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RivetHead / Press

“If you’re into Static-X – heavy drums, pounding guitar and intense lyrics – you need to familiarize yourself with RivetHead. Steve Page, Kevin Kerr, Derek James and Mark Halford have been killing it in Dallas for some time now – responsible for the kick-ass theme song behind the NHL’s Dallas Stars. They’ve also dropped seven friggin’ albums, including their latest: “Doomsday for Optimism”. Lead singer Page says “This is our biggest, baddest release yet! Without wearing out the word ‘epic’, it really is massive.”


“Absolutely grinding, ride-the-riff industrial coming from Texas. Just the way I like it. Groove intense, melody heavy. Nothing wrong with some metal that you can shake your ass to. Well, as long as it's not my ass. "Super Zero" is about as good an industrial killer as I've heard in a while, with it's monstrous riff, techno flourishes, and non-stop freaking grind. Reminds me of an ugly, lovefest product of NIN and Ministry. Or more appropriately, sounds like a lost (and better) track from '90's grinders, Orgy. Rough vocals and killer beat. Hell yes. The rest of the album hangs just as well. "Deaf Ears" ups the sythn aspects, bringing in a darker NIN mood but no less pounding when that buzzsaw guitar kicks in. Touches of goth darkwave drape over the riveting beats, like a funeral pall, and it all works well. Songs like "Vampire" and "Buried Another One" are just waiting for their chance to appear in some cool Dark Ones underground bar scene.”

The Ripple Effect

“RIVETHEAD knows how to do a CD release party and played their new album “Doomsday For Optimism” from start to finish in the same order as the tracks on the CD. With fourteen songs on the album it was a long set but definitely brought the house down. The new album is great and what people have come to expect from RIVETHEAD. Of course the new album alone wasn’t enough and they played a few of the fan favorites – including some of their covers of such songs as “Sexy Back” and “Du Hast”, plus “Difference” off their self titled album “Rivethead”. Not only was the band pumped up about their new album but Curtain Club also honored them by adding them to the band signs hung throughout the venue.”


“Get ready for a petal-to-the-metal, head-on assault that is Rivethead and their mission is ‘Doomsday For Optimism’. From the moment you push play all the way through to the end, Rivethead and their latest effort never let up on the gas. Aggressive, in-your-face music that will energize your senses and ring loud in your ears is what you will experience from ‘Doomsday For Optimism’. Rivethead plays LOUD ‘n’ HEAVY music that is quite intense in texture but highly diverse in substance. No question about it that this band and this record is in the metal category but Rivethead seems to have a unique presence.”

Skope Magazine

“The story of RivetHead is one best told through the tracks on Doomsday for Optimism. This veteran band has refined their sound over the course of the last few years, and comes to the opening strains of Super Zero with tremendous momentum. The band is able to insert tremendously catchy hooks deep in the psyche of anyone listening in. While each of the album’s fourteen cuts showcase a slightly different side for the band, there is a cohesion that is whipped up on tracks like Cricket Bat or Buried Another One that keeps listeners focused in. The different influences and styles that tinge this composition represent the very terminuses of rock music. This allows RivetHead to create an unique sound that touches upon some of the most famed rock artists of all time, all while creating a sound that is larger than life. Doomsday for Optimism is one of those rare albums that avoid the late-disc doldrums.”


“Dallas’ reigning Industrial Metal band drops their seventh CD this month, and Doomsday is their most devastating assault yet. No matter who you are, you’ve most likely heard Rivethead’s sounds, either at a sporting event, on the radio or XM, or at local rock venues that often spin their melodically pounding covers of Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” and Britney’s “Toxic.” Doomsday is aptly titled as it brings a darker and more dire seriousness to the band’s sound. If Trent Reznor took steroids and got really pissed off, he’s pen this album. From Steve Page’s throat tearing vocals on “Buried Another One” to the creepy District 9-like electronics on “Vampire”, R.H. again proves that the kings of the hill are not ready to step down anytime soon! (MB) ”

Lit Monthly

“These guys deliver exactly what you signed up for - rivethead music for rivethead people. Really well put together in all departments from the mesh of the drums and electronics to the guitars and the vocals. Great tension in the opening riff reminded me of the original "Assault On Precinct 13" movie somehow - and as you'd expect - the references to industrial metal are throughout. Great drops too. I hear fragments of the band i didn't sign from Chicago - Disturbed in there and would put these guys in an oxy-acetyline stand-off with Ministry any day. - Martin Adkins, He was a member of Public Image Ltd and Killing Joke. He founded industrial supergroup Pigface, The Damage Manual, and Murder Inc., and has contributed to Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. He is the owner of Invisible Records and Mattress Factory Recording Studios (est. 1988).”

“RIVETHEAD, from merry, old England , was very entertaining. I had never seen a British metal band before- it was quite a treat. They seemed to spend more time developing their sound and increasing their talent than most bands from this side of the pond, but they don't lose any of the aggresiveness that makes metal... well, metal.”

