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RNA / Press

“Love your work!”

“Yo dope Music foreal.”

“I like your song so keep up your good work...”

“Wow, Dude!”

“Superb! Love your music!!”

“hey, nice tracks you got”

“keep doing ya thang.”

“Keep up the good work”

“great music...Ciao!”

“Keep it up! Best...Frank Schaefer, Gothic Sage”

“nice sound”

“Ciao, bella musica complimenti. Ciao....”

“We wish you the very best with everything. See you at the top of the charts.”

“Thanks for the inspiration! Peace, SKYHOUSE”

“Awesome tunes! You rock! =D Venus x”

“Thumbs up Love your sounds!”

“nice sound...”

“Neva lose yur hunger en respect da grind!! 1love”

“much luv n support to u my g, stay rockin”

“I really enjoy your music.”

“I liked your pages.”

“hey nice songs”

“best wishes from London.”

“Hey great stuff!”

“Very cool”

“Different! That's the good thing about music, you can be what you truly are! Good work Bro. Keep it up!!”

“Good luck with all that u do,,”

“cool page..”

“great music RNA.”

“RNA! Inspiring story(mine is very similar), and I love your style, I've never heard anything quite like it!- Greg”

“Keep doin the damn thing”

“Cool sounds!”

“Excellent work RNA.. good name. much luck to ya from oz!. DivPrae. :) DJT.”

“Hi! :) nice tracks!”

“Keep creating great music.”

“Very nice sounds..really nice!!!!”

“You tell it like it is on Money Thanks so much especially for giving me the chance to resonate with your Dolla song, exactly how I'm feeling today.”

“RNA,Thanks for the word. You Know is my favorite.”

“been playing 'you knoiw' & 'gotta do something', into them a lot. Thanks a fan - gotta be yours my friend :-).”

“Awesome and powerful work ! and best wishes:)”

“Hello RNA. Great songs you've got here. Let's keep the inspiration flowing and rock the net with music. Best regards, Rick”

“Great Tunes ! Keep up the good work !”

“Wishing you sunshine and smiles from Dubai. All the best. Regards. Rana.”

“Cheers from Colombia!”

“:-) greetings from vienna”

“become a fan”

“Hearing When I was younger now”

“Enjoy the songs”

“Awesome tracks!!!! Keep Rockin!”

“I listened to your music and it sounded awesome.”

“Thank you for sharing your music! good luck.”

“Great Sound! Happy to be a fan of yours”

“Love your music! Keep it up!”

“hope your year is going well..best wishes..”

“keep rockin that side”

“keep up the good work yeah peace out!!!”

“Best to you!”

“The music is good. Bring it on, Make music. Have a nice day, I'm glad that we are fans. thank you”

“You Rock!”

“keep it real”

“You got soem serious talent !”

“It is an honor to become your fan”


“keep up the good work!”

“love your music, $ bills!”

“good tunes !!”

“Hey RNA :) Look Like Money”

“Enjoyed your work. Best of luck.”


“digging your tracks. they all have a very original sound which is very refreshing in a over saturated genre nice sound and production sets you apart.”

“Nice tracks mate! Congrats.”

“i am now your fan”

“Good stuff keep up the hard work, jammin tunes!”

“love the music and the vibe”

“Nice tracks bro, diggin the sounds!-Dave”

“NIce music !!!”

“Spread the music”

“keep doing ur thing”

“good look bro”

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“Cool Music”

“What up dough this GRAM$, nice sounding music”

“Very cool”

“I see you bro”

“like your music. good music.”

“take care and keep on movin...”

“good work”

“Great Lyrics "When I was Younger" has some really good lyrics. Keep it up.”

“good songs, congratulations!!!”

“Sounds Great !!! Cheers from MinkMob ,Florida ,USA :)”

“keep the music alive”

“keep on the good music!”

“You have a distinctive sound. best of luck”

“Hi & Cheers from FIN! Keep up the good works&Feelings! You rock&rule!!!”

