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Richard Fink IV (Vocal Coach) / Press

“Listen to everything Richard has to say. He knows what he’s talking about!!”

Ted Neeley - (Capitol Records)

“Richard is a knowledgeable instructor that pushes people to their capability! He gave me very helpful advice when I was out on the road touring this past summer and has some great remedies for sore throats too!”

Krista Marie - (Warner Bros. Records)

“He’s [Richard] incredible! I can’t believe how much I just learned in 20 minutes!”

Steve Brodrick - (Atlantic Records)

“Richard's studio is definitely apart from the rest - even driving up gives you the idea that you're heading into a very non-traditional recording environment. But it's easily as great as it is unique; he's a good friend of ours and we trust his experience, and he definitely has the gear and knowledge to accommodate any project. We'll be doing more work with him in the future and we can't wait to get back into that castle!”

Davis Schuler - (EMI Records)

“I can't thank Richard enough for his guidance! I don't know what I'd do without him!!”

Nicole KLF - (Universal Records)

“I've studied with highly respected and well-known vocal coaches all over the world, but I found that Richard was the most well-researched, thoughtful and practical teacher with whom I've met. He identified and knew how to help me overcome the specific obstacles I was having, and ultimately helped me discover my true voice.”

Natalise - (Triple Play Records)

“I never would have made it this far if he [Richard] didn’t believe in me!”

KK - (Sony/ATV Publishing)

“Richard Fink IV has been teaching via Skype for several years now and has students in 28 US states and 30 countries around the world (a student in Tokyo even takes his lessons via his iPhone)... Mr. Fink kept the lesson moving and we felt like we were really getting our money's worth... Mr. Fink didn't let us feel our amateur status and encouraged us as if singing was our full-time job. The lesson felt the most professional of the four. This was partly due to his teaching from his fully equipped music studio and his direct approach, which kept chitchat to a minimum.”