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Rene Saucier / Press

“Gathering treasures from your back page again.... LOVIN' LIFE and ROCKIN' THE STORM among them. Always a pleasure to listen in here my friend.”

KC Daleigh - KC Daleigh

“Enjoying the Great guitar skills on "Demolition" and "Last Days" Great collection of material. Keep on Praising God, Brother". Great music”

Guitarzan and the Fretters - Guitarzan and the Fretters

“Hi Rene, He Shed His Blood is penetrating to the mind and heart and we all need to hear this wonderfully worded and sung song daily! Will listen on some more this early evening! Thank you for your awesome prayers and support!”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“I got here and your music makes me feel real good”

Angel Michael -Dvahyu ( D vah U ) - Angel Michael-Dvahyu ( D vah U )

“Listening to your wonderful songs this morning. WINTER OF MY LIFE is a great start to my day!”

KC Daleigh - KC Daleigh

“WONERFUL WONDERFUL music. Man...you sound so much like John lennon. Great songs. Excellent lyrics and music. Fantastic production too. TOP CLASS”

Steve Inglis - Steve Inglis

“Amazing music here! Love Your style Rene! Thanks for friendship!”

Matthew Wall - Matthew Wall

“LAST DAYS....just wrapped me up and took me away. thank you.”

David Namerow (Cong... - David Namerow (Cong...

“Rene, you nailed it in WINTER OF MY LIFE. Such great lyrics, wonderful vocals and instrumentation in this song.”

KC Daleigh - KC Daleigh

“Last Days are here for Sure and we must be ready for His Second Coming! Perfectly worded and the music fits the mood! Wonderful song it is from God to All!”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“LAST DAYS is a powerful song. Very nice and you sing it wonderfully. ~kc”

KC Daleigh - KC Daleigh

“Hello Rene , In here enjoying your fantastic playlist . Excellent work indeed . Thank you for listening and your kind comment . Listening to more and all the best to you my friend . Tony”

TReyes / Solo Artist - TReyes / Solo Artist

“Making that special weekend playlist, we passed by to check on you and add a couple of your magic touch to our playlist. God bless your awesomeness.”

Dr3am Ville - Dr3am Ville

“ Hello Rene, Enjoying *Journey Through Time*, and *Welcome Home* Excellent Work!! Listening to More My Friend, and All The Best To You! Tony”

TReyes / Solo Artist - TReyes / Solo Artist

“ Rocking the Storm is an Amazing Masterpiece with wonderful rain and thunder effects and a change of sound in the middle! It is Wonderful! Very Effective work for Gods people!”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Listening to LAST DAYS and WELCOME HOME. Wonderful music, I'm enjoying it very much. ~kc”

KC Daleigh - KC Daleigh

“ Last Days is Penetrating food for thought! Wonderfully accomplished in every way shape and forum! You did an Excellent job! Will be listening on more to this front list ...”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ We are proud to say WE ARE FANS!”

Rannons' Call - Rannons' Call

“ Wonderful Work that makes me happy everytime i listen as they are all very special and given to all of us from God!”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ nice songs ,keep it up , hi from Russia”

DRock - DRock

“ Ex----------cel--------------lent All the best Rene Didorion”

Didorion - Didorion

"Journey Through Time" music sounds so awesome through my headphones and then your penetrating lyrics sends it over the top as a Hit song that will be with all of us forever long!

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Came to listen to some of Your Wonderful Sensations from Jesus today! Thank you; for your prayers, awesome friendship and support! Blessings, Ellen”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ I love your music. You are so very talented!”

Sheila Ann - Sheila Ann

“ He Shed His Blood gives me strength within and the lyrics stirr me always!”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Penetrating to the mind for all time are the lyrics to Last Days!”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Hello Rene , Enjoying the awesome keyboard work * Surf Side * , Creative writing and playing !!! Keep creating and Blessings . Tony”

TReyes / Solo Artist - TReyes / Solo Artist



“ Hi Rene! Saw your video Journey Through the Time, hey great one my friend!! Excellent footage, music so captivating!! My congrats to you. -Spin-”

Spinaceto - Spinaceto

“ "He Shed His Blood" is a really powerful song and about the best Christian song I would count at the top of the list. God bless.”

John J Flanagan - John J Flanagan

“ Nice work Rene. Well done man. Cheers DB”

Dirty Boulevard - Dirty Boulevard

“ Sweet guitar on Driving into the Blues. I'll bet we could put some serious Jesus blues together my friend.”

