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Robin S. Mills / Press

“Some people call me a spoken word artist, others call me a poet, and others call me a vocalist. I write, speak, and sing about whatever I think, hear, dream, imagine and hope, from spiritual, soulful, erotic, to trash talking….you name it. I am not limited to a category because life is broad. I can say without ego that I am a beast on the mic in my own right and I know it. It’s not boastful talk. It’s a fact. I love to perform and I am good at it. I write and sing all of my hooks and I am particular about the tracks that I lay my voice on. To date, I have released two albums called ASOT I and ASOT II. ASOT is an acronym for “A School of Thought.”

Robin Mills - The Carolina Call

“Robin Mills wears many hats. All of them just so happen to fit. Writer, author, poet, vocalist, painter, entrepreneur, promoter, activist, public speaker, connector and facilitator are just a few words that come to mind at the mere mention of her name. First and foremost Mills is a writer. Her passion stems from a pure love of words and the power held within them. From a poetic perspective, Mills speaks on all topics, depending on her mood, what she heard, read, saw or thinks. Mills is known to be a straight shooter who does not mince words. Mills mixes poetry with song and has completed two albums entitled A School of Thought I and II.”

The Carolinian Newpaper

“Robin Mills, the founder of Breathe to Think and The Platform will be doing her part to promote awareness of the issue of domestic violence and to raise funds to support the survivors of domestic violence by hosting an Artist Show Case in the midst of her monthly event….the Platform, an open forum designed to facilitate the process of local performing and visual artist by creating events to showcase local talent in a light that propels them to the next level in their careers.”

"5) Describe yourself in one paragraph One of them plays with words while the other one writes them down. One of them hears rhythm in every sound. One marvels over paint while the other plays with a brush. One dives into a project with a lover’s lust. One is a daydreamer all of the time. One takes to the stage and shines. One can tell stories. One can hear. One can see. One knows no fear. One is a philosopher to the bone. They are all Africans far from home and all live deep in my heart and dome. They set the pace they set the tone…in my world…in my home. They represent the one you see when you look directly at me"

"Robin Mills, whose oil and acrylic paintings - and Wall Tales accent walls and murals - brought us Breathe to Think, an online forum for performing artists, and the Visual Artists Realm, a display venue for visual artists. "The only way I'm going to be successful is if the people around me are successful," she said."

"Robin brings a lot of flavor to the show," said Long, who has worked with such greats as Vivica Fox, J. Anthony Brown, James Stephen III, Gravedigger, Musiq Soul Child, The Father of Go-Go Chuck Brown and Fantasia Barrino. "She gives the show an extra oomph. I bring the funny and Robin brings the talent, and she has brought me some sensational singers, some amazing visual artists. ... "Robin has her hand on the heartbeat of talent here," said Long, who'll host the areas first Carolina Comedy Awards gala in September. "I'm honored to have her as my co-host."