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ryan webster / Press

“What isn’t pointless is the musical vibe of this, very much on a 1970′s soft rock vibe with acoustic touches and nice vocal harmonies.”

“Waking up early this morning and looking out on Cambridge streets blanketed in white, it seemed appropriate to play a song that floated and vibed as much as the drifting snow. Like myself, Ryan Webster is a native of Rochester, NY – where seeing the sun is an unexpected treat, and 8 inches of snow is just called “Tuesday” and not a “Polar Vortex”. Webster’s unofficial new video for “Baby Come Back” is far away from the Garbage Plates and perpetual snow of Rochester – using retro stock footage of Nuclear Testing and 60′s synchronized pool parties. With some random space shots thrown in at the end the video’s decidedly disjointed, but the song is anything but – carrying a careful, cool, and wistful tune through the longing of the lost. His voice is the star of the track, but it’s the easy free playing of a reverbed lead that pulls you in while drifting away.”

“Ryan Webster - The Point of Pointlessness (CD, Cat Beach Music, Progressive pop) The debut full-length release from Ryan Webster. There's not a lot of information to be found on the artist web site (link above) other than the fact that the first album has been released (on CD as well as vinyl). So apparently this musician is opting to let the music speak for itself. A good move...because The Point of Pointlessness does that. The album presents ten tracks that teeter in and out of Americana, pop, rock, and folk. The first time we listened to this disc we couldn't determine exactly how we felt about the music. But one thing was and is certain. This guy isn't trying to copy or emulate other artists. Some of these tracks occasionally remind us of Jay Farrar...but only slightly. Some songs are rather moody while others take a more straightforward approach. After several spins the thing that struck us most about this music is that it has staying power."”

“His songs are an interesting lot. Some are folk and roots, some rock harder, some are like distant cousins of things I listened to forty years ago and each one stands strong on it's own. A novice he is not.”

"It's going to be a good mix of anthemic, acoustic and moody music," says the Swillburg-area resident. "It'll probably sound as though someone took all my favorite (music) and put it in a blender. I'll be the sauce that holds it all together."

“One thing that made perfect sense this week was the montage set to the irresistible Ryan Webster song, "Smile." When he hit that chorus "Your smile, lights up my living room" I wasn't just smiling, I was beaming and knew I *had* to find that song.”