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Remix / Press

“Master Class This album is going to be the foundation of something great,it has of team a artist that work well together mixing their influences and talents to make master pieces, like this mixtape here. please take your time to listen to words and and enjoy the beats made by Remix as your in for surprise , this is the start of something new so show some love and join the movement if your about love and peace 1-.”

“Visceral Journey Into Hip-Hop! As per usual, Remix Impresses yet again! His beats are in-depth & Intricate with nice melody's & pace, Changes of Rhythm and take you on a visceral journey. Also Thought provoking lyricism/wordplay as well as the feature artists are all good choices, This is where Hip-Hop/Rap needs to get back to. Well Done”

“DefEfx-Ghost Don't sleep on my Family Remix in this new instant classic Album! Its Going Down so hop on board and support this DefEfx Movement!”

“Cold Album to hot for Degrees Make sure you get this future classic of hip hop”

“Totally In Love With His Talent! ☆Remix Is Next To Non When We Talk About His Talent & Even Just Him In General. This Boy Has Skills Beyond Any Other! Can't Wait To See What's Coming Next.★.! ♡”

“thats wassup my dude i appreciate it maiine....its anytime on my part maiine....anythang for my dudes maiine u already know...I got u...I appreciate u on the beat to....I liked that last one alot”

Elderado Vade - Shout Out

“You KNOW Armed For Apocalypse loves you bro!!!”

“they aint heard, thats a dope track!..... i know some squares i wanna play that shit for!!!!!!”

Tania Danforth - Myspace

“Go damn raw..original”

“2 favorite quotes for my boy Remix Williams: Remix is an "experience", you dont meet him, you "survive" him. --and: This is what happens when "keeping it Remix" goes wrong. ..lmao! My dude is off the chain:)”

“TONE LOC - WHATS UP WITH YOU CUTTY ?? BEEN A MINUTE!! YOU STILL IN CHICO?? REMIX - yeah yeah still out here drinkin on the bottle u know me lol”


“a i was down for 8mnths got 43 tracks super raw need to record asap”

“wat upp with the dojo i wanna spit on shitt hahahaha”

“I'm really proud of you making so much growth in the past few months! ^-^b”

Deresa Li - Facebook

“Ight g good looking out n what if we let tha females do tha hook n is it cool if we make like 3 or 4 slaps g?”

Young $noop - Facebook

“Remix Williams I'm killin this beat you gave me, better call it an amburrlance before it's too late! lmao”