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Scare Tactics / Press

“Liverpool’s groovy metal-heads ‘Scare Tactics’ brought to mind the power and the glory of bands like ‘Alter Bridge’ or ‘Alice in Chains’. These talented lads are currently working on on their new album. We wish them pots of luck.”

“'We Live' - The beautiful strumming emerges and then the vocals kick in, hard edged and uncompromising – Scare Tactics are letting you know they are here! Aggressive and possesses some awe inspiring rhythms with superb guitar work that works up to a fast and superb pace. Immaculate effort! – Don’t overlook this track from start to finish it offers sophistication and is a true reminder of just how talented these guys are and it is fair to say will no doubt pull in new listeners as well as being a hit with the old fans. 'Drunk Fuck' - Every time I hear the beginning of this track and its chugging groovy rhythm I can’t help but sing to it. The pounding essential beats just carve their way into the psyche and drive you to respond. That chorus is what makes this track. Everyone can relate to it – even me who doesn’t drink! but the other is good! :D. It is sung with power and has superb musical dominance that you can’t ignore.”

“Unfortunately for our local boys, Scare Tactics had the opening slot for the night. They had played the week previously in Semi Final 2, and had the closing spot in that particular gig. Everything seemed to go very well, with the sound being pretty much perfect for them. I believe they had decided to go with the setlist from their heat performance and given the importance of this gig, I really can't blame them for going with a more tried and tested set. The crowd reaction was very good, with much cheering every time the band finished a song, which was very good to see. I'll finish this off before I end up waffling too much! The actual performance was almost what I expected from the Scare Tactics crew, though I feel they kicked it up a notch for the final. Absolute pleasure to see them perform, as always, and they certainly raised the bar for the rest of the bands to follow.”

“The crowd loved them, and I was quite surprised to see that so many people had chosen to stick around for the final band of the night. Scare Tactics interacted well with the crowd, and got a good reception in return. Their set was easily on par with their previous performances, so that was also nice to see. Unfortunately I really can't say much more than that, other than the fact I very much enjoyed them, as per usual!”

“When the set finally came to a close, I personally found that I wanted to hear one or two more songs. These guys have really pulled their socks up since the last time I saw them, giving off feelings of professionalism and "We're here to do something we enjoy and make sure you have a good time." Their previous performance had less of the professionalism and more of a joking element, so this was really nice to see. Now they just need to go make an album or EP or something so I can buy it!”

“The best way I can think of to try and convince you how highly I rate this E.P is with a completely honest fact. Once I had listened to all of the songs enough and made my notes on what I wanted to say I have still gone back and listened over and over again, and I know I’m doomed to keep doing this until they give me something new. This is much more than just a good E.P. It's heavy, dynamic and original. It's versatile and intricate but totally accessible. It is well produced and it gets better the more you hear it. Listen to it free on Reverbnation and join the constantly growing number of people blown away by them. You will not regret it.”

“I had heard a lot about this band, and listened to their music online but none of this had prepared me for the madness that is Scare Tactics live. With a confident start to their set, it was obvious that this band feel right at home on the stage. Should you ever get the chance to see Scare Tactics (or the Scary Tictacs as they dubbed themselves) then no excuses will be good enough, they are not to be missed.”

“Liverpool band, Scare Tactics (formerly Hollow Point) reveal just how valuable honest metal can be. The drummer's ear splitting aggression is a vital element that, when coupled with a mammoth riff, exposes a band whose sound echoes that of true 90's metal. Armed with a vocalist who expresses an effortless raging quality without seeming too exaggerated, Scare Tactics set the standards high for the rest of the night.”

Surface Unsigned 2008

“Scare Tactics (Formerly Hollow Point), who are a great metal band from Liverpool, they have more meaty riffs than you can shake a stick at! The song 'Ludicrous Speed' is definately a metal anthem in the making. They also threw in a cover of 'The Great Southern Trendkill' which really got all the Pantera fans moving!”

Devolution Magazine

“Scare Tactics provided a heavy metal onslaught with that touch of class. Like humungous giants who play Beethoven's sonata Scare Tactics are terrifying yet they possess the graceful touch of an angel's wing. The entire night's highlight comes when the b-string on the bass snaps and the band are forced to improvise on a rendition of Stone The Crow by Down, the only cover version of the night and an impressive impromptu moment. Those here will remember Scare Tactic's first show of 2008 as an awesome one”

Alec Joyce - SCE ROCK