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Rusty Eye / Press

"This emission by a three-piece out of Hollywood, California will be by some considerable margin the most unique sound you’ll hear anytime soon"

"Horror Rockers Rusty Eye showcase "Possessor" with new video innovation"

"It thrashes, it rocks, it progs and can stare down a zombie at 100 yards, but still sounds like something you’ve never heard before"

"The Magic of Metal is Back!"

"Rusty Eye has their own identity within the metal genre"

"A rarity in rock and metal bands — to have a female ‘manning the kit,’ so to speak"

"Any true horror and metal fan MUST check these guys out"

"Boasting one of the most bitchin’ female drummer’s I’ve seen in a metal outfit, the trio definitely rocked the place."

"I wish more bands would spend the time to develop creative ideas like this to market their music on the web"

"It will get under your skin in a way that will have you coming back for more"

"Rusty Eye take horror/cinematic metal to new levels on Possessor"

"They have spent the past fourteen years perfecting the DIY approach to getting your attention"

"When these three are on, it's goddamned impressive"

"Soon we’ll be talking about the emergence of a masterpiece of international recognition"

"Those bastards even managed to get the one and only Claudio Simonetti on some of their tracks!"

"Rusty Eye pays homage to the past while maintaining its own identity"

"RUSTY EYE indulges in horror-obsession with a technical thrash edge"

"A complex alloy of virtually every extreme music form, Rusty Eye gives new meaning to diversity"

"Rusty Eye are one of the most talented up and coming bands I have had the pleasure of hearing this past decade"

"Their chick drummer actually rocks hard!"

"They have a terrific taste for fleshing things out to epic proportions"

"It’s about time for any label to get this band signed!"

"Rusty Eye is a band you gotta hear to believe"