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Rose’s Pawn Shop / Press

“Everything about ‘em is just right – the stellar interplay of its banjo/fiddle/mandolin/guitar/upright bass/drums lineup, the pitch-perfect three and four-part vocal harmonies, the dynamic songwriting… Rose’s Pawn Shop have the accessible edge of new school country/bluegrass and the volatility of the best punk bands, all filtered through the combustible instrumentalism of a nonpareil string band.””

““Rose’s Pawn Shop Fires Up Nashville Crowd…The harmonies blend effortlessly and the lyrics flow easily with the melodies as they combine bluegrass, country and rock elements into a style that gives them a definite stage presence and a sound that is totally their own. Whether the fiddle is dancing through a solo or the bass is thumping a rhythm, the band is having a great time entertaining their audience, while the folks out front are enjoying every note being poured out to them from the stage.””

“Rose’s Pawn Shop –Dancing On the Gallows “You could string ‘em up until their legs start kicking, or you could turn on this collection of polished bluegrass for the same effect. Thudding country bass lines slide up next to finger-licking good banjo while bluesy guitar solos rain in from above. Brace yourself – even with the classic-sounding vocals – this ain’t your grandfather’s country.””

“RPS has a malleable alt-country sound, wrapped up in skillfully crafted songs with vocal harmonies and elaborate instrumentation.””

“... any club promoters or booking agents in need of a vital, rootsy rock band that puts out lots of energy can find it in Rose's Pawn Shop. "Arsonist" and "Funeral Pyre" offers plenty of light and heat, with mandolin, fiddle and a standup bass providing the thumping heartbeat of the music. Vocals by Paul Givant have a combination of strength and sweetness that is consistently appealing.””

Music Connection

““Acoustic guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel, and upright bass combine with the standard rock band trinity of drums and electric bass and guitar for a new take on the old alt-country idea of channeling roots music through the grittier tones of rock and roll.””

“Rather than Bushmill’s and sweaty pubs, Rose’s is moonshine and the Appalachians. The music can still knock you on your ass, but it’s just as good around a roaring fire as it is out of speakers.””

““Rose’s Pawn Shop has concocted an extremely distinctive and intoxicating mix of bluegrass, rockabilly, honky tonk, Celtic and folk music all used as a foundation for Givant’s songs about heartache, loss and the rigors of the road””

““What the Los Angeles quintet Rose's Pawn Shop does with bluegrass, country and rockabilly is analogous to the kind of freewheeling recombination earlier groups practiced with, say, jump blues and Western swing. On their new full-length, Dancing on the Gallows, Rose's Pawn Shop use bluegrass instrumentation, but somehow the idea of Django Reinhardt-style swing has crept into the popular conception of bluegrass, so their music comes across as good old L.A. country-rock with fiddles, banjo and drums — plus a vaguely jazzy harmonic sense. Their clever arrangements are flavored with tempo shifts and overdriven guitars that recall the glory days of psychobilly, as on the idiomatically imprecise but stirring rocker "Ball of Flames.””

“This L.A. based band is blessed with amazing talent…many have attempted to categorize them as progressive bluegrass, only because you can hear a banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and upright bass many associate with bluegrass. Some have even tried to compare them with Nickle Creek. None of this is even close, or fair, to Rose’s Pawn Shop. They have a sound and energy very much their own, and hallelujah amen for that!””

“Trying to describe the sound of Rose’s Pawn Shop typically involves the use of several hyphens or unlikely comparisons. However, when you have a punk-bluegrass-Celtic-country-rock band that sounds like what would have happened if The Pogues had formed in Kentucky, an easy description doesn’t come easy….While trying to classify the music may be frustrating, listening to it is a pleasure. The twenty-something musicians in Rose’s Pawn Shop skillfully blend a love of traditional bluegrass, country and folk music with a punk rock energy.””

“this young Los Angeles-based outfit sounds like a latter-day Byrds. But there's as much West Virginia as there is L.A. in their hard-driving, eclectic and tightly arranged country rock even when the psychedelic, Celtic and Indian raga elements come to the fore. Inventive songwriting also makes this collection of drinking, stumbling-through-life and, yes, fire-starting tunes prize-worthy in every way.””

Los Angeles Daily News

““You can feel the whole barn rumble on Dancing On The Gallows from Rose's Pawn Shop, with booming bass drum, in your face fiddle, and runaway-train banjo. An impassioned vocal delivery that recalls a more countrified Jeff Lang and relentlessly driving momentum will, bluegrass fan or not, have the toe of your worn leather boot tapping in no time.””

“Rose's Pawn Shop combines old-school sounds with youthful energy and rock 'n' roll attitude, a marriage that makes for a feverish, spirited live show that veers from raw and wild to transcendent and ethereal.””

