Robert James Fuller / Press

"Digging "Time Of The Assassin". I love your take on the blues - you bring a cinematic element to it; cool!!! :)"

Otto's Daughter - Reverbnation

"'Lunatic Moon' sounds great!"

Laurie Miller - Reverbnation

“Robert, You have this 'total musician' delivery, with part of you blues man, the other some element of Lou Reed. Eclectic and dynamic-- Time of the Assassin is so Dylan-esque. Talent that would have been picked up like Jim Morrison was years ago-- for distinction!”

Janice Kephart - Reverbnation

"Melt Not My Igloo" is a cool song! Refreshingly original!

Catalina Olea - Reverbnation

"Man, I love Behemoth. That track rocks the house". Frank Smith

Sills & Smith - Reverbnation

"Fantastic style, man. Very authentic sound and somehow fulfilling. Keep this good stuff alive."

Johnny Horne - Reverbnation

“'Time of the Assassin' great twist on the Smokestack Lightning groove... love that plaintiff harmonica on this track, well done friend.”

The Pizza Kings - Reverbnation

"hey !! Mrs Lcky!! Génial.!!!"

Freitod - Reverbnation

"Smokin..Hot~ Love your style & artistry"..

Cynthia Danne - Reverbnation

"Behemoth is an absolutely wicked track!!!! Love the groove and vocals! All the best mate!!!" --Brennagh Burns

Brennagh Burns - Reverbnation

"wicked dark blues and heavy journeys into the darkside on these amazing tracks..I can certainly understand the Jim Morrison connection, but to me there is a wide parallel in these songs to Nick Cave, David Lynch and even Jack White..it's all about the stories and taking the listener deep into the cracked soul of the singer/character.... ...really love the Carny creepiness of "behemoth"..fantastic vocals and great to hear someone investing their energies in such an original style and attitude".

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation