Scale Model / Press

"On Scale Model’s New Wave-inspired tracks, Megan Rox’s lovely, clear voice floats atop propulsive live drumming, keytar melodies and spacey synth sounds. (One song title, “Airstream in Space,” suggests their aesthetic.)"

"Scale Model certainly seems inspired by New Romanticism, with four-on-the-floor beats, positive-minded, ambitious content and saccharine, synth-driven progressions."

"...Scale Model uses New Wave’s synthesis of propulsive rhythms from krautrock and disco as a foundation...letting Rox’s vocal melodies float on top like Nena or “Heart of Glass”-era Debbie Harry."

"[Megan] Rox’s more self-assured vocals have become a revelation. It’s not just that her singing is so delectable and angelic on this brand new EP, but on songs like the wondrous “Ground Beneath My Feet” (and the great “Set Me Free,” from their also-excellent 2010 Set Me Free E.P.), her delivery and words sound inspiring. And on closing tracks “Mindreader” and “Impression,” her voice soars. What a lovely record!"

"Upbeat music, catchy hooks and an excellent underlying melancholy vibe to it all."

"Scale Model melds a meek collab of '70s power pop with '80s new wave. With tunes ranging from outright catchy to rather hummable, the female-fronted quartet’s humble presence is counter-pointed with a whirlwind of fuzz, synths and melody."