Daily Times Knoxville, TN

““Rose’s Pawn Shop is as close to authentic bluegrass roots as you can get from an L.A. band. This is a compliment, not a bash… Rose’s Pawn Shop makes a statement with their music. Life is hard and we’re gonna sing about it and get over it. Sometimes its upbeat, sometimes its slow and sorrowful. Regardless, they know their roots and that is remarkably bold””

“…I was simply blown away when I first listened to the sophomore effort from Los Angeles outfit Rose’s Pawn Shop this summer. Dancing on the Gallows features genuinely interesting songwriting, and the record sounds great from a production standpoint. What really makes this album so compelling, however, is the way it successfully blends sounds and styles together into something that’s actually unique and progressive. Rose’s Pawn Shop brings together subtle rockabilly rhythms with Celtic flare, occasional bluegrass flavor and even a spattering of Texas honky tonk, and the result is a sound that really can’t be described in terms of anything else. It’s unique, and worthwhile.””

“It is a blend of bluegrass, country twang, and punk…If their music doesn't get your boots stompin', I'm not sure what will...Rose's Pawn Shop is all about honest Americana music that will get you moving.””

““At first impression, Rose`s Pawn Shop comes off as a kick-ass bluegrass band of the traditional variety. But so many things quickly inform your perception of this Los Angeles area quintet that no one pigeon fits the hole. One thing is certain, though; their warmth and energy is super satisfying…Lyricist and lead vocalist Paul Givant offers an inviting focal point with a lilting melodic flair, at times sounding a bit like Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze. But mostly his congenial voice is a warm and sympathetic force - filled with equal parts yearning and wonder - pained just enough to convey the classic themes of heartache that inspire all great country songs.””

Miles of Music

“Rose's Pawn Shop brings something new (and quite lacking) to the current musical scene - Originality. Not quite country, Not quite bluegrass, but a wonderful mix of genres that results in a wonderful treat for the ears. The moment I first heard "Arsonist," I knew I'd be hooked for life. Discard what you know, or think you know, about country music and bluegrass and listen. You'll be a fan for life."”

Insomnia Radio

“They have such a knack for blending all their influences into their sound which could sometimes be described as traditional, sometimes country, sometimes bluegrass and yet at other times straight up rock ‘n roll…Rose’s Pawn Shop’s sophomore release Dancing On The Gallows is another great release from the LA band that continues to mashup all of Rose’s influences… I’d put the songwriting on this album up there with some of the best stuff that’s been released this year.””

“The fiddle wails like a drunk at last call as lots of empty bottles of bourbon get grounded to bits beneath the perpetually stompin' feet of these Los Angeles bluegrass revisionists forever in search of salvation and/or "One Last Glass of Whiskey," whichever comes first.””

“Rose’s Pawn Shop plays a brand of Wild West Americana that features elements of bluegrass, alt-country and Celtic folk alongside rip-roaring rockabilly and punk rock energy. These assorted sounds come across like an Appalachian version of the rambunctious sounds of Flogging Molly or Gogol Bordello.””

Metromix Atlanta

“Rose’s Pawn Shop combines Angeleno energy with Appalachian sensibilities on their new, self released recording, Dancing on the Gallows. These five young California dudes rock out with traditional bluegrass instrumentation on original tunes that evoke artists as varied as Hank Williams and Green Day…True to country form much of the lyrical content on this record features drinking, dying, traveling and heartbreak (not necessarily in that order). While these themes are ancient, Rose’s Pawn Shop presents them in fresh way, combining solid country picking with rock n roll attitude.””

“In a punky turn of events, the most worthwhile stuff coming out of the LA scene recently has been bluegrass…You can practically smell the horse nuggets when these guys settle in with their mandolins, fiddles, banjos and accordions; one could easily picture them getting 15 minutes of NPR fame as a living tribute to Hank Williams. Givant doesn’t shove phony twang up your nose; his simple tenor nestles into its assigned layers, mixed low enough not to overshadow anything else that’s going on but not hiding either, simply contributing in its own way to a fiercely tight band. In other words, were Williams alive and new today, this could seriously be what he’d sound like.”

““…the energy and rhythm of the Pogues (if they were a bluegrass band), Charlie Daniels’ fiddle and sensitive vocals that reminded me of Ben Kweller’s recent Changing Horses.””


““Who would have guessed that a group of twenty-somethings would create such a spectacular collection full of bluegrass & Appalachian sounding music. They are originally a rock band, too… This group infuses upright bass, drums, pedal steel, mandolin, fiddle, & banjos in an innovative way that is well beyond their years.””