“Greetings from Modesto, California! I love your sound! Will be following your work! Much respect, Geoff”

“Your awesome very talented i love it dollar bills wonderful HATERS WILL BE HATERS YOU ARE AWESOME DONT EVER FORGET THAT MUCH LOVE TO YOU”

“Hey, Great music”

“As With Life, If You give 100%, Then expect 2 Get 100%. Everything You do reflects everything You are. Never stop Gryndin 4 what U deserve”

“I like Dolla Bills !”

“your music inspiring...”

“Nice material with the music. Good vibe!”

“We Really love the sound we are gonna recommend you to are fans”

“Brilliant stuff posted, Fresh, new and incendiary. Keep up the great work..”

“May God bless you and keep you in His care. Karen”

“nice songs”

“Keep Grindin”

“Yea RNA!! Keep it up, this is great classic sounding hip-hop!! Best of luck to you!! Dizzomo”

“We over here checking you out became a fan.”

“i just listened to i did it. dope track and flow. i'll come bk soon and listen to some more of ur tracks.”

“Hello just wanted to let you know I became a fan. I like your sound a lot”

“im feelin the music”

“Hot tracks!!! & Happy New Year 2 U Bruh! Keep doing it in 2012”

“Great way to execute music!!! Much respect!!!!”

“love the music keep up the great work !!”


“Nice work! Fresh flava for real! Keep it up!”

“Hi there thank you for sharing your beautiful music!!”

“I see & hear you doing ya thang so keep it up...I wish you the very best & hope you've had a great New Years! I love that song "Cause Of You Mama" -- keep it coming!”

“man i feel your jams to i like the fact that your making music about more than just average gangstwer rap #dopeness”

“I can dig that!”

“You are the bomb. MUAH”

“hey i heard your song sound good keep it up man”

“Nice Work!!!”

“Hey! I'm Sophi & I’m your newest fan! :)”

“Queuing you up for a listen.”

“We over here checking you out became a fan.”

“iight bro, keep it up folk”


“Keep Keep Keepin On!”

“Nice track, Think About It.. That song very nice, Have a wonderful year in music keep up the good work!!!”

“Hi! I just stopped by to visit your page, sounds great! Peace! :)_”

“RNA, good music, I love the track "Doin UR Thing!" It’s pretty hot. I like your sound in general; you’ve got your own thing going on. The quality is nice too; you know how important that is.”


“Keep up the outstanding work !”

“Keep pushing!”

“Yo I be on RN alot listening to music an I wanna say urs is some of the hottest ive heard on hear thanx fa makin great music just letin u no”


“like your songs , always expect me on your page cos you have dope songs there”

“whats up. i like ur tracks. keep doin what u doin.”

“I've become a fan of yours. I wish you all the success.”

“dope sounds..!!Greetings from Greece!!”

“You ROCK! Here's a cyber BIG HUG”

“Have a great day !! from Indonesia”

“Waz up ....Nice Tunes ....”

“Keep them hits comin'! Peace!”

“you keep pushing word”

“Keep doing yo thing homie! Mo”


“Digging your music keep up the good work”

“GREAT music! keep up the good work!”

“Cool tracks!”

“You ROCK!”

“nice music.. very nice! wish you the best.”

“Loved the Music Family!”

“Keep doin ya thing!”


“im really feel'n "Think About It" dope!”

“Love your music :)”

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“Great material & work”

“Many Blessings”

“Cool Music :)”

“Sweet music/style bro.”

“Sup Big Homie Ya Musik Go Hard”

“much luv homie stay up grind hard& pray harder ya digg keep on pushin dont nothin cum 2 sleepa but a la la bye”

“GoOoD Music I Had ToO Fan YoOu, I Wish YOu More Success...Chase Ya Dreams!”

“loving the music fam”

“VERY GOOD WORK!!!! Best wishes for this year and every year to come!!!”

“KSG Official likes your Music”

“Keep doin ya thing, much success to you!”

“Hey there, loving your stuff!!”