Kenny Heroux - Kenny Heroux

“ Great tracks > strong with the word and inspiration. Bless up & on Rene! Cheers)))Rocco”

Rocco Altamura - Rocco Altamura

“ Thank you for your kind words. The Lord has blessed you with a great gift, and you have given it back to Him through these songs. Excellent work Rene.”

Kenny Heroux - Kenny Heroux

“ Enjoying the music and great pics! Hope youre having a great spring. Blessings, Karl”

Xarl (Instrumentals) - Xarl (Instrumentals)

“ You have some terrific tracks here. My wish for you today and everyday is keep feeling the vibe and peace and love in all that you do…. Pat Branch/Bass Player/Songwriter…in NYC”

Pat Branch - Pat Branch

“ Back for a long over due visit. He Shed His Blood is an excellent tune with an outstanding message. Well done Rene”

Kenny Heroux - Kenny Heroux

“ He Shed his Blood great sound and fantastic vocals really enjoying it this morning ”

Scofidio and Glazier - Scofidio and Glazier


Kevin M. Thomas - Kevin M. Thomas

“Journey Through Time really Shines with a Wonderful Feel and lyrics!”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“He Shed His Blood is So Wonderfully Accomplished my friend! Listening and playing many of your gifts from Jesus today! Thank you for your awesome support and encouraging words of Gods wisdom!”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“Hello Rene, enjoying "Last Days"”

Raylene Waye - Raylene Waye

“ He Shed His Blood always touches my mind, heart and Especially my soul!”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ heey, fantastic songs! really liked what i heard..keep them coming....”

Ready to Start - Ready to Start

“ Hi Rene. Enjoying your music here tonight, hope life's treating ya well. God bless. Karl.”

Xarl (instrumentals) - Xarl (instrumentals)

“ Playing "Dirty Boxcar Blues" The guitar sounds sweet! God bless and have a great week, Karl.”

Xarl (instrumentals) - Xarl (instrumentals)

“ Here to support you great music and message God bless.”

Bobby McIntyre - Bobby McIntyre

“ Came by 4 a spin and to add your link to my website page.God bless you and happy Sunday to ya brotha. cheers, Karl”

Xarl (instrumentals) - Xarl (instrumentals)

“ You are truly blessed... your tunes are brilliant.. Love the vibe… look forwards to hearing more.”

NewTribeZ Radio - NewTribeZ Radio

“ Back for more of your excellent music”

Anchorage Alaska - Anchorage Alaska

“ Rene, keep rocking for Jesus.”

RamPsalm - RamPsalm

“ Im rocken the storm while the sun beats through my back window. Have a blessed Sunday, Karl.”

Xarl (instrumentals) - Xarl (instrumentals)

“ Loved every song. Personal favorite "Nawlins Fever".”

Jamie Sanford - Jamie Sanford

“ Couldn't quit listening to "Illusion of Forest River" brother! Talented! Here's to wishing you all the best in 2013! God bless!! ”

T.R.S.P. - T.R.S.P.

“ love o holy night, great holiday vibes ”

DA Airway - DA Airway

“ Listening to your excellent Rapture Rene & wishing you all the best for 2013...:-))) Andrew ”

Andrew Austin - Andrew Austin

“ Great sound & songs Rene, nice work. If you find time plz checkout my vid "The Reason". Happy Christmas. ”


“ O Holy Night was lovely. Thanks for sharing :)”

Ice Chrystalls - Ice Chrystalls

“ Enjoying your superb music! ”

Anchorage Alaska - Anchorage Alaska

“ Back to enjoy your great gift.. Giving praise to the Father for your songs ”

Kenny Heroux - Kenny Heroux

“ Love your songs Rene”

Bonnie McGill - Bonnie McGill

“ Hey great music and performance on "Rapture" Much success Rene. ”

Bernie Landry - Bernie Landry

“ Hi Rene, came to listen to your wonderful creations gifts from our Lord Especially to You to share with others! Blessings, and come and get your free downloads! I put a re... ”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Stopped by to hear the good news, in good songs! Sending blessings your way my brother ”

Kenny Heroux - Kenny Heroux

“Very nice sound! You keep jamming, Rene! ”

Chris Austin Martinez - Chris Austin Martinez

“Superb music! ”

Anchorage Alaska - Anchorage Alaska

“Outstanding work ”

Auriemma - Auriemma

“ He Shed His Blood is a Powerpacked song in more ways than One! Marvelous it IS! Blessings, Heleana Maria ”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Great music!!! May God continue to bless you and your music so that you can be a blessing to others. ”

Benjamin Elishama C... - Benjamin Elishama C...

