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Sanity's Edge / Press

“Sanity’s Edge has a killer E.P. that’s listenable all the way through (you know how some CDs and E.P.s have fillers? Well, personally, I found none. And if one or two were included, they weren’t found by me, and that’s a good thing). Sanity’s Edge definitely knows that a story must be told by each song, and each song seems to tell a different story. But it’s not just the content of the lyrics that shows maturity, but the musicianship on the instruments, from the drums not overpowering anything, to the bass keeping a tight groove, to the solos that don’t focus on showing off, but rather on adding to the song. And when a song enters its breakdown, it enters hard. Very hard. I love the breakdowns on S.E.E.P. 1. They are some of the best things I’ve ever heard.”

“Sanity’s Edge have got something to say, and they are saying it with a growl. Their new record displays the band’s ability to play a chiseled spectrum of metal- from the uber-hardc ore to the rockin’ melodies, these guys have got it covered. . The track “Thread” showcases solid lead guitar work and serves, all things considered, to showcase the mellower side of the band and proving that they have a well-rounded sound and that front man Dominick Trichie is a man of many talents on the mic.”

“Whilst certain things grab me as they always do I paid close attention to the drumming on the EP overall, as I do with all the music I listen to. Dino’s drumming is quite amazing and is definitely one of the better aspects of the EP, but not outdone, the dual-attack of the guitars and bass give the EP some tasty food for thought. Sanity’s Edge, and the double kick work/harmonized guitar patterns help to show that, again, there is some real talent in this band. So having listened to this EP a few times through, I can safely say that this EP is full of great material and enough of everything for anyone to get their teeth into.”

“once again reclaimed their status as one of Denver’s premier metal bands and there is and open highway of possibilities for the future.”