“Good music”

“Nothing but more success is coming your way! Just keep pushing and eventually the barriers will break. All the best to you in every move you make.”

“dope stuff”

“much respect to you and your work keep doin ya thanq!”

“Stopped by to listen to your music REAL good man”

“keep it up....”

“Keep living ur Dreams....Bless U. LUV SahDayaKeep living ur Dreams....Bless U. LUV SahDaya”

“I'm enjoyin' your tracks right now. Glad you made it thru adversities to success. Keep it up! Juliann”

“I see you are doing Big Things...”

“What up RNA! Dope sound bro!!”

“never gon change(8) Love that one Fam, Keep doing you thats nice Art”

“Sounds great man.”

“continue your nice music”

“Hi! Just wanted to become a fan!”

“Hi! Nice work, keep on creating! Good luck and all the best to you from Russia! Privet :)”

“keep makin hitz”

“Keep doin u, dnt make moves unless your heart's in it, and always remember knowledge is power.”

“Big up all music! Universal vibes to the world”


“keep on aiming for your dreams you will make it there someday :).”


“Nice work!!”

“Ya vibe is tight keep pushin it to the world”

“Love your song charlie sheen”

“Keep Pushin to Success!!!”

“Hey! Enjoying your music! Enjoying 'Charlie Sheen' Awesome! xx”

“Good look! Appreciate your music!”

“Hey its Wolverine,love ya music”

“from NY.Liked Ur Music & I'm a fan.”

“I love finding gems like your grooves that cut clean and hard through the genre clutter to grab my ears and soul.”

“Keeping it going and REAL. Like what your doing.”

“keep up the good work”

“love your song can you promote it in our group”

“Hi , keep up the good works :-) ! GOD bless and nothing less”

“i am totally overwhelmed... God bless...”

“Hey Rna, Gotta Show My UK Love & Support 2 ur Page,.Bless u, Charleena x”

“your music is amazing”


“you ready to take music to di nexx level”

“I'm checking out your tunes right now.”

“I love that song 'cause of you mama.”

“Showing love!”

“I see your hot”

“Good luck with all you do! KelC xoxoxo”

“Keep up the hard work it pays off at the end and keep the dreamz alive.”

“Great page, and thanks for getting in touch !! :: Respect from the Boogie Bros in Scotland ::”


“RNA, : ) YOU ROCK!!”

“Big Up RNA, your music is Awesome.. Much Respect!”

“Just became a fan. Just became a fan.”

“keep doing what you doing...be bless :)”

“keep doing work G”

“WO!!!!! Im LOVIN your music!!! You have A LOT of talent!!!!! MUCH Respect from New Orleans!!”

“wish you all the best for the future!”

“Wow RNA!! You are really something. Our life philosophy is so close. Great music!! Love, peace and lots of light and breaks for you. Carol X”

“ya music is nice.. Keep Banging it...”


“Hey I really like your music & think u can go far”

“i like it! nice song”

“I enjoy listening to your fantastic music. All the best, Glenn”

“I like ur Music... Keep up the good work...”

“keep doing your thing. No matter what u do don't let nobody stop u. As long as u believe eventually they will 2”

“killa tracks and sounds man!”

“Hello RNA!!! God Bless You!!!”

“I'm diggin the music, keep up the good work and represent Canada well.”

“enjoying your site - good luck with all the music”

“u r doing great :)”

“Best Wishes and Support for your music and a prosperous 2012.”

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“i love your music. keep on doing what you're doing! much love & respect from Iran!!!”

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“keep swaggin out =)”

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“Good Stuff. God Bless”

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“see you at the top”

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“cool music I gave a big Like to your page”

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“I hope you enjoy contunuation, a rich musical career, and god bless you Good luck! musically”

“Hi Congratulations for your talented Hits, Good Luck :)”

“nice work!”

“As With Life, If You give 100%, Then expect 2 Get 100%. Everything You do reflects everything You are. Never stop Gryndin 4 what U deserve!”

