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Wheelhouse / Press

“Truth & Lies - I loved this song right away! What a unique voice, what a steamy arrangement, what an impossible-to-resist rhythm. Half-way through the first listen, it was apparent that you have your own identifiable sound in every aspect. I had to play it again several times because I liked it so much. - This song has a "homespun" feel, an "honesty" that draws the listener into it immediately. When you combine that with compelling beats and rhythms, the listener will be there with you to the end of the song. The musicianship across the board contributed significantly to the "homespun" and hard-to-resist attraction of the song. There was plenty of feeling in it; the empty spaces said just as much as the notes themselves. Every track's mix perfectly complements every instrument, which also contributed to the appeal of this song. - This song has a hypnotic beat and rhythm that's bound to attract fans across the broad genre of rock. This track is top-notch and "radio-ready". You Rock!”

Leslie Bialik - Real Rocker Girl

“Santa Cruz, Ca. band Wheelhouse recently released the album Welcome To Motherlode, the brainchild of Russ Lake. With the help of many talented friends, the songs came together over time, some for a melody and others just for pure groove. Wheelhouse has created the feeling of a comfortable party where everyone's a close friend. The 10 song cd has a sound of true joy; it's obvious a good time is being had. ‘When The Story Is Told’ and ‘Fish In The Sea’ are peppy guitar driven songs that tell an interesting story over a nice beat. Your toes will be tapping before you know it. On ‘Things We Said Today', the band acoustically channels the energy of a performance by The Doors with a slightly psychedelic feel to it. The standout track has to be ‘Truth & Lies', an energetic song with a sultry vocal - another song that'll force you to move. Overall this is a fun little album with a solid mix of Americana & Blues that I'm glad Russ Lake let escape his mind. ”

Keith Pro - Indie Guru Baby

“Thanks so much for your submission of "Truth & Lies." What a great song! Really moving and well-written, and the overall production contour & color palette is excellent...awesome watery solo after the first chorus. This is Americana, but so much of the coloring also speaks to music on the periphery of that - rap and funk in particular. Awesome song, overall”

Andrew Fox - Stacks Of Wax

“Wheelhouse is a fun-lovin’ American band commandeered by Russ Lake, who elected to captain his own musical ship in 2000. "Truth & Lies” is a great jukebox tune. When the band’s vocalists join together, it provides for a contagious chorus: http://youtu.be/NbRttr3AsFQ. “When the Story is Told” - Some perky guitar work in the beginning adds spice. Even better axe-work is heard during an interlude. The lyrics are a bit dark & mysterious with their storm imagery and people “talking in tongues". “Things We Said Today” - Perhaps Wheelhouse is more versatile than I was figuring. You might agree that parts of it rather sound like the Lizard King’s “Light my Fire". "Thaddeus Rising" - There's this bass guitar line that goes so low it might fall off the radar. “Under Cover of Night” sounds a tad like Nirvana’s “Lake of Fire". It's hard to overstate the quality of the lead guitar work throughout the album. Someone’s makin’ like an acrobat on that pentatonic scale!”

Ray Cavanaugh - Skopemag.com

“One Good Reason: Really nice guitars, I like how the chorus comes in before the verse, good vocals and harmonies too. Working Hard: A really nice sound here, some great folk feeling. Good vocals I really like the bv's and harmonies”

Stuart Epps - Out of The Box Records

"Welcome To Motherlode" by WHEELHOUSE is the brainchild of Russ Lake with the collaboration of several notable Santa Cruz players. The first song "Truth & Lies" starts the CD out fast and smooth; the lead vocal by Naomi Wilder is spectacular, really making this great song pop. A bouncy blues song "Fish In The Sea" is easy to like instantly and has Russ Leal on lead vocal. "Working Hard" has a cool island flavor. This CD has a little of everything including one instrumental and a recording from 1970 "I'll Be Free" by RUSHIN RIVER, a former Russ Lake band. "Welcome To Motherlode" is a good CD to listen to and also to dance to".

Janet Leonard - The Connection Magazine

“Truth & Lies: If there is any justice in the world by this time next year Wheelhouse will be huge! Thanks so much for this song. This is true classic roadhouse blues. Total style and integrity. I am really really impressed by how your sound is put together.”

Stuart Cheese - One Night Stand Music

“Our Reverbnation Featured Artist" - WHEELHOUSE - Russ Lake & friends are Wheelhouse. I like the name of the band because if you have an affinity for music that gives you everything then it hits you right in your "Wheelhouse," so to speak. A good mixture of rock, Americana, folk, some blues, well all of that is Americana actually so if that is your bag then jump in and join the musical party that this band can offer. They are in this for the love of music and to have some fun. The picture of them at their CD release party tells the story. They are ready to take you for a ride on their own train now. So listen up! - Keith Hannaleck - Muzik Reviews.”

“Thank you for your submission. "Truth & Lies" is just the type of music that Suckfree Radio likes to promote. It doesn't suck one bit! :) I will add it to our playlist as soon as possible. I'd like to hear more from you. Your friend and fan, Sarah Anne Kuhns Program Director - suckfreeradio.com”

Sarah Anne Kuhns - SuckFreeRadio

“Truth & Lies - This is an interesting song with some unique lyrical wordplay... The vocals have a certain personality and edge... it certainly grabs the listener's attention, your clever use of rhymes and metaphors...You've written some clever lines which are interesting... I like the guitar tracks and solo. Fish In The Sea - Your overall chorus (with the background vocals) and your catchy song title work well... On both of these songs, the guitar playing is one of the highlights. One Good Reason - I like the melody in all three sections (chorus, verse and bridge), with the chorus standing out the best. The chorus works well with your song title "One Good Reason" being sung at the beginning of the chorus ”

Dale Kawashima - Songwriter Universe

“TRUTH & LIES - I liked the lyric message and the clever rhyme scheme used in the verses. Engaging & soulful vocal performance that has a sultry & sensual voice...Cool intro guitar line that has a funk styled Rock hook. Music parts are solid and have a sensual groove. I liked the rhyming pattern and the choice words which always kept my interest. Chorus hook is appealing in melody & lyric hook. Vocal harmony in the chorus blends well together. I liked the vocal attitude which sells the lyric to the listener”

Reviewer # 132 - TAXI