“ love your music - your message comes through so beautifully! ”

Leanne Felzien - Leanne Felzien

“ I love the words and feel to this beautiful song Winter of My Life! Great Job! ”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ He Shed His Blood is so Powerful and loving tribute to Jesus for all the world to here! Will play on! Blessings my great friend, Heleana Maria ”

Haleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Hi Rene, Love the Happy melodies of Shining Stars! Very creative ideas you have displayed throughout this wonderful instrumental! Blessings and come and view my newest p... ”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Congrats to Rene Saucier for being the BTD Radio July Artist of the Month www.beyondthedawnstudios.com ”

T Dawn - T Dawn

“ Hi great friend, Boy do I feel Jesus through this great song He Shed His Blood and His awesome Creations everywhere where we traveled! God is So Good! ”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Playing your great happy songs today! Blessings and please play my top song! You will like the blend! Ellen ”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Celebration certainly sounds like a party and I can even picture a parade going down one of the islands streets somewhere! Like it alot! ”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Space Ride is a very unique sounding song and makes me smile and so well blended it IS! Blessings great friend, Heleana Maria ”

Haleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Love your sounds Rene - inspires me to word, especially Island Cruisin. . . great story there. ”

Holworks - Holworks

“ It's been awhile..I really enjoyed your songs again today. Blessings ”

Vic Quinton - Vic Quinton

“ Here loving your guitar tracks this morning Rene..Special kudos on "Summertime Joy"..great piece and I love the layering. Your very talented! ”

Delaney Simpson - Delaney Simpson

“ Like the drums at the begining of Shining Stars and then very unusual but pleasing blend of sounds and then a change of sound! Very Cool! Trying to learn alot and gradually I am! Blessings, will be recording tomorrow!”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Hi Rene, You are such a kindhearted person! Thank you so much and came to play more of your great gifts from God! Have a wonderful evening and please pray for me and my family! We are having problems that have to be resolved! Ellen”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Joyous Morning has a Happy Feel and nicely blended composition to! Have a great night and you are welcome anytime! ”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria

“ Hi my great friend playing some of your Great Creations over here for a change! Island Cruising really does remind of the Hawaiian islands and St Croix which is beautifu... ”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria


7beatstreet/Dan Albury - 7beatstreet/Dan Albury

“ Love the guitar work! Fantastic tunes also!! ”

Roger Richey - Roger Richey

“ Island Cruisin in our minds today..Thanks again, for the connection and stopping by the cafe. Best of music to you this week! ”

Irish Roots Cafe: Se... - Irish Roots Cafe: Se...


7beatstreet/Dan Albury - 7beatstreet/Dan Albury

“ Thank you for liking ‘A Million Love Songs’ Rene, it means a lot to us & we like your songs too! Please keep in contact & join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/amillion... ”

A Million Love Songs - A Million Love Songs

“Howdy! Great stuff here mate! Keep up rock N rolla! ;0) BTW peeps... Wazza rock N rolla??!!??!! :D > >> >>> http://goo.gl/qBOsd <<< Hugzzz from Cheeseland! ;0) ”

Cemo Mus!ck - Cemo Mus!ck

“We wanted to drop by and show our support! Keep up the good work. Great music! God Bless, Laramie Cooley & Kilkenny's Secret ”

Laramie Cooley &amp; Kil... - Laramie Cooley &amp; Kil...

“Amazing music ”


“I got say its not just the guitar looking good on the picture its been played good too..I like I like ”

Kingzitha - Kingzitha

“Real nice guitar work here! " A Starry Nights Dream " Al Gattone " On Purrpose " ”

Al Gattone - Al Gattone

“Stopping thru your page to check out your music and I just became a fan!!! Be sure to "Like" my new facebook page!! Thx 4 the support!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eva... ”

Eva Rivera-Ferrell - Eva Rivera-Ferrell

“Excellent guitar work Rene. Have a great Sunday. ”

Danny Zimmerman &amp; H...: - Danny Zimmerman &amp; H...:

“Rene, these songs are truly wonderful. Have a blessed weekend, my friend! ”

Bingham Willoughby - Bingham Willoughby

“Keep on praising Him Rene! He is good and He is good all the time! :-) If we can ever join forces, open for you etc. we'd be honored. God bless you & all you do for His glor... ”

The 3:16 band - The 3:16 band

“listening "summertime joy" really great to hear the music flow, wonderful guitar play ”

Alice &amp; Bjorn - Alice &amp; Bjorn

“Thank you so much for all of your love and support and being a Street teamer. You are so appreciated . You have mine as well. Stay connected with me. GoD Bless ”

RACHELLE ANN of &quot;Te.... - RACHELLE ANN of &quot;Te....