“Hey great tunes! Let me know when you put some more up :) ”

“talented producer”

“Best of luck with your projects!! Cheers,”

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“Hey RNA! I like what you're doing!”

“Keep Playing&Spreading music”

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“Hello I had to say your music sounds great!!”

“Keep it up Fam! Luv From Eastern Canada!! "CAuse of u mama" thats the ish!”

“nice songz i lke”

“got ya in my queue RNA”

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“Love your music. Music bridges all emotions & feelings & helps us escape. I'm your fan. Casey Picou”

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"ThugginIT" is Tight Work. Great Music Fam!!

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“So cool I like how you do your own thing!!”

“Hey Unique Sounds like it!”


“All the best”

“Nicely done....”

“Nice sounds.”


“Listened 2 some of your tracks on Friday & really enjoyed the sound.Nice work.”

“hi like your music”

“Much respect... horns raised in honor”

“God Bless”

“Becoming your fan and recommending you!”


“Hey just checked u out .. U got some fire..”

“Jah Bless your creations... Musical versatility...”

“RNA Nice music”

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“Great tracks !! my faves...? "Cause Of U Mama " and "Thuggin It" Excellent !! and all the best and love from Australia ~ Jen xo”

“Enjoy your sound”

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“Your music sounds great!”

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“Good music you have, I really love the cause U Mama, that was a good song. Keep up the good work.”

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“Hi, I dig your music, nice grooves.”

“you are doing well in the Music World.”

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“Yo RNA sick tunes man! Lovin' Cause of U Mama!”

“keep doin what we do best”

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“Yo wut up fam i've been listening to ur music, ima fan.”

“Stay on the GRIND.”

“I becoming a Fan. Nice songs, good work !”

“Hi RNA, you have great songs here, keep it up the good work. Greetings from France.”

“Checked out your page, pretty tight tracks u got there! keep up the great work!”

“I like ya sound.. Keep the world intune with it..”

“Yo fam im feelin yo music keep it up!”

“Great tracks-I may send "cause of you mama" to my Mom, because you got it right on the money with that one,my friend!”

“All the best to you...”

“Hi I'm Iwan from Indonesia Nice to know you and your music”

“i c u mane”


“keep doin ya thing man”

“you're awesome ! :)”

“all the best in life and on your musical career.”

“Spreading my interest!”

“I've been enjoying your sounds.”

“I'm diggn your music. :)”

“what up homie? keep up the good work.”

“I like Thuggin' It .. . Thanks for the music!”

“too much g! real shit u spittin im feeling it bro”

“RNA We have recommended your music to our fans.”

“I like the reggae flow too it sounds great”

“All the best! ”

“RNA, Your sound is unique & professional. Stay cool...SMP - Peace”

“much luv. g keep doin yo thing.”

“Cool tracks!”

“good music”

“fan nice stuff ya got keep it up, peace”

“Love your music.”


“Good music”

“Sounds good!!”

“We like your cool grooves and interesting story lines. Your new fans, Mike and Leon Twist of Zen”

“diggin ya track "play me for a fool" keep up the good work ..peace”


“Great groove and beat.”

“I'm feeling your music”

“hi RNA, i love your music. you have a wonderful gift. i wish you the best in life for you and your fam. thank you for making music. Bless ♥”

“Showing love 2 da movement!!”

“dope shit man”

“Play Me For A Fool!! Cool Track RNA”

“great songs. We "like it".”

“all the best with the music”

“Hi, great vibe you have happening here! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!”

“Your Music Sounds good!! Keep it Up!! Joe Jones”

“Wishing you much success,all the best continued on Reverbnation 'n your music pursuit regards, quit yet”

“Hi there, just listened to "Play Me For A Fool" cool tune, really liked the lyrics :)”

“Great sound, keep up the good work.”

“keep it pushin.”

“The music is great. Keep it up. Respect. Peace.”

“Love your music, great voice and backing, May I wish you the very best of good luck. Peter O' Sullivan”

“enjoy our music!!!greetings from Prague!!!”

