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Restricted Highways / Press

“I really liked the beginning of this song - how it gradually added in different sounds and instruments. I really liked the singers voice as well! I was impressed with the complete sound of this song - modern, hip, great beat, sound, and everything. This could be hit today on the radio. There is a definite audience out there for this - really great!”

Confined Review

“I like this song very much. The beat is fast paced and full of action. The male lead singer has a amazing voice and I like the lyrics as well. The song is a great song I see myself jamming out to in the car with friends. I really enjoyed this one. I like the beat and the pace the song moves at. At the same time the singer and band are amazing and sound great together. I really like the melody to the song and the chorus makes sense to me and it is something I can relate to which only makes it that much more interesting to me. I listened to the song the whole way through and was not disappointed. I truly liked it!”

Confined Review

“The intro to the song is very catchy and enjoyable, has a very good melody. The vocalists voice is very soft and enjoyable. The artists voice goes very well with the type of song it is... Everything seems on cue and overall very good. I could imagine this song being popular with the teenage crowd, but not a specific crowd; a wide range of teenagers. Overall pretty good song and one of my favorites by far... This song leaves me with a good feeling and makes me want to hear more from this artist.”

Confined Review