“Rene your a beautiful human brother!!! and them vocals are classic in the truth too!!! Love Love Love ”

the thOught prOvOker - the thOught prOvOker

“Cool tunes! Wish you the best in success! - Joo Quen ”

Joo Quen - Joo Quen

“RENE, i enjoyed " god came down today " great song!! god bless you and your music. K.D. ”

Kelly Deaver - Kelly Deaver

“NH rockers are the best:) ”

Audio Weapon - Audio Weapon

“Great tasteful guitar work. Reminiscent of The Band in their heyday. ”

David Layton - Guita.... - David Layton - Guita....

“Stopped by for another spin. Really enjoyed your music! Keep reaching up! Peace Josh ”

Josh Tusing - Josh Tusing

“Great tunes, nice classic rock feel to them! Thanks for checking out my music too! God bless!”

Arthur Dellea - Arthur Dellea

“Hi Last Days is a deeply thoughtout song! I could picture the words! Very Effective song! Keep them coming! Will be back soon! Please come and visit and listen to my orginals too! Your friend in Christ Jesus, Hele...”

Heleana Maria - Heleana Maria


7beatstreet/Dan Albury - 7beatstreet/Dan Albury

“Great music. Happy New Year and much success for 2012.”

Robert Machado - Robert Machado

“God came down today ~ Uplifting!! Best wishes for 2012 ~ Andrew ”

Andrew Austin - Andrew Austin

"Welcome Home" has a great melody and flowing rhythm. It is a great listen but also so ripe for beautiful words to be added.

Willy Friar - Willy Friar

“Playing O come all ye faithful. Wonderfully Done. Rene, thanks for the inspiration.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - Joe - NYC Guitarist

“Wonderfully Done....Thanx...A Very Merry Christmas to You Rene....!!!!”

Johnnyx &amp; Voodoo Wild - Johnnyx &amp; Voodoo Wild

“Great things happening here....positive vibe and sound! We are diggin your tracks!”


“Passing thru to leave a trail of LOVE, HUGS and SUPPORT!!!!!!!. Listening to "God Came Down Today" right now!!!!. Thank God for blessing ppl like you who shares that gift He gave you with the world. Thanks for doin...”

Sonja Quintana - Sonja Quintana

“Just passing through spreading some love...I set my top 10 tracks open for download...Have fun !!! Merry Christmas my friend...oz”

Otto Zone - Otto Zone

“God Cam Down Today is awesome Rene. Happy Holidays!!!”

Auriemma - Auriemma

“Heyy! A merry christmas & a happy new year! God Came Down Today is excellent! Great work my friend!:-)”

Orange-1 - Orange-1

“Love ya Chrissy song Rene. Its awesome !!!! Loving that bass !!!!! Well done and much love to you and yours for Christmas ~ ”

Hillbilly Dix - Hillbilly Dix

“Great music !! Your taste and subjectmatter are an inspiration !!”

Pete Hunt - Pete Hunt

“Just buzzin by to say hello - Wishing you the very best and most blessed Christmas!”

Andy &amp; Marsha White - Andy &amp; Marsha White

“Stopping in to kick off the holiday season with some great music Rene..."Welcome Home" is a perfect start.”

Delaney Simpson - Delaney Simpson

“Listening to "Welcome Home" Beautiful song. Love it. Love the melody. Do you have your music on any other sites. If so please send me your links and I will be more that happy to support you on them. I have listed ...”

Sonja Quintana - Sonja Quintana

“Hi Rene. Hope everything is kicking. Love Welcome Home.”

Magnificat Sonnets - Magnificat Sonnets

“Beautiful vocal and piano on "Last Days" Rene!!!”

John Revitte - John Revitte

“Love 'Welcome Home' the composition and music is just great. Keep on doing what you love to do !!”

