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Rj Samuels / Press

“I love music like this and is very upbeat and the jazz sound is just wonderful. I can tap my foot as I listen and it takes me to a different place. I truly enjoyed listening to this track.”

Unknown - Slicethepie

"The instrumentation of the song is harmonious and displays the skill of the artist well. I like how the trumpets and the guitars sounded. The track has a calm and relaxing atmosphere that is delightful to listen to. The arrangement of the song is well thought out and dynamic. The recording quality is precise and clear"

Unknown - Slicethepie

“Jazz Review - Down By The Bayou. This classical piece of orchestrated music had a sweet sounding saxophone. The blues type of feeling was good to hear”

Unknown - Slicethepie

“Some nice effects in this track, it moves grealty and gives out a pleasant feel, it's good to hear and the rythm is kept simple, no bad signs in this track.”

Unknown - Slicethepie

“the music was really calming and relaxed, I thought the song had a good smooth pace to it with the slow orchestral violin notes following the strummed guitr notes. the song was pleasant and I very chilled out and meloow which I found refreshing for slice the pie. I thought the singer was really nice, a mature singing voice and nice range of notes and I thought she was a really nice smoth voiced singer who was laid back but oozed charm”

Unknown - Slicethepie

“Great sound. Good tunes sounds. Very experimental , smooth jazz like. Loving brasss and slide guitar, very adept and skilled playing. Very pleasing on the ear. Good communication between instrument. Nice arrangement and good cohesion. Thumbs UP.”

Unknown - Slicethepie

“you are simply the best; It would be my pleasure to work with you RJ”

Habbit Forming Music - ReverbNation

“Thank you for inviting me to listen to your music Rj Samuels. I really enjoyed it. Such nice, soft, melodic sounds...beautiful. Continued success in your career. ”

Coretta B. - RevebNation

"Lucky Me" to find your page! Cheers : )

Jade Lillie "The Blussian" - ReverbNation

“Great sounds, I really love Down by The Bayou, I think it's got an almost Nick Drake quality to it.. Thanks for kind words also.. hope you have a wonderful Christmas & a properous New Year..”

Kevin Wrench - ReverbNation

"Down by the Bayou" - The song had a slow start and the jazzy feeling of the song sounded nice. I enjoyed the simplicity of the song, it sounded creative and good. Nice soft rhytms.

Unknown - Slice of the Pie

“Music is what feelings sound like”

Anon - Ellis Manhattan Music Productions