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Scattered Hamlet / Press

“These guys are going to become very popular if they keep putting out amazing work like this album. It's like BLACK LABEL SOCIETY with a bunch of Southern Rock & Classic Rock thrown into the mix. ”

"The accompanying artwork's imagery and southern rock like vocals combined with grungy guitar work make for a trip down south of the Mason Dixon line and possibly south of heaven as well...The feel and sound of the American South's influence is modernized for punk and metal consumption."

Louie - Big Wheel Magazine

“They’re at a place where commercial acceptance would be very likely and surprisingly unavoidable with their alternative yet MTV friendly sound. One could easily expect to hear the likes of em in an episode of Jackass or sports related X-Games program. This 4 song ep provides enough testosterone to fuel a day out riding motorcycles or hunting deer, something that the members of Scattered Hamlet are probably very fond of considering their musical attack and imagery. The feel and sound of the American South’s influence is modernized for punk and metal consumption.”

"It's all Whiskey bottles and black eyes...Scattered Hamlet whips up a tasty omelette of southern-fried strut rock and Sunset Strip sleaze, slathered liberally with radio-ready hooks and hillbilly swagger"

Classic Rock Magazine

"The three songs are some of the best back to basics rock I've heard in a long time. SH is a refreshing change of pace. These guys take music back to the days of kicking ass and taking names with no apologies"

Jenn - Phoenix Always Rises

“Hillbilly Harmony was:Produced by Clay Davies, Mixed and Digitally Edited by Ryan Andersen (Nickleback/Hinder/Bo Bice) and Mastered by Rob Beaton (Guns N’ Roses/Buckethead/Doobie Brothers). All songs ASCAP 2010 and written by Adam Joad and Clay Davies except “Shotgun Symphony” written by Adam Joad.”

Liner Credits - Hillbilly Harmony EP

"That's some in your face hillbilly music!"

Bruce Swink (Victory Records) - Innerlight Agency

"Damn, that was like Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Black Sabbath with some Zombie thrown in for good measure"

Concert Review - Online Blog