Claus Gamborg Project - Claus Gamborg Project

“I listened to a couple of your tracs. Really like "Welcome Home" beautiful, beautiful guitar work!!! ~KC”

KC Daleigh - KC Daleigh

“Sweet ! Peace from Sunny Detroit City !”

Spirits Of Another Day - Spirits Of Another Day

“Nice to see another leftie on here lol!! Great tunes, all the best, Neil R.U. ;-)”

Raw Urge - Raw Urge

“Nice work here...great music...really diggin it alot...peace Gary”

Vlay - Vlay

“After my listening to the last couple bands, I required a bit of the Rene Saucier ~ Christian/Gospel Good Vibrations !!!”

The Altruistic Messiah ~ Ben Va..... - The Altruistic Messiah ~ Ben Va....

“I love "A Country" (I love all the rest, too)..Your passion for music really shows through in your playing Rene, and thanks for sharing your music with the world. We all appreciate it. Cheers from San Francisco :-)”

Delaney Simpson - Delaney Simpson

“Rene..enjoyed my listen here this morning..as I always do..Loving those bluesy instrumentals ~ all the best and much Love..Jen ~”

Hillbilly Dix - Hillbilly Dix

“Nice writing and production here!”

Kelsey Stroud - Kelsey Stroud

“Amazing creativity and passion in your excellent guitar tones and textures Rene!!!”

John Revitte - John Revitte

“Impressive playing, you are an inspiration to all the blues players!!!! KHM”

“Rene, I haven't been here in a while...But I remember why I fanned you.....Your music is So good!!”

“Listening in on Mon night, and diggin "Freedom Flight"”

Di Lee - Di Lee

“Finally, a guy who understands the tenements of 60's. Your work preserves the influences of a magical era. Your melodies are whimsicle while your instrumentals remain true to form. I hope you find my spiritual stuff ...”

Magnificat Sonnets - Magnificat Sonnets

“REMEMBER ~ The Altruistic Messiah LOVES you ~ Thank you for letting me be your friend here on RN .... Peace love & respect ~ I will never deny you!”

The Altruistic Messiah----Ben Va.... - The Altruistic Messiah---Ben Va....

“Really great tunes Rene! Nice to meet you here!”

Marco Maenza - Marco Maenza

“Hello Rene! I'm so glad I joined RN, I get to hear beautiful and amazing music like yours! Your such an amazing and talented Christian artist! Keep going my friend! I'm now listening to your track WELCOME HOME! I love it...”

Aria Arvan - Aria Arvan

“Well now Mr. Rene, I am very glad we have connected here as well.I truly love your work & I honestly appreciate all the time & hard work you put into what you produce.Cheers my friend.Cheers to you.”

Auriemma - Auriemma

“Dear Rene Your Music Rocks ! Praise be to the Lord !”

L.A. RadioSpace - L.A. RadioSpace

“Just playing through your great tunes again! Loving the sound and the energy. You got a great soul my brother! Have a blessed weekend!”

Don Worden - Don Worden

“Its a different sound, I like it, plus your doing kingdom work.”

God Soldier - God Soldier

“Great Songs!!!! Great Message!!!! Inspirational!!!!”

Jubal Vaughn - Jubal Vaughn

“Back for another listen and enjoying your new song a country/rockin blues.very ear catching:)!”

Catherine Sears and Cateebob An..... - Catherine Sears and Cateebob An....

“Music will always be in RENE SAUCIER's blood !!!!!”

The Altruistic Messiah - Ben Va.... - The Altruistic Messiah - Ben Va....

“I don't mind the age bit at all. It is just one step closer to HIS coming! I just like the fact that there are others, like you, who love Jesus and express it in beautiful music.”

Christine McHoes - Christine McHoes

"Winter Of My Life" is fantastic Rene :) really enjoyed listening..hope you've been well...Happy V ' Day and much Love xoxo

She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix - She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix

“THANKS RENE' for becoming a FAN of All Artists Galactic Records/Collection and since you are a member of AAGSC, stay tuned for song submission time, which will becoming up in early Spring! Thanks again! TONY ;)”

“WOW!!!! COOOL!!!! I hope I can meet with you someday.. :D hey, I'm From Indonesia.. Visit me back :)”

The Outlaw - The Outlaw

“Hi Rene! It's Jen from 2ones! Thanks so much for your comment on our new song. Cory and I wrote and recorded "He's a Catskill Mountain Sky" near Woodstock NY. It's fans like you that make it all worth the while! God... ”

2ones - 2ones

“Awesome emotion in your voice and music!!!”

