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Richie / Press

“Excellent music...loved the video”

Joesf Glaude and James Ruggles - ReverbNation

“Perfect background music that holds my attention all day.”

Joanna Melas - ReverbNation


IRA JACKSON - ReverbNation

“This is absolutely gorgeous guitar playing. It gives me chills just listening to it... All of the songs just create a mood and flow into each other so well... the rhythms and layers... I could fall in love with this :)”

Marquita Brown - ReverbNation

“Awesome playing...Musicianship top shelf!!”

Hillbilly Dix - ReverbNation

“Bel brano "Just You & Me"”

Luciano Martella - ReverbNation

“Great tunes here!!”

ILya Solis - ReverbNation

“Great Songs”

ABOI DOYLE - ReverbNation

“Beautifully put together blend of sounds!”

Caroline Ty - ReverbNation

“Just You & Me is cool. Like the reverb. Makes the guitar just sing. Sweet, very sweet jam.”

Magnificat Sonnets - ReverbNation

“Outstanding music, Fly The Sky Train ROCKS :)”

marker magic - ReverbNation

“Great sound & Great work!!”

Katsumi Yoshihara - ReverbNation

“Beautiful music scapes with a relaxed feel. Very nicely done.”

Emanuel David - ReverbNation

“Really nice stuff, beautiful tones, grooves and atmospheres.”

Curtis Ray Smith - ReverbNation

“I really like your guitar feel. Every note is meaningful and passionate.”

Greg Ashton Haze - ReverbNation

“Excellent music!!!”

Pace Ride - ReverbNation

“This is some of the most emotionally moving music that I have hear in sometime! It gave me chills!! Fantastic!! I can't stop listening!”

Jeri Cross - ReverbNation

“I am listening, and truly enjoying your Great music, awesome work.”

Denne™ - ReverbNation

“Great music! Wonderful sound! Wonderful performances! Most enjoy listening to your tracks!”

LPB band - ReverbNation

“Soothing sound of music, beautiful guitar sound & amazing melodies... very, very entertaining.”

Fatamorgana - ReverbNation

“I just listened to 'Dancing satelites', awesome work!”

The KHM - ReverbNation

“Were playing the best of Reverb tonight!”

PROMIZE™ - ReverbNation

“That's what music is all about, to enjoy making it with or without an audience. Great stuff!”

MBM - ReverbNation

“Top notch!”

Xenophanes Productions - ReverbNation

“Awesome...... beautiful music, really enjoy listening!”

Yusuf Bahar - ReverbNation


Mike Taylor - ReverbNation

“Great work, you have the gift! Thank you for sharing!”

Six String Woody - ReverbNation

“Excellent composition skills. Great feel in your playing. Loved "Sopravviviamo"!”

James Michael Skeen - ReverbNation

“I love the sounds coming from your hands and your Telecaster!”

Themis Nakas - ReverbNation

“Love the feel on Dancing Satelites ... fabulous spectrum of sounds.”

Stirling - ReverbNation

“What an amazingly beautiful universe in here... touches my heart and soul. Absolutely great!”

Ryo Utasato - ReverbNation

“Amazing writing and production across these tunes.. just dig that jazzy Rhodes and the beautiful tone of that guitar on "Dancing Satelites".. beautifully smooth, spacious compositions. A real pleasure to discover and listen to.”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Great playing, great tone, great taste. I keeping playing "Good Things."”

Mark Teixeira Guitarist - ReverbNation

“Very cool feel on Dancing Satelites ~ perfect for anyones daily routine!”

Andrew Austin - ReverbNation

“If this is what you're playing at home while you go about your daily business, then I want to move to your house! Keep grooving!”

Tom (Mirror Image) - ReverbNation

“Excellent work! You Rock Richie!”

The Time Bomb - ReverbNation

“Richie Rocks!!!”

Richard Johnston Music - ReverbNation

“Really nice stuff! "Ethereal" sounds on Fly the Sky Train!”

The Michael Addition - ReverbNation

“Great job on "Dancing Satellites". It's a very atmospheric piece, love the guitar tone:)”

Andre Henriquez - ReverbNation

“Beautiful and soulful. I'm so glad I'm your friend! Thanks for letting us all be a part of your family and share your music! You should be doing film scores! Really impressive!”

Monica Dupont - ReverbNation

“Beautiful soulful playing. Thank you.”

Rick A. Wadman - ReverbNation