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Roxy Coss / Press

“Easily the next hot modern jazz star for Generation Now.”

“Now with this, her self-titled debut album, she steps into the limelight and begins what will undoubtedly be a long and rewarding career...Every cut is a keeper here...A resounding success on all levels. Top pick.”

“...vise-like grip on new-jack bebop. Everything is in place on her all-original debut – agreeable moods, impeccable engineering – making this an instant classic for oldbies and newbies alike.”

“She's got a very sweet but full tone and knows not to pile on too many notes, just play the right ones and makes it sound easy in the process...Coss' music might be very listenable but it's not overly light...Roxy Coss is an easy record to get into without any guilty feelings.”

“Coss is a saxophonist and flautist with a round, rich tone, and a composer well-versed in the jazz tradition...the music is reminiscent of the Miles Davis/John Coltrane recordings...just like Coltrane, Coss achieves a perfect balance of lyricism and intensity in her improvisations through a superb sense of timing, rhythmic and harmonic structure...Roxy Coss is a promising debut from a multitalented young musician.”

“Roxy Coss is one great sax player, she is skillful, the music is entertaining but still heavy.”

Malvin Massey - WUMR 91.7 FM, Memphis, TN

“Nice flute groove from Roxy!”

Vince Outlaw - KSDS 88.3 FM, San Diego, CA

“I'm diggin' Mz. Coss, she's alright by me.”

Peter Poses - KRFC Ft. Collins, CO

“I've listened to Roxy Coss' new release and am impressed with her compositional skills, especially on "Slow Ascent"!!”

Jack Marchbanks - 90.5-FM WCBE Columbus

“The sultry, intense and soulful sax sounds of Roxy Coss are stingin' the jazz music listeners of the Rio Grande Valley”

Chris Maley - KMBH-FM 88.9/KHID-FM 88.1 Harlingen,Tx

“Good player with a robust tone that catches the listener off guard.”

Jim Wilke - Jazz After Hours on Public Radio International (PRI)

“...unassuming clarity and wise restraint of an oldtimer with nothing to prove...a flute tour de force...I plumb forgot I was listening to a record, swept away on the emotional journey. And it's not often a cold fish like me gets this touchy-feely-drippy.”

“It’s downhome, it’s telling, and it’s honest, and the music here is about taking a joy in the delights of life...Her work in “Lately” and “July” are remarkable...May this not be the last.”

“Deep stuff that doesn’t wander off into the deep end, she’s putting in her 10,000 hours and it shows with every note. A killer player that’s here to make her mark and stick around impressing us for quite a while.”

“David A. Orthmann's Best Releases of 2010”

"...saxophonist Roxy Coss, a confident, hard-swinging player..."

"Coss is head and shoulders above many of the gifted, well-schooled young people who are trying to get a toehold in the intensely competitive NYC jazz and improvised music scenes. Her multiple talents are worthy of wider recognition, right now."

"The distinguishing feature of Coss's solos was a willingness to develop themes thoroughly, always drawing attention to the horn's—particularly the tenor's—rich tone."