Fort Worth Music.com

“RIVETHEAD [Industrial/Metal/Rock] this is one of the best indie band's I've ever heard.Their based out of Dallas Texas Use Mainly B.C. Rich Warlocks for their excellent distortion and get a great outcome from using them.They have to be one of the best Industrial band's in existence at this time. check their myspace out at http://www.myspace.com/rivethead and their website is http://www.rivetheadonline.com/ I came upon their website while looking for a clothing website and mispelled the name glad i did that.”

Pleather Munky

“RIVETHEAD/Self Titled (Self Released) This was a good example of modern metal played well. The band sound a bit like Metallica, but with more of an edge and more aggressive than what they are up too nowadays. The vocals are a bit in the tough guy style, but the guy singing has a more melodic edge and doesn't sound generic here at all. The tunes are bone crushing tunes that I bet go over a storm live. This isn't one of those Oz fest bands, but they are one of the few modern metal bands that I think is different and doing something new and exiting and if this band can't get signed, then these labels need to wake up and smell the coffee. Info: www.rivetheadonline.com”

Metal Core Fanzine

“Aus Texas stammt die Band RIVETHEAD, die nach eigenen Angaben Industrial Metal spielt. Darunter stelle ich mir als Mitteleuropäer Bands wie MINSTRY, FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY, FEAR FACTORY oder etwas melodischer DIE KRUPPS vor. Aber RIVETHEAD nutzen die Möglichkeiten der Elektronik nicht genug aus, um sich Industrial nennen zu dürfen. Elektro-Metal passt schon eher, wenn auch die Songs allesamt nicht so der Reißer sind. Die großen Hooks und Riffs fehlen und auch der Gesang kommt zwar gut, aber auch nicht überragend. Um die Sache abzuschließen: ein durchschnittliches Metalalbum mit dezenten elektronischen Einflüssen. Wer Bock hat, hört rein. Wer keinen Bock hat, lässt es bleiben. www.rivetheadonline.com (chris) zurück / Startseite www.amboss-mag.de”

Amboss Magazine, De

“Achtung mal wieder was aus USA Land . Mit "Rivethead" kommt ein Trio aus Amiland mit Richtig Gutem Metal daher. Schöne gerade Riffs mit einem sehr interessanten Gesang. Was auch auffällt sind die abgefahrenen Keyboard Anfänge. Macht echt Laune die Scheibe durch zu hören da immer wieder was neues zu entdecken ist. Die Band verkörpert sehr guten straighten Metal aus den 90ern wenn ich das so schreiben darf. Nichts außergewöhnliches aber auch nicht langweilig. Am Besten selber anhöre Mehr Infos zur Band unter: www.rivetheadonline.com”

Metal Hammer

“(Spielzeit: 51 min./VÖ: 2006) Komisch, auch wenn das US-Quartett Rivethead relativ unbekannt ist, kommt mir dessen Sound unheimlich bekannt vor. Obwohl ich weder PCW-Wrestling schaue, noch permanent Basketball Matches der Dallas Mavericks per Fernseh-TV verfolge, fällt irgendwann der Groschen, warum der Sound des Vierers fast auf Anhieb klar im Gedächtnis hängen bleibt. ”

Metallic Zine

“We received the third work of this North American band, RivetHead, an album with 13 tracks of industrial core metal with some electronic touches, they are not very speedy, rather melodic but aggressive, with influences of bands like Metallica (especially in the voice), Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, etc. "Rivet Gun" is, to my view, the best song in the disk. For the fanatics of the gender I am for sure it is a killer disk, to jumping!!”

Metal Radika

“RIVETHEAD is an unsigned band based in Texas . Members are all from Texas except for the singer/guitarist Steve being from U.K. They have packaged an industrial heavy rock music on their self-titled third release. From start to finish, they symbolize solid rock music decorated by industrial/electro sound. Guitars are heavy, rhythms are groovy and vocals are tough and strong. Even though they incorporate digital sounds into their rock music, they never sound too inorganic. Their strength is a hookey, not necessarily catchy, vocal melody that builds dynamically throughout. They reminded me a little bit of ROB ZOMBIE at some parts. This sort of style is not really my kinda music, but I could enjoy the CD for the band plays very solid and the production is top-notch. My favorite is track 12 "Time Bomb". Well-done for an unsigned group.”

Masa - 21st Century Metal

“RIVETHEAD – Rivethead (RH) – Modern sounding, dare we say Nu? Yeah we can, muscled up melodic Nu Metal with a crunchy adrenaline pumping electronic edge. The North American outfit do it as well as a thousand others, polished and professional and in need of some identity and personality, desperately needing something to make them stand out from the crowd. If you like your electronic nu-metal they do it well enough”

Organ Magazine, UK

“RIVERHEAD/Self Titled (Self Released) This was a good example of modern metal played well. The band sound a bit like Metallica, but with more of an edge and more aggressive than what they are up too nowadays. The vocals are a bit in the tough guy style, but the guy singing has a more melodic edge and doesn't sound generic here at all. The tunes are bone crushing tunes that I bet go over a storm live. This isn't one of those Oz fest bands, but they are one of the few modern metal bands that I think is different and doing something new and exiting and if this band can't get signed, then these labels need to wake up and smell the coffee.”

