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River Whyless / Press

"River Whyless is as much about the music they create as the place they come from."

"Halli’s violin gives each song a dreamy, ethereal quality while Ryan’s string plucking (with feather accent in his guitar) and percussion from Alex McWalters keep songs rooted in the ground. "

"The recording was done in Martha’s Vineyard — the band jumped at an opportunity to escape the distractions of daily life in Asheville — during three weeks last winter, infusing the songs with the melancholy of sea and sky, damp earth and salt air."

“The band's percussive sound is most recognizable from the melodic interplay between the sharp vocal harmonies of songwriters Halli Anderson and Ryan O'Keefe and Anderson's soaring violin.”

Dane Smith - Mountain Xpress

“the group crafts robust, bright music that balances between buoyant pop and some sort of new, happy Americana. O'Keefe's vocals are simultaneously warm and commanding, with energy comparable to Josh Ritter.”

Alli Marshall - Mountain Xpress

“Throughout their set, which drew hundreds of enthusiastic onlookers in from the campgrounds, the band gracefully walked the line between folk and indie-rock, frequently steering their harmony-laden choruses into rowdy jams that highlighted the sometimes frantic, always pleasing fiddle of singer Halli Anderson.”

Dane Smith - Mountain Xpress

““…Coming from all different backgrounds, each musician adds their own spirit to the group. The result is a smooth, driving folk/indie-rock sound that the band members have trouble clearly defining…””

Ben Austin - Ellsworth American Monday, July, 2009 at 9:59 am