“Hi RNA, Incredible bio. I hope it is all behind you now and your future shines.Enjoying your music.”

“Hi, really enjoyed your music!”

“your sound is very intressting so i like it, Jerry Bx”

“ghood shit homie .”

“Keep the music flowing!”

“Cool music, nice , great work :D congratulations!!! you are veryyyyy coool :D keep on rockin!!! :)”


“good luck with your music career”

“Hello Rna This is Artist Paul Borges in Cleveland Ohio! Nice Tracks Will recommend and LIKE on Fb.”

“RNA!! Keep up the great work!! Respect and Shouts from Greece -Lay LOw-”

“really liking tha music stuff bruh”

“Wus up? Nice music.”

“Best of success to you.”

“we wish you all the best! -MARISCAL”

“Great work! I was just listening to a few of your tracks—Cause of U Mama, was a really great track. You could really hear the emotion coming through”

“Hella dope trackz!”

“warmest wishes, raine and pierre”

“One love and jah guide !!!”

“Love your style!! And congrats on your number one ranking!”

“cool sound”

“hi your songs are superb great awsome love to listen <3”

“YOOOOO i love the sound”

“play me for a fool - great track”

“sendin a shout out to RNA keep me posted”

“Nice songs u gat there!!!”

“wish you the best with your music! Blessings and love, garner”

“Feelin ya tracks # Salute”

“Fantastic sounds in all your sounds, really amazing... Excellent work. Thanks for your music Best wishes”

“Like what I hear here . Keep it up ..ROCK ON”

“Be good to yourself & Keep on rocking”

“greetings from Chicago!! much love and respect..many props for doing what you do..keep up the good work..”

“oh I really like Charlie Sheen :-)”

“Wow! Good job good vibes !!!”

“Hi love your music you got another Fan”

“Keep doing yo thang,,,”


“keep doin yo thang”

“That First Joint On Ya Page Is Dope”

“Great sound and music..”


“ya music is fiya grind hard,J-EVA”

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“A Nice Vibe #1”

“Nice flow bless kwp!”

“We are your fans too.”

“nice tunes youve got dere....... stay blessed”

“thanks for the connection”

“I really dig your sound.”

“Good luck with everything :)”

“rockk fromThe2ndpower nice music”

“Thanks for sharing your music with us :)”

“Hey I like your music.”


“Keep Doing Your Thang See You At The Top”

“props to you”

“Nice work”

“good music def impressed”

“good music def impressed”

“I like your music”

“Hey great stuff”

“I Like Ur Sound! Nice Music Over Here”

“Keep the music rollin'. ”

“Hi RNA, Congratulations on being #1”

“Keep doing great things and stay true to yourself”

“I definitly dig your shit man..”

“you got an amazing sound! keep doing what ur doing!!!!!!!!!! ”

“Love your sounds!”

“Hey! Thanks for introducing us your music :-) ”

“we are enjoying your music”

“Lovin your flow! Cause Of You Mama, Thuggin It & Think About it are Great Songs! I wish you the best in your music career! ”

“I'm listen your music right now!!! COngratulations and God bless you greetings. ”

“Music is doope! I’m diggin your track “Play Me For A Fool”! ”

“Love Peace & Happiness! ”

“Wassup? Just coming through checking out your tracks. Your work is inspiring.”

“Don't let the hatrade of others become the burden within yourself that you can't continue with what life has to offer you. The days will come when life will embrace you with all that you have put together to become who you are today. The challenges that you face are temperary, so take them on as you will strengthen yourself for better days to come.”

“Got talent”

“Keep Rockin”

“like ya muzik keep workin hard bruh,,,”

“hey man, I liked ur page”

“Im a fan of your music”

“I dig your work”

“That First Joint On Ya Page Is Dope ”

“Good luck with your Music In the Future”

“just stoppin thru n checkin out ur shit u go hard”

“You have a new Fan in Toronto, Canada. Robert”

“Love Your Music”

“You are awesome”

“I love what im hearing and cant wait to hear more, so ill be back.”