Metal Core Fanzine

“Direkt aus den Staaten erreichte mich der fett produzierte und superb aufgemachte 13-Tracker der Jungs aus Dallas. Mit dem gleichnamig betitelten dritten Scheibchen legen RIVETHEAD ein modernes Metalalbum vor, das im Opener ‚Difference’ stark an eine dunkle Version Jon Oliva’s Pain/Savatage erinnert. Die düstere Stimmung bleibt bei den meisten Nummern erhalten, einige Samples und Sequenzer bringen ein dezent modernes Feeling dazu, sind aber gut integriert. Cage mit Bock auf Experimente könnten ähnlich klingen.”

Bright Eyes Magazine, Germany

“Holla, da haben die Texaner aber ein paar schwere Promo-Geschütze aufgefahren: Riesiger Aufkleber, Hochglanzvisitenkarte und beidseitig bedruckte DIN A 4 Hochglanz-Bandinfo. Dieser selbstbetitelte Output ist mittlerweile die dritte Scheibe von Rivethead. Die Burschen werben mit fünfstelligen Myspace-Fanzahlen, mit ordentlichem lokalen Airplay und damit, als Hintergrundmusik für Wrestling-Matches herangezogen zu werden. Ob die "Labellosigkeit" nun selbstgewählt wurde, oder als Hinweis für chronisches Bandpech zu werten ist, kann an der Stelle nicht festgestellt werden. Was festgestellt werden kann, ist dass "Rivethead" hier eine Industrial-Metal Variante fabriziert haben, die ebenso eingängig ist, wie sie einfach gestrickt wurde. ”

Metal Spheres

“Dafür, dass RIVETHEAD keinem Label verpflichtet sind und ihre Musik bis jetzt in Eigenregie produzieren, kann sich der Viererpack aus Dallas wirklich hören lassen. Mit einer lupenreinen Promotion zu ihrem inzwischen dritten, gleichnamigen Album, das sich sowohl soundtechnisch, als auch optisch kaum von einer schicken Labelproduktion unterscheiden lässt, will man endlich im großen Stil auf sich aufmerksam machen.”

Blood Chamber, De

“I am not one for real hard fisted /industrial/electro type metal musicand I pretty much stay away from reviewing such noise. But as I always tell my kids, “If you don’t try something you don’t think you like, you may never know if you will like it”. I will also state I don’t like violent yelling, where you never understand the statement or the aggressionand that is in part why I shy away from reviewing this type of genre! RIVETHEAD a Dallas based heavy metal/industrial band, shines through all of the above.”

Joe - Rockeyez

"Rivethead is an extraordinary combination of old industrial metal with Static X and Ministry. The album The 13th Step is kinda special and complex. From a brutal sound like Ministry it passess to soft track with piano and then continues with agressive riffs combined with electronic elements." - Malice, Metal Act - Romania

Malice - Metal Act

““To cut a long story short: this band convinces me right from the get go. The sound is a dirty hybrid somewhere in between Filter, Static X and Rammstein-light. The result is a inviting, somewhat rallying product which is supported by the Ministery-esque ADHD vocals of singer Steve Page.” – Frank D., Lords of Metal – The Netherlands”

Frank D. - Lords of Metal

"Industrial group/loud rock/nu-metal band from Dallas, Texas! RIVETHEAD releases a full-length album in 2008! Effect-processed, angry, shout vocals with a catchy feel; programmed beats; crunchy, metallic guitars; and a rhythm section with a tough groove combine for a great industrial style! Their sound mixes the style of Static-X, White Zombie and Metallica!" - O-Level, Japan

0-Level, Japan

"The 13th Step is a complex CD with many highs and lows. Steve is a master composer he has crafted an album that in my opinion is one of his best efforts to date. There is 14 tracks on this CD and I have to say I still want more!" - Chris Nite, Lit Monthly

Chris Nite - Lit Monthly

"I love this band. The music is so cutting edge and right where it needs to be for the taste of the industry right now." - Vix, Sugarbuzz Magazine - Oklahoma City, OK

Vix - Sugarbuzz Magazine

"The 13th Step is, without question, a monumental album, arguably the equal of any other record written and produced by the Dallas metal scene since Pantera imploded. Rivethead's aggressive-yet-beautiful brand of industrial metal is impressive. And their diversity of musical styles --while always remaining true to their heavy metal roots-- hopefully ensures that the band's distinctive sound will never get stale and predictable." - Todd Maternowski, Pegasus News - Dallas, TX

Todd Maternowski - Pegasus News

"RIVETHEAD: Metal elements complement very well- done hard-rock songwriting." - Ayo, KDGE 102.1FM, Dallas

Alan Ayo - KDGE

"These guys add electronic elements to hard-hitting metal, making their sound a tad industrial. But only a tad. At their core, the tracks on The 13th Step follow the tried-and-true formula of forefathers Metallica and Pantera. Anti-establishment lyrics? Check. Manic guitars? Check. Growling vocals? Check. Tight, unrelenting percussion? Chiggity-check. -HUNTER HAUK, QuickDFW"

Hunter Hawk - QuickDFW