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“Episode 15 of InsaniTV. This episode is featuring Revtend with our music video "Blood by Blood" and also others awesome bands! Be sure that you subscribe and support InsaniTV! Big hug to Keith and Vinny ”

"...so when a band comes along that fucking nails the old style, I get behind them 100%. And I am behind Revtend 100%. These guys sound great to me."

“REVTEND is in Rock Addict Radio from Philadelphia U.S.A REVTEND will be in rotation, if you love metal, you must listen this great radio!!!”

“REVTEND have been played on Birmingham City Radio from U.K. with the greatest Mr. John Forster -"Johns Rock Show"- ”

“REVTEND is in Top Rock Radio from United Kingdom”

“REVTEND is in Pyrophoric Radio from New York city”

“The Portuguese men from Revtend do not make a secret of their influences. Seven years after starting playing thrash metal covers they still play old school thrash metal, only this time they play their own songs. The outcome is a singer which sounds like James Hetfield, some fast riffing and solos which remind of Slayer. If originality is a real big thing for you, changes are big you leave a gem untouched. Sure, Revtend, like so many others, gets its ideas from the greats of the Bay Area, but they put it on record in a damn good way. Songs like ‘Raging Skies’, ‘Shadows’ and the fast title track are some good examples. In short, ‘Welcome To Hell’ deserves to be listened to by every thrash metal fan.”

“RevTenD announces that the Ricardo Vieira has a new Cymbal Endorsment Soultone Cymbals ”

“Com um som do mais puro thrash metal, os REVTEND apresentam-se com o seu primeiro LP « Welcome To Hell», estivemos à conversa com a banda para sabermos um pouco mais sobre este projecto que se iniciou em 2005. PAG. 64- 65”

“A killer mix of Big Four love with a beefy modern production offers us the massive thrash attack known as REVTEND. These Portuguese metal monsters hook the listener with both e-string gallops and chugging riffs under Pedro Henriques's Hetfield-esque vocal delivery. The professional sounding, crisp recording makes the music rage all the better.”

"...Revtend shows that they know where their music is coming from. And despite the fact that some of the riffs sound VERY familiar, the band managed to keep it fresh and therefore original. A true recommendation for the enthusiast of old school thrash metal..." - The review is a little long, and I was without characters to post here, See the entire review on the link below Cheers!!!

“Loadown - Metal Music Blog”