John Revitte - John Revitte

“Blessing to you... really nice trax...”

Helmut Reiter - Helmut Reiter

“Awesome tunes! Love it..."Welcome Home" is beautiful! Celestine”


“Congrats Rene !!!!! That's awesome !!! and it's an awesome song too !!!! Much Love from me..xoxo”

She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix - She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix

“Congratulations on the winning Rene! That's really cool. Keep making that awesome music. Klaude”

Klaude Walters - Klaude Walters

“Hi Rene, Got to agree with the Beatmistress, That song is a chooon. All the best. Paul”


“Hi Rene, Amazing emotion on your songs!!”

John Revitte - John Revitte

“You always inspire me my friend "Thanks" God bless...D”

Derrick Teta Composer Guitarist - Derrick Teta Composer Guitarist

“Thanks for the inspiration and encouraging words bro. You have some great music. Keep up the great work for the Lord! Peace and God bless you!”

JCiliom - JCiliom

“Give thanks and praise to God Almighty for with Him all things are possible. Have a great weekend. ”

Humble Cliff Records - Humble Cliff Records

“Hey! Great to have you & your great music here! A best one!:-)”

Orange-1 - Orange-1

“Thanks so much for the support! I put my heart and soul into my music, my music is my diary. You have something great going for you! Keep up the great work and never give up on your dreams! Never fail to realize that dreams are worth more than the reality it takes to reach them, never give up on hope! RACHEL ELISE ”

Rachel Elise Kats - Rachel Elise Kats

"He Shed His Blood" is a great song. Almost psychedelic hippie in feel. Nice work. Good vocals.

Str8 Sounds - Str8 Sounds

“You're music is so sweet! Keep it up.”

Loud As Rock - Loud As Rock

“...rene, 'welcome home' is a lovely tune..wonderful feel good vibe..great work mate!”

Beatmistresscait - Beatmistresscait

“Hello Rene,thanks for the connection, you have great music here. All the best. Luigi:)”

Luigi Sensi - Luigi Sensi

“RENEEEEEEEEEE!! Beautiful country style rock'n instrumental. I like it. You are just so talented and a wonderful person and friend! I wish you all the best!!! T Dawn smiles are being sent your way! Cheers!”

T Dawn - T Dawn

“Hi Rene..Been a while since I've been by..Well I absolutely adore "Welcome Home" ..Beautiful instrumental..Great playing !!! added it to my faves and gave a big thumbs up :) Hope you've been keeping well.. Much Love an...”

She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix - She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix

“Great new song, Rene! Listened twice to "Welcome Home"! Great back ground pic, too. Very inspirational.”

EHM Eleventh Hour Messengers - EHM Eleventh Hour Messengers

“Like the new one! Keep on track! GOD Bless! ”

Altar Edge - Altar Edge

“Hey Rene, I agree with Audio Weapon, "YOU DA MAN"! Love your new song, "Welcome Home"! Great pickin' there!”

Kim Kehala - Kim Kehala

“Good time on your site and I will be back ... Best of luck to you in all you do !!!!! Awesome Job....... Your friend, Justin Langston”

Justin Langston - Justin Langston

“Hi Rene, great to see & hear you on RN. You have great style & positive message which makes you truly unique!!!”

Larry R. Campbell - Larry R. Campbell

“Hey Rene! You da man:) Ever make it up to the mts for a visit?”

Audio Weapon - Audio Weapon

“Rene, I pray you continue to bless God with your light and life! Be great! Stephan”

Big Plaid Gospel - Big Plaid Gospel

“Hi Rene, thanks so much for the friendship, u r great musician, i love your music, have a great weekend and GOD BLESS U, thanks my friend.”

Eduardo Pratti - Eduardo Pratti

“Great to have you as a friend here & there & everywhere Merci et bonne journée xoxo”

LiL LuLu - LiL LuLu

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, (KJV)”

2ones - 2ones

“Rennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee! What a glorious song. Keep on touching the heart and souls my friend. You have a message and it looks like you are delivering! Much love! T Dawn ;-) U Make Me Smile!”

T Dawn - T Dawn

“Yes Last days is really a nice song. I like the lyrics and the piano and the melody. Well written.”

