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Gritter / Press

“Gritter makes you want to grab a sledgehammer and smash things. It’s the perfect soundtrack for those of us with mental insanity and destructive tendencies. I listen to a lot of rock and metal. And the Sour Mash and Spanish Moss has been in frequent play since I got it. I think these guys are awesome. Let the heavy rule. ”

Dave Smalley Vocals ( Dys, Dagnasty,All,Down By Law ) - Review of Sour Mash and Spanish Moss

"Gritter are in it to win it! Good dudes, good band!"

T.ROY Vocals (Sourvein,Hailhornet ) - Quote

“This Richmond band plays slow pounding metal, somewhere between the bluesy sludge of Eyehategod and the muscle-car rock and roll of Kyuss..Slow motion head bangs all around!!”

Andrew Necci - RVA MAGAZINE

“If Angry at the Missus proved Rube belonged in that scene, then Sour Mash and Spanish Moss shows that Gritter are making a move to be bigger players in it. But even more important than that, the full-length is Gritter’s beginning to capitalize on the potential they showed with the EP. Sound-wise it is fierce and pointed, degenerate and subversive, which, if you’re paying attention, is exactly what you want from this kind of Southern sludge.”

“I was pleasantly surprised by an opening band that I'd never heard of- Gritter, from Richmond. I don't know if it was the shrooms, but I thought their singer was the best frontman I've seen in quite a while. I think I heard some Pantera "walk" in their set a few times, but it was awesome. This kid does the Anselmo thing really well (although, I'm not sure how intentional it is- he doesn't "have the internet or tv"). Anyway, it's great to hear something new... I'm really hoping their cd captures his vocals like the live show (I'll listen to it later). This much fun on a Sunday night shouldn't be legal.”

“Lets get one thing straight right off the bat; These guys are not beginners.”

“Gettin' Angry, Stayin' Angry....”

“boozey fist throwers... riff merchants!”