glasses, Doc Martens, or even a Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt.”

“It's a landmark geek rock album that all but demands a prominent place in your collection”

“Another act seemingly born for Nerd Music is the Classic-Rock-and-Science-Fiction raised Sci-Fried. In-between their last album Geeks Unite and their newest effort set for release later this year, Future Tense, the fun-loving guys in Sci-Fried saw their star rise greatly thanks in large part to having their parodies of Indiana Jones and Battlestar Galactica out there. Soon, fans discovered that Sci-Fried was about more than just parodies. Geeks Unite featured all original songs all over the geek map from “Saturday Night on SyFy” to “Don’t Phase Me, Bro”. The humor was there, but as well was the inclination that Sci-Fried was as serious about their music as it was the love of geeks everywhere. ”

“Future Tense could well go down not only as one of the biggest nerd rock releases of 2011, but one of the greatest, geekiest beginning-to-end parties ever to be committed to record. ”

“The Rock Out with Your Spock Out Award: Sci-Fried Sci-Fried transitioned from one of my most anticipated acts of Nerdapalooza 2010 to one of the brightest highlights of my festival experience within the span of about a song and a half. And while I was a little worried that their style would be lost on a crowd of nerdcore hip-hop heads, they easily commanded the audience with their blend of balls-out arena rock and southern-fried geekery. But their true claim to fame – even more so than their earnest, irony-free enjoyment of sci-fi schlock and Motley Crue-style antics – was the moment when they literally brought the house down. In a nod to their rock 'n' roll roots, the band distributed beach balls to the audience and encouraged them to bat them around with extreme prejudice. Half a set and one broken chandelier later the inflatables were retired, but a nerd rock story for the ages had already been written”

“As part of a series heading in to one of Central Florida’s biggest music - and geek - festivals, in the coming weeks we will be spotlighting some of the artists appearing at Nerdapalooza. Nerdapalooza will take place this year on July 17 and 18 at the Orlando Airport Marriott, with a pre-party the evening of July 16 at A Comic Shop, located at 114 South Semoran Boulevard in Winter Park, FL. To that end, we now present a band that could very well re-define rock music to the delight of nerds nationwide... Remember that down and dirty KISS song about Indiana Jones? Or the time Sir Mix-A-Lot really drove the funk home with his song about the Millennium Falcon? How about The Animals’ beloved dirge about Battlestar Galactica? Wait, what?”

“--once Sci-Fried and Marc overcame adversity. Especially Sci-Fried; Marc was a welcome veteran here, but some people questioned why Sci-Fried was even playing here (Really??), much less how they would do live. Sci-Fried was in a tough position of proving their worth here AND they had to follow Schaffer? That they did. On all accounts”

“Do you remember that great AC/DC song about Star Trek: The Next Generation or that KISS song about Indiana Jones? You think I’m crazy don’t ya. Not at all I say. Today we feature the geek rock pioneers known as Sci-Fried. A local Florida band that was forged by a love of Sci-Fi and good old rock and roll. The band has performed both parodies and original music. Today, we have gathered a few videos of this great band including studio videos and a few performances from the recent Nerdapalooza show”

“Sci-Fried wear their geek flags like Captain America wears the stars and stripes and their music is by geeks, for geeks.”