Wayne Sanelli - Wayne Sanelli

“last days, i like. A real psalm, Solomonic..x”

Salvation Army of Jah - Salvation Army of Jah

“deeply touched & inspired by the comments, espescially from U, blessed, guided & safe be thee always. Ites & glory always....xx”

Salvation Army of Jah - Salvation Army of Jah

“Hey Rene, enjoyed "Last Days". Really like the guitar figures...great playing! See ya 'round the net, Jeff”

Jeff Pailer - Jeff Pailer

“Just heard your new song "Last Days" Really enjoyed it!! Great work!! Sunny”

Sundown Texas - Sundown Texas

“Hi Rene..Been a long time :) I've had no net connection for 3 months..all good now..don't hang at OS Much anymore ::( "Last Days" is wonderful..Love the flow :) and diggin that piano riff happening..great work sweetie....”

She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix - She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix

“Nice song Rene - lyrics convey the message for the times of today! Thank you - God bless you continually.”

Big Plaid Gospel - Big Plaid Gospel

“Lovin' "Last Days" Really pretty arrangement with wonderful percussion and fantastic melody! Lots of Love to you, Rene!!!”

Destination Dawn - Destination Dawn

“Rapture is awesome. Great guitar. Very cool music. More more!”


“Great message & love your pics. Keep up the good work!”

Richard Flinders - Richard Flinders

“ Hey Rene, glad to be friends, keep up the good work! Peace:)”

Stirling - Stirling

“ Aloha Rene, Mahalo for taking time to listen and comment on my music. I enjoyed listening to your compositions. You are obviously covered in "His Blood" Keep sharing the Good News!”

Anita Hall - Anita Hall

“Thank you Rene, may God always inspire you to write beautiful music for him, Derrick!!!”

Derrick Teta - Derrick Teta

“ Listened to "Rapture" starts off as being mysterious - then blasts into beats full of energy! Keep on making music for Him! Be blessed.”

Living Water Praise Band - Living Water Praise Band

“ Hey Rene, Some great atmospheric sounds here. 'Journey Through Time' is awesome. Pleasure to listen in. Best always, Alex.”

Alexander Murray - Alexander Murray

“Hello Rene - Thanks for becoming a fan. We have good news recently with honor of Best Classic Rock at the KCCM Christian Music Awards a couple weeks ago. Keep on singing His good praises! Blessings, LWPB”

Living Water Praise Band - Living Water Praise Band


Curley Washington - Curley Washington

“Hi Rene! Thank you for your frienship! Great music! Most enjoyed listening to your tracks and watching your beautiful videos and pictures! Wish you all the best!”

LPB Band - LPB Band

“Loved your songs . Keep on shaking the kingdom of God.”

Stan Wiebe - Stan Wiebe

“Hey Rene, keep up the nice work!”

The Call Project - The Call Project

“Hi~God bless you~I enjoyed listening to your songs...you have a unique sound and such a joyful approach to singing about Jesus~I love it!”

RC1965 - RC1965

“Cool music on this end. Listening to the first two tracks. Quite interesting music. Excellent!”

Wayne Sanelli - Wayne Sanelli

“Rapture ! very original LOVE IT !”

The Nice Price - The Nice Price

“Lovin' the songs, especially Rapture! Powerful songs here, Rene!”

Brad Irons - Brad Irons

"Journey Through Time" is a truly exquisite achievement, Rene! I love your vocals which are extremely beautiful and charismatic. I also love your instrumentation and composition which is absolutely stellar! This song is wonderful in every possible wa...

Alex Final - Alex Final

“Thank you so much for becoming a fan and I appreciate your recommendation. I enjoyed your music and also became a fan. Have a blessed day! Lauren Elise”

“Blessings in the name of YAHushuah!...THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FAN...I appreciate all three of you! i love ur bio...gave me a joyful feeling...i will try to hear ur music ...for the few weeks i have been on here i have”

“It's always a joy to meet Christian brothers that are using their gifts and talents to expand the Kingdom. Thank you for becoming a fan. I will keep you in my prayers ... Blessings Pamela K”

“Rene, "Rapture" is really energetic - we like what you're doin'! And as you said, the time is drawing near...continue to do it for God's glory - be blessed my friend!”

“'HE SHED HIS BLOOD' , INCREDIBLE PoWeRfIlleD sound very Complex and full ranging tone , all Instruments sound Amazing , the Lyrics and Vocal Styling is magnif.. a Huge 7 Outa'7 to you. that Bass Guitar is Outstand”

“Salvation Army of Jah: hi, appreciate the link big, stay blessed,safe n protected, glory high. yesterday's tomorrow...”