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Russian Arms and Optics / Press

"“Operator” is another design all together where, the keys certainly lead in and grab your attention, right before the guitar and drum assault blow it all away and you are washed in, nay, nearly drowned in a tidal wave of acidic power pop brilliance. “You’ve got my heart, wrapped in a box and thrown away the key,” there’s a lot more heartache and hurt here, but it’s done with such brilliant power pop commitment, that it soars to the sky with good vibrations and a wonderful upbeat, breakneck speed that just makes me smile endlessly. Definitely, one of my favorite finds of the New Year so far and I truly hope that at the end of the year I’m declaring Russian Arms And Optics as one of my favorite bands to emerge on the scene in 2013—these guys (and gal) need to start playing everywhere, because I’m pretty sure they will instantly set the crowds on fire. This is goddamned brilliant. They’ve made a mess of me."

"I had listened to the track “Whisper Sick” and thought it was great, but when they sent me the whole Dark Matter EP recently, I was more over the moon for the other, more guitar aggressive tracks. While “Whisper Sick” is clearly the most accessible of the bunch, it had to be “A Lie From Me To You” that blew my skull wide open. First of all, I don’t think there is enough heavy guitar going on these days—I mean aggressive, loud, searing guitar—" Click the link below for more!

“You’re in a dimly lit bar. It may or may not be a little musty and the drinks are strong. The band is setting up. You see a lovely girl and a few dudes carrying in their equipment —a common sight in the dive bar scene. Nothing special, until you see the organ being toted in and you think, “This is going to be different!” How do you like me now? Liz, John, Mike, Phil, Robby and Felix would like to know—how do you like Russian Arms and Optics: You Should Know Them them? In late 2009, they brought their band Russian Arms and Optics to the Valley of the Sun. Just over a year later, they have signed a distribution deal with Universal records and are about to release their first album. Self-described as a mixture of indie/dance/pop music and one visit to their blog on tumblr— it is easy to see how much this group loves playing......... click link for full review”

“It's back to the pop punk grind here at YAFI, thanks to No Gimmick last week and now Russian Arms and Optics this week. Thankfully, RAO's brand of pop punk isn't that terrible -- there's is a pop punk with plenty of synths and even a fancy dancy organ. As well, RAO is fronted by a female lead singer, an absolute rarity amongst AZ pop punk bands. Best Song: Second track "Ok Ok" sounds a whole hell of a lot like The Fever's "Gray Ghost," and I very much like that. The song does the best job of employing RAO's synths and organ while adding a nice post punk, rapid-fire drumbeat. It's one hell of an amalgamation of a song -- a veritable sundae of sorts with lead singer Liz's vocals acting as the cherry on top. "Ok Ok" best describes what RAO strives to accomplish in one neat, three and a half minute long song. READ MORE.... http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/uponsun/2011/02/russian_arms_and_optics_so_clo.php ”

“RAO! RAO! RAO! by Jaime J. This band is fantastic! Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, this E.P. packs quite the punch! I have been waiting so long for this release, and it was well worth it. This is fantastic dance rock 'n roll from AZ. I can't help but pump my fist in the air when I listen. Check these kids out if you are in town; it's always a GREAT show. If you've never heard of them before, start with "Ok (Ok)," this track will leave you wanting more. "Bury Me" has to be my favorite. I LOVE THIS EP. RAO! RAO! RAO! I WANT MORE!”

Jaime J. - Itunes Review.