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Rubix Wheel / Press

“Vents Magazine: October 12, 2010 What's the meaning behind your name? Rubix Wheel is based off the idea of the light show. When the lights from the stage collide with the energy of the music, it reflects an aura just like a Rubix Wheel. Similar to the Rubix Cube, the songs are deep and not always easy to understand. Good songs take more than one listen to get the full effect. How did you get started with all this? We started the band in 2007 as a power trio. We released our first CD that Spring and played a benefit show to celebrate it. We didn't waste time getting to the studio. I had some songs written and we worked them out with practice before we hit the studio. After that, we got so many gigs and festivals our mypsace plays started soaring. What's the message to transmit with your music? Our music tranmits the energy of feel good jamband music. The theme is escapism. What's your method at the time of writing a song? When I write the songs I use my current circumstances to emula”