“Waddup! Feelin the flows!”

“Keepin it original dats wats good! ”


“wishing you plenty success & prosperity throughout your journey!”

“Tell a Friend 2 Tell a Friend 2 Tell a friend....we jamm'n the F*@k Out to sum of the hottest Indies around the world ...”


“Love your music!”

“Keep working hard!”

“nice work!”

“nice work.much love from B.F.L”

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“Beautiful Music !!!”

“I liked "Thuggin It"”

“Great work!”

“Keep us posted on ur new stuff.”

“shit dope ”

“That First Joint On Ya Page Is Dope ”

“I have listened to your tracks and I should say that the music is very good and interesting, and I like it!”

“feelin that mama track”

“Cause of you mama is real dope. Positive ”

“Think about it. is nice. Good job fam ”

“Keep Doin Yo Thing!!”

“wanted to let you know your good at what you do ”

“nice tracks, i just became a fan”

“Dope music! ”

“feeling the music ”

“I really like what you have going on.”

“Awesome & Great tracks. Yeah!!! ”

“I listened to your music and it sounded awesome. ”

“Love your beat! ”


“Nothing but Respect for "PLay Me" ! ”

“Great stuff there! Congrats on your rank #! Good luck! ”

“May the Lord continually bless you and keep you. Take care and stay encouraged ”

“Cause of U Mama" is a classic 1 RNA!”

“keep up the good work and keep in touch good luck! ”

“Now that is funny, Charlie Sheen. Thanks I needed to hear that”

“Great music & sound!! ”

“nice work ”

“great work”


“Loving the beats! Love the music! Play on in greatness! ”

“Enjoyed your page”

“Creative approach!”

“very good music sounding real nice ”

“Nice flow”

“Sounds Great!!...keep up the good work!! ”

“Welcome to my world - Let me take you on a journey of life - Seen through my eyes - Know why I'm the way I am - And learn why RNA is the artist that he is - Why RNA is music”

“Great production quality! Good emotion”

“RNA is what is missing in music right now, with his catchy hooks, strong delivery, amazing stage presents, a passion for performing with his dancing ability, he has a fresh life to the whole idea of entertainment. Always growing with his unique approach which makes him a delight to watch with an energy that can get you moving, a joy. Not only just an artist; RNA is also a producer an engineer with some extreme potential of becoming a well known figure in the music industry. DNA for rap is just an understatement of his writing ability; RNA is a very versatile artist which helps to keep him fresh, current or even ahead of his time with his approach. He always aims to create classical and memorable music, solo or even when he works with others. RNA is dominant by himself as well as in a group or on any collaborating projects. Picture 2pac, DMX, Biggie Small, Three 6 Mafia, Ludacris and NWA mixed together is how you would describe RNA.”

“Amazing music here. Very good work and sounds ! Keep Driving ”

“My first day of High School sucked because my step mother cut up all my clothes because my half bother disrespected her , and then she used my baby bonus to buy all her kids new clothes because she use to send the baby bonus checks to her mother’s house. RNA’s dad did not even replace any of his clothes, his dad cried to spend fifty dollars every summer to buy two pair of jeans. Because RNA has strong appearance he was always hated on by his peers and even some family members (and the funny thing about it is that I thought I had no appearance, but they saw in me what I couldn’t see).RNA’s confidence was build through the way he handle pain, said due to the fact he never had a father figure or no guidance by him, he fell into the gang life; N.W.A.C. (Niggaz without a cause) repping yellow and black. I had a hundred on my team but I canceled the whole operation due to disloyalty and I did not like the path I was heading down.”

“May God bless you and keep you in His care. ”

"RNA" dna for rap,canada's best kept secrete is a jamaicain born.He is very talented indeed who shows he's strong as a solo artist,whoes versatile enough to work with anyone.RNA is truly a name that will be remembered.The Revolution Now Arrive"RNA" was given to him because of his strong presence and hype energy that he brought with him,this name was given to him. He inspires people to want more of themselves,to do better in whatever their doing to give their best through him as a person and through his music. He's here to bring qaulity music to the people to bring out the reality of what's going on.His goal is to be as great as the one before him,to impact people with his music as they did before him.RNA favorite quote is "making money no excuses" which means to him: if the oppertunity presents itself TAKE IT.

“I love your story”

“RNA sold drugs due to the fact that he was about to have twins, he felt the income he was making wouldn’t help him to support his kids when they are born, so he went on the grind. He cover the areas of Brampton, Scarborough, Hamilton, and Grimsby accumulating a profit of three thousand a night, grinding twenty-four seven with no sleep just smoking a lot of weed, while rhyming to past time, while selling crack and coke. I stopped eventually because my girl at the time had a miscarriage, which I took it hard, so I felt no need to keep testing my luck, I had too much encounters with cops, raids, holding cell made me realize that this was not the life for me, so I got back focusing my music. This has always been RNA’s first love and a way to deal with his pain; my life was like a soap opera from start, wonderful things I create with a pen.”

“You have some of the most epic songs here in Reverbnation! :) ”

“RNA learned at an early age the hardship of life, which he said made him stronger which helped him to look at life positive while engulf in a negative society. Hard at times he said to think this way with so much people that hate on my progress, just got to decide who you want to be happy, them or you? So he chose himself because he firmly believes you cannot love another until you learn to love yourself. A very cool and lay back person but also his a very hard worker, going the extra mile to get the job done. RNA fell in love with music at an early age which he recalls at birth, because it has been so long since it has been in his life. RNA jokes as saying he believe his very first rhyme was goo-goo gaga, music is me. RNA the chosen one is different in a good way evoking so much passion from the heart with his creative word play. RNA is a life base artist but also includes party sound track known to be the life of the party he wanted to incorporate that very essence into his music.”

“Brilliant stuff posted, Fresh, new and incendiary. Keep up the great work”

“Check out this brand new song by RNA "Up on the Hustle" on sound cloud off his upcoming album, which is his first song for the new year. In this song RNA basically talks about how he opened his eyes and realize that people who hated on him all his life really just wanted to be him, because they saw in him something they wish they had in themselves. Take it in - follow the link”

“We Really love the sound we are gonna recommend you to are fans”

“Fire, fire ain't nothing but hot traxx going on in the studio can't wait till you hear. It's official RNA droppin' bangers like bomb - crazy ”

“Nice material with the music. Good vibe! ”


“your music inspiring...”

“Much thanks to everyone for all the love and support, I really appreciate it. The time you take to listen, your shared thoughts and hopeful wishes is well received. It’s because of each and every one of you why I still have the strength to do what I do. Thanks for being a fan and a friend, for entering my world and for sharing yours. Love always from “RNA” - cheers from bottom to top #teamswagsofly”

R - From B. to T. publishing

“stopping by to show love keep up the great tracks.....”

“My love for music has always been a genuine passion. I enjoy sharing my life and My experience hoping I can teach others that there is always a next choice or a next path you can take. I write music in many different lights; as for instance the villain, hero, lost, found, sad, confuse, happy, mad, confident, unsure, rich, poor, lover, heartbreaker, my visions, my dreams, ups and my downs while exploring my raw emotions.”

“I like Dolla Bills ! ”

“I write to vent and for others that can’t speak for themselves, who might have share the same views or never look at life the way that I do. I never try to impose my ways on others; all I ask is for you to listen before you are a judge. Many go through life and believe that they have been dealt a bad hand and they are more real than others because of what they been through but in actuality they blow up their hardship, when they put themselves in that drama. I believe being real is when you can teach someone off your own failures in life and not encouraging them to make the same mistake because you want someone to suffer as you did. I enjoy everything about music, now that I can make beats I can deliver it the way I intend. I love performing, writing, dancing, making beats and engineering, it is such a high when you complete a great song. ”